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Oh! Look who’s breezing through on the weekend! I can’t remember the last time that’s happened, but I have things to share.

Most important, of course, is a reminder that there are only 14(ish) hours left to enter the drawing for the Fiber One Prize Pack. Don’t be left out in the crunchless, yummiless cold! :)

Next up: If you’re like me and were far too broke busy to attend FitBloggin’ last month, you might be as delighted as I was to read about FitBloggin’ Local meet-ups that are occurring across the U.S. (and possibly beyond?) on July 9th. If you think you might want to spend some time hangin’ with some kindred spirits, check the previous link to see if your city/town/region is represented. And if it’s not, maybe you could organize a meet-up yourself!

I’m planning to attend the Nashville event, since I’m scheduled to be in the area anyway, which is being organized by the gorgeous Skinny Emmie. Looks like fun!

And now a few potentially helpful links from my reader:

From Wisebread: Make Ahead Food: 10 Things to Cook on a Sunday

Making food ahead of time so you can eat well and save money during busy workweeks is a great idea. But often when I read articles about make-ahead food, the focus is on ways to stock your freezer with heat-and-eat casseroles, soups, and other meals. This is wonderful, but sometimes, the most useful, frugal, and healthy make-ahead foods aren’t frozen dinners, but ready-to-go meal components sitting in your fridge or pantry.

I honestly never thought about making pancake batter ahead of time. I’ve been rationing out Van’$ frozen waffle$ but not anymore!

From Dumb Little Man: 9 Little Steps to an Awesome 5k Run

If you would like to have a lot of fun, set an attainable fitness goal and feel fantastic about your accomplishment, you should find a local 5K run and give it a try. You can even run with your spouse or bring your entire family to share the experience together.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner (or not a runner at all), these nine little steps will lead you to an awesome 5K. Let’s get started!

Hmmm, it’s about time for my annual 5blocK attempt, and I’ll be keeping these tips in mind. (That #3 gets me every time.)

And from Pick the Brain: Visualization: You’re Doing It Wrong

You’ve got your vision board on the wall. You spend five minutes every morning daydreaming about that huge house you want, that massive paycheck, that flashy car.

Unfortunately, you don’t seem to be getting any closer.

So you resolve to visualize more. You keep imagining that perfect future.

It’s what you’re supposed to do, right? It’s what all the self-development gurus tell you?

The problem is … this kind of visualization doesn’t work. Even worse, it can actually work against you.

And then they go on to discuss three itsy bitsy steps to make visualization work for you. This is basically the process I went through four years ago, and we can see how well that turned out. 😉 And after reading this article, I realize that I’ve been backsliding a bit in some non-fittish areas of my life. Time to get busy!

Wait a minute. It’s the weekend! Why are we here? Shouldn’t we be up and moving about somewhat vigorously? Or at least visualizing it? :)

Happy weekend, everybody!

6 thoughts on “News You Can Use–Really!

  1. I’m excited that you’re going to the Nashville event. I saw that and considered it, but I have something I have to do for work that evening (yes, on a Saturday evening) and realized Nashville is almost six hours from Little Rock. Looking forward to hearing about your experience.

  2. Thanks for the enjoyable hodge-podge of things to read! That’s about all my fitness level is up to right now – reading, so I do appreciate it!

  3. Those links look like ones I best get too! I like to make food ahead of time. I have to be careful though because we have an old fridge/freezer & well, freezer burn no matter how good I wrap things. Even when I buy those vacuum closed frozen chicken breasts, still, freezer burn if I leave in too long. Need a new fridge but like you Cammy, no $$ right now. Pancake batter ahead of time, wow!

    Did 5K’s when I wayoungerer & had good feet. I actually placed & won in a few I did – well, in my age group! I am just happy to be running again in my Hoka shoes! Just came back from a great outside run!

    Have a great Sunday!

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