How I Didn’t Spend My Weekend

If you were wondering what I was up to this past weekend (and I’m sure you were!), I can promise you it wasn’t this:

Thousands in Portland take to bikes for naked ride

By Dan Cook Dan Cook – Sun Jun 19, 1:57 am ET

PORTLAND, Ore (Reuters) – It was a typical early summer evening in Portland: cloudy skies threatening rain, temperatures in the mid-60s, and thousands of naked bicyclists gathered near the city’s waterfront for a clothing-free night ride.

Thousands? Really?

I’m no prude, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for nude bicycling. It’s not just modesty and body image issues, either. Or the fact that when the temps are in the mid-60s here, I’m likely wearing base layers under my fleece pants and top. Or the possibility of some photographer snapping my photo as I’m hauled off to jail

No, uppermost in my mind is the idea of my naked heinie on that bicycle seat! I mean, that thing’s uncomfortable even with my pants on! (Um, the seat is uncomfortable, not my heinie. One has substantial padding; the other doesn’t.) Plus, maybe it’s just me, but naked cycling just seems so…well, unhygienic. I realize that if I’m clean and the seat is clean, there shouldn’t be a problem, but still… .

(Note to self, file: Business Ideas): Invent bicycle seat condoms; market: naked, neurotic bike riders.)

World Nude Bicycle Ride poster

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But, you know, more power to the folks who DON’T have hang-ups about zooming around the city nude (skinny-zipping?) on their bikes. They’re obviously having a lot of fun, and their intentions are good. Really good.

The World Naked Bike Ride organization (WNBR) celebrates a “a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world to the masses.” I’m in favor of all of those things, and improved fitness as well, but I’m much more comfortable supporting them while clothed. (To be fair, one of the group’s slogans is “as bare as you dare” and fully clothed riders are also welcome. Whew!)

If you’re inclined to participate, Seattle, WA has some upcoming nekkid rides. Be sure to et us know if you join the fun. Just please don’t share the pictures. :)

Shows of hands (and that’s ALL), who sees themselves participating in a naked bike ride? How about naked yoga? A nudie 5k?

I’m off to my Monday morning workout. If I wasn’t already dressed and hadn’t already opened the curtains, I might consider the Naked Home Workout. Maybe tomorrow…but no pictures–I promise! :)

Congratulations to Colleen, winner of the Fiber One 80 Calories Honey Squares (which I still think should have been named Honey Crunch Puffs!) giveaway, and HUGE thank you to everyone who stopped by to play!

Happy week ahead to all! Let’s make it a GREAT one!

19 thoughts on “How I Didn’t Spend My Weekend

  1. OK, there’s good naked and bad naked. Then there’s just plain unnecessary naked. This is one of those rare times when I’m glad I still don’t know how to ride. I hate to be subjected to peer pressure and all, you know?

  2. I can’t imagine every riding naked but I don’t have the uncomfortable seat problem because I ride a recumbent cycle, it’s a bit like sitting in an easy chair.

  3. Hey, give me a few months and another surgery to replace my foobs with silicone implants and I’ll do a 5K nekkid! OMG – NO WAY! But I certainly will be able to go bra-less from now on.

  4. I’m not real happy with the pics Mr. B has taken from the “rear” while we’ve been biking in Colorado – no way would I ever ride nekkid!! Plus my experience at seeing people naked on nude beaches has been the ones who SHOULDN’T be doing it are the ones that are! EEK!

  5. okay, no. Just, no.
    And I must add, Why? Why is that fun? I can’t imagine it would feel good, as you mention.
    I can understand wanting to be naked if you are comfortable that way. I believe that if I’d been the size I wanted when I was younger, I might have an occasional nudist in me.
    Not on a bike though.
    I can see the volleyball thing, i guess… but anything wagging or flopping wildly just doesn’t seem friendly.
    I will admit that I wouldn’t mind seeing some footage of that bike ride. Just curious.

  6. I am so glad you shared this cause I am going right out to nude ride! NOT! :-) Not only am a not a fan of bike riding but in the nude – I don’t even do that nude yoga stuff! Too funny! At least they are exercising & yes, sitting on those seats nude – OUCH!

  7. Naked Home Workout–still laughing about that one. You’re not gonna see naked anything going on around here.

  8. I would never ever dare to ride a bike naked plus with thousand other bikers -no way! Seriously this is insane!

  9. This happened in SF and Berkeley, also, I didn’t join in. Not too much of an exhibitionist, and it seems uncomfortable. Plus, I hardly like to walk around my apt with no bra, let alone doing anything bouncy, like biking. However, I do feel that people who don’t have great bodies have as much right to be naked as people who do.

  10. OMGosh I cant think of anything worse….I have been known to come off a bike very ungracefully and cannot imagine being naked and that happening…”laughing uncontrollably” thinking of that…..never ever would I put myself in that possible situation….lmao
    Hugs Khris

  11. Strangely, naked cycling has not made it onto my bucket list. As you say, ouch!

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