Mini-review: Foodily + Bonus Recipe

Like many folks, I get a lot of PR emails for products or services that don’t fit my interests or my “brand”, but that’s not what happened last week when I was informed of a unique recipe site called Foodily ( What makes this site special is that it displays search results side-by-side so you can compare recipes, ingredients and nutritional info. Not to mention all the pretty pictures.

foodily search results

I'm searching for a tasty recipe for barbecue sauce

You can search for specific recipes or a more general meal idea. You can also narrow the search by selecting the check boxes at the top of the screen to return only blog results (buh-bye Food Network) or include only low-carb or low-fat, etc.

And when you’re done, you can link through Facebook to share favorites with all your foodie friends. Check it out!

As promised, I’m also tagging on a recipe I tried tonight. (Heaven forbid I have a short post.)

I made a variation of Frozen Fruit Cups last week. (It’s a great way to rescue yogurt that’s about to expire.) I just tossed in some sliced strawberries and a chopped banana, along with some chopped pecans, poured it into 5 silicone muffin cups, and and then waited forever for them to freeze.

While the resulting product was well worth the wait (think: frozen banana split), I couldn’t help but wonder how it would taste with some chocolate sauce. Only I didn’t have any. Given the pitiful ingredient list on commercial chocolate sauces, plus my self-imposed budget restraints, a trip to Kroger wasn’t going to happen. Shoot.

So then I got to wondering if I couldn’t make my own sauce, and I sought out my mentor in these matters, Le Culinaire Google (I didn’t know about then). After a few false starts due to a lack of specific ingredients in my pantry like sugar or corn syrup, I hit the jackpot: Homemade Vegan Chocolate Syrup from Happy Herbivore! You can check out the recipe for yourself to see how super simple it is to make, and it doesn’t break the calorie budget. My blurry but tasty results:

homemade chocolate syrup

Frozen Fruit Cup with Homemade Chocolate Sauce

As you can see, it’s a tad thick. I’ll be thinning the remainder with a drop or two of milk. Plus, since I only had dark chocolate cocoa on hand, it’s really, really rich, so I’ll reduce the serving size by half. I’m just thrilled to have a healthy(-ish) chocolate sauce recipe!

Have you found any new recipe sites lately?

10 thoughts on “Mini-review: Foodily + Bonus Recipe

  1. oooh never seen before.

    Im in LOVE with
    they did hire me for a bit—but Id not have said yes if i didnt love em.

  2. Your mentor, Le Culinaire Google, is a smart one! 😉

    OK, loved the link & the recipes & honestly, I could not get over how cute that dog was on the healthy choc syrup recipe page! BUT I will be trying out that recipe. I don’t use agave syrup so will sub for that.

  3. I’m going to check out that one and the ones Miz and Jody mentioned. I stick to allrecipes which I like because of the ratings and reviews. No nutritional info on there though.

    • Karen! Me, too! I feel so much “safer” trying recipes that have been rated and reviewed. (But I look forward to checking out foodily and readyseteat — never heard of them before).

  4. It’s well known that I’m not a domestic goddess of any sort, but love looking at new recipe sites so I’ll check this one out. Looks interesting!

    Thought about you last night as we watched the severe weather/tornado roll through Memphis. Hope all is well at your house. Scary stuff!

  5. Ooh, Cammy. So many good ideas and links today. I forgot your frozen fruit cups included yogurt. Since I often have too much of my homemade yogurt on hand that is such a great idea for using it up before it expires. And loved the foodily site. And, of course, the chocolate syrup recipe will come in quite handy. I actually was thinking yesterday that I would like to have a little on hand! Plus a pug picture along with the recipe? Must be good LOL.

  6. This is the second mention of foodily this week I have seen. I need to take a day off from work and just mess around on the internet.

  7. I have your frozen yogurt fruit cup recipe written down from last time — I completely forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder and the new-to-me link.

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