Celebrating Fit-o-versary 4

May is my favorite month! It’s enough that it’s filled with beautiful flowers, the first of the season’s fresh fruits and veggies *strawberry love* and warmer temps to lure us outdoors for plentiful exercise. For me, it goes beyond that now since May is the month I finally found the right track toward healthier living and began making the changes that helped me lose 100 pounds. That was May 2007, which makes this my fourth fit-o-versary! Woo-hoo!

It’s hard to believe that after all my years of well-intentioned, but thoroughly misguided, efforts to lose weight, a chance landing on Style network provided me with the motivation I needed to pull it all together. Style was running a ‘Make Me Over May’ promotion that included re-runs of previous seasons of The Biggest Loser along with other self-improvement shows. I was bed-bound, recovering from some minor illness (or maybe oral surgery? I forget.), and watching so many people take charge and transform their lives inspired me to kick my intermittent efforts into high gear. Little did I know….

A year and 85 pounds later(!), I decided to honor the Make Me Over May concept with a series of makeover posts. My first Makeover Monday post talked about the success that one little attitude adjustment can bring. The series was relatively successful, and I continued doing Makeover Monday posts for about 18 months.

Time flies and here we are in May 2011. I thought it would be a fitting (and possibly even helpful) celebration of a healthier four years to revisit and highlight some of those previous posts, so I’ll be doing that randomly throughout the month. Lacking a studio, production crews, broadcast rights, and ambition, this is my version of Make Me Over May!

With warmer weather outside, I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be logging serious walking miles. This is a very good thing, and it’s even better if we take time to ensure our feet are in good shape. In Happy Feet, I shared tips on selecting the proper workout shoes, foot exercises, and suggestions for tender loving foot pampering.

About a year later, in Happy Feet, The Sequel, I got around to addressing another important but long-overlooked factor of foot maintenance: socks! Hint: Fit, fabric, and thickness.

Rounding out with another topical (for me) post: Storganizing Your Office Season Clothes. In this post, I provided some general guidelines for preparing your clothes for storage, choosing appropriate storage containers, and other little bits of advice.

That’s it for me for now. I’m off to explore my pillow. :) But not before I wish each and every one of you a most marvelous May! Remember: Change is possible at any age!

13 thoughts on “Celebrating Fit-o-versary 4

  1. Wow, 4 years is amazing!
    I love hearing about the beginning of this part of your story. I look forward to reading about it all month.
    Your last line is exactly what I needed to hear right now at this very moment!!

  2. Great! Happy Fit-o-versary, I celebrate my Shrink-a-versary every August, which is the anniversary of when I reached my goal weight.

    Do you find maintenance as hard as losing the weight? It is a real discipline isn’t it?

  3. Cammy, I love the name of your anniversary! You have really worked hard at it & the right way with patience & still enjoying life & finding what works for you – I LOVE IT! Congrats big time!

  4. Happy Fit-aversary Cammy!!! BIG congratulations on the loss and maintaining it!! You ARE an inspiration!!!

  5. Happy Fit-o-versary!!!

    Thank you for your lovely posts!!! You are so sweet and inspirational!

  6. May is a wonderful month (who do I petition to make May the first month of the new year?).

    Thank you for continuing you blog and posts; you truly are an inspiration.

    I didn’t know about the Makeover Mondays. I’ll check it out!

  7. Wooo Hooo! Keep up the great work! You’re absolutely right, change is possible at any age. I’m in much better shape (even with the latest fluctuation) than I was for much of my adult life. Cheers!

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