In Remembrance of My DSL Modem

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been hanging out and making myself “useful” on your blogs, my internet lifeline took the Memorial Day holiday and didn’t return. The providers are overnighting a replacement modem, but we’re not even sure that’s the problem. I’m on my mobile modem right now, and since it has a limit on usage, I’m hesitant to spend too much time on it lest I have to get a second mortgage. If my blog-reading withdrawal symptoms continue or worsen, I may pop out to somewhere with free wi-fi tonight and play catch-up. In fact, that sounds like a really good plan. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday (or just a plain ol’ great weekend). Here are a few memories of mine:
Memorial Day flags

You may recognize the sign from my Memorial Day post. The neighborhood next to mine celebrated big by lining the median with flags, so about a mile of my walk was a lovely tribute to our military! My neighborhood doesn’t do anything big, but our little cove has flags by all the mailboxes. On my walk yesterday, I noticed another cove does the same. We should probably coordinate. :)


First watermelon of the season!

This is not an official Memaw Melon, although she did provide it. Her 2011 crop is just in the ground, so she was reduced to buying one. My mother reports that despite the fact that my grandmother is the only one who eats watermelon in their 5-person domicile, she purchased the largest watermelon she could find. And then sent repeated messages that I should come get some of it. Now! Normally, you wouldn’t have to ask me twice, but I was a little busy with painting at the time. A message was subsequently forwarded that this could be her last request, since she turns 91 in two weeks. (This is her trump card in all things.)


The family garden with mascot

When I arrived at the family estate with my Rubbermaid watermelon container, I saw that Memaw was out in the garden. Oh wait! That’s not Memaw!


Holy-Mother-of-Pearl, it's a scarecrow in Memaw's clothing!

This thing is downright obscene! So help me, if they get arrested…. But apparently the crows, rabbits, and deer are laughing too hard to bother the garden for now, so it’s working.

coral roses

Memaw's roses

Her watermelon plants may be just a promise at this point, but Memaw’s roses are looking good! This was my favorite of those currently in bloom.

And those are my holiday highlights. Good family time, more painting (photos will follow at some point), a couple of great walks, and some much-needed downtime for contemplation and reflection. Perfect!

8 thoughts on “In Remembrance of My DSL Modem

  1. sometimes life bears no greater gift than a dead dsl modem.

    your weekend looks relaxatastic.

  2. You are soooooooooooooo funny about Memaw!!! Hey, I agree with Miz, forced life living! :-) But like you, I do get withdrawals too – YIKES! What does that say!

    Hope all is up & running soon! Enjoy free wi-fi out!

  3. I just bought a watermelon among a sea of watermelons and it was all mushy when I got it home. I’m 41 and I still haven’t the slightest idea how to pick out a good watermelon. And I MISS them!
    Hope you can resolve your modem issues pronto. You never need the net until you can’t have it :(

  4. Love the photos. I don’t have space to grow melons but would like to. I tried a watermelon last week- it was ok, yours looks better!

    Hope the computer issue is an easy fix!

  5. you’re celebrating multiple memorial days I suppose; you’ll be better off without the old dsl

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