Got Stress?

Is it International Stress Month and no one told me? I really would have appreciated a heads up, you know.

Sheesh. Let’s catalog, shall we?

  • Bad new$ from the periodonti$t last Friday, so bad I had some fairly significant tear leakage before I left the office. (Contributing factor: lunchtime appointment and he was running an hour late, which meant I had gone about six hours without eating at that point.) I have some funds in reserve, which will cover it, but it was definitely an expense I didn’t need.
  • A thunderstorm took out my internet service. I was able to get the DSL back, but so far I haven’t been successful with the wireless modem. It may be fried.
  • The same thunderstorm dropped a substantial branch from my neighbors’ ill-tended tree onto my roof. Fortunately, no damage occurred, but I had to haul my butt onto the roof on a 94° day to retrieve the branch and a bunch of its little friends.
  • A bit of family drama over the weekend, which caused my parents to hurt and that makes me hurt. They don’t deserve this.
  • Albert Pujols has a fractured wrist and will be out 4-6 weeks.
  • Shortly after waking up this morning, I was stung by a wasp or hornet while reaching into the newspaper machine. It was apparently not happy about spending the night cooped up. (Worse, the ice I immediately applied–thank you, Subway people, especially since I didn’t buy anything!–reduced the swelling so quickly that I wasn’t able to take a picture and perhaps garner some sympathy.)
  • And possibly due to some post-sting trauma, I dropped my breakfast banana. Outside, where the 5-second rule doesn’t apply.

You see why I’m so stressed.

Okay, maybe not, considering most of those aren’t significant stresses, not in the greater scheme of Life. The only reason I included them (other than the opportunity to gain valuable pity points) is to recognize that Before Cammy would have allowed the minor stresses to pile on top of the real stresses, magnifying them far beyond their importance. The result would have been poor nutritional choices, followed by intense brooding from the corner of the sofa.

New!Improved!Cammy! has coping strategies! And she even occasionally remembers to use them!

I’ve written about my anti-stress measures before:

No need to cover all of those in detail again, except to re-emphasize the importance of exercising, taking time to be still and breathe, and finding reasons to laugh in overcoming negative stress. A moment or two spent conducting a perspective check is also useful. Maybe pull out the Big Deal Scale and rate the actual severity of the situation.

I’ve used all of those over the past few days, and I’m pleased to report that if we discount the Father’s Day family meal, my nutrition is on target, my exercise is slightly off-target (traded workout days; will be on target again if I do what I’m supposed to tomorrow–and I will!), and my mood is positive and hopeful. The next couple of months will likely be stress-y, but I know that I am more than capable of handling them. Without a fork. :)

How are YOU handling stress these days? Or are you blessed with an absence of it?

16 thoughts on “Got Stress?

  1. Fortunately, I’ve had a significant decrease in stress over the past week. There are always stresses, but I feel much more capable of dealing with them quite swimmingly — or at least with a calm head, hopeful heart, and diligent action. In general, the most important thing to do when stresses are high is to focus on self-care. Just at the time when it’s most difficult is when we’ve got to try to do what we can. Otherwise, we might just fall apart.

  2. Cammy, you just have the best attitude! With that list, I doubt I could be as positive BUT I have learned the food coping mechanisms that work for me – like you – so I doubt I would have done any food craziness! In fact, lots of stress here lately & managing not to emotional eat (most of the time!) 😉

    Congrats on handling BUT OH how I understand the teeth stuff!

    Hugs to your parents & you!

  3. In this moment, blissfully unstressed. But it is coming. I head to the lake with family over the 4th weekend and, oh boy. I am going to read your posts now to see what Cammyisms I can take with me.

  4. There is always a bit of stress in my life but at least I haven’t had to deal with daily work stress for a while although just thinking about going back to work soon is stressing me out. Must check those lottery tickets.

    I love all your stress coping strategies. I’ll have to start studying them so I don’t go back to the ol’ reliable fork method of stress reduction.

    New and Improved Cammy is a rock star and my hero!

  5. Awwww Cammy – I am so sorry all this stuff landed on you all at once! Good coping skills are priceless, though. I do pretty well most times, but every once in a while the fetal position on the floor is about the best I can do 😀

  6. That list of events in the beginning was unbelievable. I’m so sorry. I’m glad you have your New Cammy techniques though.
    I will review your older posts for ideas.

  7. This post was perfect timing for me Cammy.
    Sorry you had sticker shock at your appointment. Family stress seems to spread. I am like you when my loved ones hurt, I hurt right along with them.

    Ouch on the bee sting! Yeah to Subway for providing ice.

    I have had a lot of stress lately with the house redo projects going on, workers coming and going inside my house, outside, everywhere I look a mess to clean up! On top of that both kids home from college and hubby works out of a home office! Overload!

    Thank goodness I have resumed my early morning walks, cut back on my food intake, dropped a couple pounds and taken control of what I can control.

    I will for sure go read your previous posts about stress. I am also going to get out my mediation CD’s and learn to relax and breath again. Great advice. Thanks!

  8. I’m sorry for your stress (I know where you’re coming from), but I see you’re handling it well – congrats! Me – not so much. Just last Thursday I had my $5000.00 date with the periodontist, and as luck would have it, the several days of soft food segued nicely into my @#$%^&* prep day yesterday, culminating with a colonoscopy this morning. *whimper* Love your blog, Cammy – you’re a great inspiration – even when you’re stressed! *grin*

  9. As someone who just had some dental work today, I don’t blame you for crying. Hang in there, sister.

  10. I’m so sorry for all your stress – even all the little ones add up. I’ve had my own share lately, too, and one of mine involved a visit to the dentist, as well. Bleh. Glad to know International Stress Month is to blame.

  11. man Im so sorry youre under all this frazzzzle.

    I dont.
    apparently it goes right to my hips and I cease to walk.
    who knew?

  12. Awww….sorry you have so much going on Cammy. Seems to be you are dealing with it all as well as possible. All the little ones add up! Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, and know that “this too shall pass”!

  13. Cammy! Is it weird that I thought the most stressful thing was losing your banana?! Its just that I could relate to all those things happening, and that would be the topper!

    And, I had to click on all your links before I commented, and that New!Improved!Cammy! was hoot! And I love the exclamation points in their, so I have to shout it enthusiastically!

  14. Wow! Anyone of those may not be a major stressor, but getting them all at once – whoo! Good for you that your new way of life has taken root! I am getting better at separating the outside from my inner journey. It’s making life a lot more peaceful. LOL!


  15. Yeah. I could see myself busting into sobs once the banana hit the ground (the icing on the cake). I always, always appreciate posts like this because I need to be constantly reminded about the need to breathe and remain calm. Working on that SO much these days. My meds are still too new to my system to know if they are helping, but if these work out, I intend to see a New Ellen, too. Thanks, Cammy.

  16. Stress sucks…I’m better at dealing with it now than I once was, but it takes a lot of determination. Exercise really helps and avoiding sugar. I’m amazed sometimes how much sugar can torment me…it’s not always easy to remember since it is the first thing I WANT when I’m stressed. Hang in there.

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