Best is Relative

I don’t mind telling you that I’m a little miffed. It seems US News & World Report hired a bunch of “experts” to rate diet plans and determine “the best” in five categories: Best overall diet, best weight-loss diets, best heart-healthy diets, best diabetes diets, and best commercial diets. Blah. Blah. Blah.

All those diets, and not one mention of The Tippy Toe Diet! How could this happen?

Okay, obviously the cake joys and assorted other splurges probably affected my score in the diabetes and overall categories. And the double-digit balance in my Amazon account probably doesn’t quite qualify me for the commercial category. And someone may have ratted me out for having a half-order of fries at Five Guys over the weekend, which would have eliminated me from the heart-healthy category. Fair enough.

But weight loss? C’mon! I’ve got that one! I proved The Tippy Toe Diet works! It was 100% successful for me! (I even weighed in this morning, and I’m within range!) None of “the best” diets had a 100% success rate! Surely I should have merited at least a mention. Sheesh! Maybe I need to hire a celebrity endorser person.

Um, anyone know a pudgy celebrity who’ll work for some Amazon credits and a bunch of frozen cake joys (delivered in moderate amounts)?

So who won? Here are the weight loss diets deemed “best”:
1. Weight Watchers (lots of readers here who are rockin’ this one!)
2. Jenny Craig
3. Raw Food Diet
4. Volumetrics
5. Slim-Fast tied with Vegan Diet

I find it funny-ha-ha that Slim-Fast and a vegan diet tied. I do not find it funny that The Tippy Toe Diet was beaten by a candy bar diet.

The article contains a complete list of all the weight loss diets considered along with the rationale used by “the experts” in their rankings. There are surely merits to all of them, because as we all know, different approaches work for different folks. Probably the biggest surprise to me was that Slim-Fast scored so high and the Mediterranean diet didn’t score higher. Everyone I’ve ever known who began to follow a more ‘Med’ way of eating lost weight, including people who weren’t trying to lose weight! I’ve never known anyone who actually followed Slim-Fast for longer than…January 15th or so. But that’s just me, and what do I know? (See above re: today’s weigh-in.)

Okay, enough silliness! Thanks for the well wishes on the job interview yesterday. I have no idea what will come from it, but I gave it my best. Well, up to a point. I’m guessing that laughing at the question, “Are you comfortable sitting still and quietly for long periods of time?”, probably didn’t help my cause, but it was an honest reaction. To know me at all is to know that I am rarely still and seldom quiet. Thanks to the 100% successful Tippy Toe Diet, I am a bundle of energy and find it very difficult to sit still for short periods of time. I’m fairly certain I would find it impossible to sit for hours. In fact, I might have mentioned that it seemed to be an unhealthy requirement. So no, this isn’t the job for me, even with the health benefits.

Oh well, something else will come along soon to catch my fancy, and I’ve got another possibility I’m waiting to hear back on. Meanwhile, I’m doing fine, so no real worries.

I had something else I wanted to mention, but it escapes me now. Plus, I’ve been sitting for a while now, and I need to move! :)

Could you sit still for hours at a time?

15 thoughts on “Best is Relative

  1. Hi Cammy. Interesting list.

    I’ve put a link to your Blog on my last post. I’m learning ….pop over and take a quick look.


  2. I too was baffled at the list AND the fact it had barely been announced and my in-box was filled with PR from WW.

    ahhhh blogging….

  3. Glad you know the job is not for you. It’s a good feeling when you really know the answer deep inside.

    As for sitting still, I wouldn’t want to know I had to sit in one place without doing any moving around for hours on end. I sit a lot at work because I’m at my desk, but I’m free to get up as often as I like — I often try to incorporate a jaunt up the stairs each day.

  4. I saw that news story on the diets Cammy & was going to write about it BUT you have done such a great job here & with humor as well, so I am not going to but yes, some it it was surprising & why the Tippy Toe Diet was not on there just amazes me!!!!!!!!

    Sitting still & quietly for long periods at a time – what job requires that – NOT!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  5. Here’s the thing that chaps me about the whole “best” thing and makes it so misleading. Anyone who has done this successfully (even backsliders like me) knows that it’s not a “diet,” it’s a lifestyle. So cliche, I know, but is the truth. Even #1, Weight Watchers does not have the word DIET in it’s wording. So unfortunate that this will reach so many people except I guess, it’s better than nothing. And yes, I’m astounded that Tippy Toe Diet did not make the list with its 100% success rate, even though it does contain the word “diet.” BTW, I’d be happy to be your “celebrity” endorser for those rewards you mentioned. At least one person in the world (my mother) thinks I’m a celebrity.

    Hang in there on the job front. And yes, pay close attention to those signals that tell you something isn’t right. I’d really prefer you not take another job until I can get to west TN to meet you or we can meet in the middle!!

    Great post, as always!!! Excellent information with lots of humor thrown in!

  6. Sitting still for hours at a time? Not unless drugged!

    The list is not unlike the “BEST DOCTORS” lists that are out there – usually based on volume and PR factors. Who has more exposure than WW or JC? A sucker born every minute – not that WW doesn’t work for many people, but so do other diets for other individuals. There is no scientific evidence as to what diet is best for weight loss or someone would have won the Nobel Prize!

  7. Where is the fat in those diets?? Pfffft!

    I have to sit a lot for my job. I tried some standing, but I run a foot pedal and type at the same time. The balance issue is really hard unless sitting down. The one thing I really dislike about my job is its sedentaryness (my new word!)

  8. Cammy,

    Your tippytoe diet is working for me! I have made little changes since appx. January 31 and have lost 20 lbs, so your 100% success rate is still intact!

  9. I too am following my own version of The Tippy Toe Diet and must say, small steps is the answer. I have lost 33 pounds since January 22 (with a few ups and downs thrown in, as expected with tip toeing). Again, your 100% success rate is still solid and a few cake joys thrown in now and again are what makes it such a success!

  10. Perhaps we should all submit the Tippy Toe Diet for review for next year!

    It sure seems to me that you have it figured out!

    I could not sit all day for any job, I need to move around.

    The perfect job fit has to be out there for you and you will find it. I love your attitude about , well, everything, health, diet, weight loss, maintenance and the job search!

  11. I’ve used a few of those commercial methods over the years but always gained the weight back. The Tippy Toe Diet is what finally worked for me. I’m not at goal yet and haven’t started the maintenance phase but I’m rocking the program. It really is the best program out there. Slow and steady is the way to go.

    Glad you’re going to hold out for the right job. I’m thinking how hard it will be to go back to a desk job for 8 hours a day. I find it hard to sit still these days.

  12. that would be a no on the sitting still. Luckily, with a 4 year old I don’t have that problem. Ever.
    I think you should write a book. The Tippy Toe Diet is a great title already and you’ve got everything else you need in your head.
    I’ll buy it!

  13. Heat is one thing, but I generally watch TV to tune out the distractions, and have found ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition motivates me, as well as times perfectly times my hour cardio. So, if you ever find the need to exercise at 10PM on Mondays, I’d suggest getting lost in your workout and in the show.

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