In a Pickle

Isn’t it funny how events fall into place sometimes? One random thought leads off into a new direction, and then to another train of thought, and another, and suddenly you’re laying on the ground bleeding in front of a group of strangers and trying really hard not to cry..

It all started when I was slicing cucumbers to go with my dinner. As I sliced out the excessively seedy middle, I wondered why I found it necessary to do that since I eat dill pickles with seedy middles all the time. In fact, I’ve been known to scrape the seedy pulp out with my teeth and eat that first. (Like you didn’t already know I was uncouth.) But give me an overly seedy cucumber and the middle gets eradicated.

After pondering that important topic, I realized I hadn’t had dill pickles in a while and I thought about walking down to Kroger to grab a jar. I needed a quick grocery run anyway, and a Thursday night shouldn’t be crowded, right?

Oh, wait. Thursday night! Pickles! How could I forget? It’s Pickleball night at the church on the corner! My friend Gerald has been wanting me to come check it out, and since I’d finally remembered on the night of the actual event, I decided to go. {cue foreboding music}

If you haven’t heard of Pickleball, it’s a game that’s played on a badminton court with paddles and a wiffle ball. Here’s a video:

There are some goofy rules (most of which I still don’t know), but it’s very fast-paced and loads of fun. Well, when you’re not in excruciating pain, that is.

While I walked over there just to observe, I was quickly drafted to play a game. Never one to let an absence of ability stop me from trying something, I said okay.

Bad, bad move. Lack of ability + general klutziness = kersplat! On about the 5th or 6th play, I tried to move forward, but my feet said they didn’t really care to, thank you.

I’ll hide the results out of respect for the squeamish, or those who might be eating breakfast, but there is pictorial evidence HERE. (And no, my knee is not swollen to twice its size. That IS it’s size.) This is just a “cement rub”, but it is painful! My whole leg feels like it’s on fire! I’m way past too old for this stuff.

The Pickleball people were quick to assure me that they had all fallen at some point in time. One guy thought I was diving for the ball (Hah!) and made a joke about them not playing that hard. Maybe he was just trying to give me an out, which is really sweet now that I think about it. In the moments after impact, all I could think of was that if I kept smiling, I probably wouldn’t cry. It worked.

To my everlasting credit, I finished the game! I even managed to make a joke or two about my leg when I was on the receiving end of serves. Everyone fussed over me at the end of the game, which was almost as embarrassing as falling. But I did appreciate it. I also appreciate that my now former friend Gerald never showed up (he played a Pickleball tournament earlier this week), so I won’t have to endure too much teasing from him.

Despite being invited to play another game, I knew I needed to tend my wound and said good night. I’ll definitely go back in a couple weeks (maybe wearing knee pads) and try again. It’s fast-paced and fun, and also a good little workout. The court is small, so you don’t run far, but you’re constantly on the move. And with the shorter paddles (as opposed to a tennis racket), you have to reach and stretch for shots a bit more than in tennis. I like that.

On the long limp home, the soreness really started kicking in. Maybe I’d been a little shocky in the gym. I remembered that I needed gas in the car and figured that I would NOT feel like getting it at 6 a.m. tomorrow on my way to read to Wally. I decided to go ahead and gas up while I was still mobile. As I was finishing pumping the gas, I found a giggle in that I was buying gas at Kroger. If only I had gone there to begin with to get the stupid pickles…. :)

Rather than coming straight home, I decided to stop at McD’s for a ginormous iced tea (unsweetened, of course.) It was such a nice night, I chose to sit and sip on the patio for a few minutes. The knee pain was getting worse, so I asked if they had a small plastic bag I could put some ice in. They didn’t, so I got this instead:

ice cream cone

Melty Ice Cream Cone (Note the death grip)

Hey, my pride was hurt, too! This served as a sort of ice pack for the inside! (Plus it’s only 150 calories, and I burned off that much, at least, between the pickleball game and all the limping.) Is that enough justification for you? :) It was for me.

Time for more icing now. It’s actually starting to feel a bit better, so maybe tomorrow won’t be the train wreck I feared. I’ve got a lot planned and all of it physical. {fingers crossed!} I’ll take the morning easy and catch up on my reader, and then I’ll do what I can.

The USA Pickleball Association has lots of good info on the game and listings of various clubs across the U.S. None of the Memphis clubs are listed, so if you don’t see one listed for your area, check around! It’s a great game for families and people of all ages!

Have you heard of/played pickleball before? Did you fall?

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18 thoughts on “In a Pickle

  1. Ow Cammy! I hope you aren’t feel the day after soreness too bad today.

    Ice cream certainly has its place in the comforting sphere. No justification needed there.

  2. I have never heard of pickleball, but I do love pickles!

    Sorry you hurt yourself, and I hope it doesn’t feel worse today.

    Hugs and a bag of frozen green peas!

  3. Your ice cream was well-earned. I can relate to the falling. I didn’t write about it on the blog, but I fell out of the portopotty immediately following the Flying Pig 10K two weekends ago. I finished the race, got my medal, got some water, got some fruit, and went to the bathroom. They were up on the sidewalk so that when you step out, you take one step onto the sidewalk, and the next is down the curb to the street. In my post-race, brain-depleted delirium, I failed to take the step down to the street. Instead, I dove for the street instead… scraped my elbow and leg. Ironically, I was too elated over having finished my first 10K to even be embarrassed. Funny story though. I doubt too many people can say they fell out of a bathroom.

    • I don’t know what to say, but I can only imagine! OHH! (And, I bet you weren’t the only one that succumbed to the ill-place port-a-potty).

  4. You’re truly amazing! I’ve never heard of Pickle ball.
    Good job getting in there and playing and nice knee scrape. DId it make you feel like a kid again? Those particular scrapes conjure such an intense memory of childhood for me.
    I do love the death grip on your ice cream. You did deserve it.
    And I hadn’t seen the Wally post… that’s so lovely that you do that. It was a great post too.
    hugs to you and your boo boo.

  5. OMG! Cammy, will you ever want pickles again?? 😉 My sis has a good recipe & I saw another easy one online so you would not have to go out! :-)

    Never heard of that game but now that I see what can happen – well – course I would have got a cookiie instead of ice cream with my love of cookies!

    Hope you mend soon & feel better! You really have an exciting life!

  6. I have never heard of Pickleball. Sorry you fell but good job for trying something new!
    It reminds me of something that happened to me…running through a parking lot and tripping over a speed control bump. From what I was told, I got up quicker than I fell.
    Hope you knee feels better tomorrow!

  7. I’ve never hear of pickleball but I love pickles (except sweet ones, yuck). Hope your knee feels better soon. Can’t wait to hear about your next pickleball match.

  8. Ouch! You are a brave one, I am sure I would have cried!

    This is a new one for me, never heard of this game before. I am so not coordinated-have two left feet! I am better off not playing games but it sounds like you had fun up until the crash.

    I do enjoy those McD’s cones.

    Now I just got done cleaning out the cabinets in our bathrooms and if you need any band aids I seem to have a super supply in a variety of sizes. :)

  9. Train of thought:
    Oh, poor Cammy getting hurt playing pickleball. Now, I wonder why they call it PICKLEball. That would be funny if they actually played with a pickle. I haven’t had a pickle in a long time, either. Oh, look at her ice cream. Oh, yeah! I used to eat dill pickles with ice cream as a kid. There’s a Five Guys in her photo. A Five Guys is being built right now in our town — another burger place, just what we need. But their’s is good. I’m hungry.

  10. I’ve never played pickleball but HAVE played “Mush-ball”. It’s exactly like kickball – but played with a flat volleyball. We were fairly poor (although we didn’t really know it) and were VERY creative!

    Our playing field was in our backyard which was FULL of thistle plants – so yes, at times we got hurt :-)

    I’ve also golfed with tennis balls and tennis raquets – using the divits in the ground surrounding our newly planted pine trees as holes.

    You’ve JUST inspired a whole new post for my blog!!! Thanks!

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  12. Oh, i never heard about this game before- Strange! well, its good that you’re doing good, and you’re having fun playing it- Thanks for sharing anyway.

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