Weekend Wrap-up

As I mentioned in my last post, Memphis is in the middle of an early season heatwave. That meant it was definitely an indoors kind of weekend.

Except, of course, I didn’t stay indoors. That would have been too smart.

Saturday morning I was up and out early for some yard sales. Find of the day:


My new chair!

I needed a “nice” multi-purpose chair that I can move around the house easily, and this one was only $8. At that price, I decided it was perfect. I can recover the seat later. Way later, probably.

That was my only find as it was already getting too hot at 8 a.m., and I decided to bag it for the day. I had things that needed doing at home anyway, most of which were deferred eventually since they were outside projects. I did attempt to tackle a few crafty-painting projects (a small table, a cute little shelf, etc.) because I could sit out under the tree and do that. I didn’t seem to comprehend that it was still going to be extremely HOT.

Midday, I realized a Home Depot run was in order so off I went for more paint and some gardening supplies while I was at it. Great idea! I needed to be hauling bags of topsoil across an asphalt parking lot at high noon. Sheesh. After that, I noticed I was feeling “swimmy-headed”, and I realized I’d had about 200 calories all day. That’s a problem I have sometimes in hot weather–I don’t think about food, and I forgot my morning snack! :) Time for Emergency Measures:

Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (half)

Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (half)

I had this salad when I was traveling in March and a couple of times since, and it’s quite tasty! The nutritionals aren’t horrible, and I didn’t have to prepare it. My only real quibble with it is that the pecans are sugared. Totally unnecessary, although admittedly delicious. But kudos to Wendy’s for serving them separately. It’s nice to have options! I had counted the full meal as ~350 calories, but I see now that they omitted the feta cheese! That’s got to be about…30-40 calories saved right there! :)

Properly nourished, I headed home and took a nap painted some more, then decided it was “cool” enough (93°) to get in a walk. It was ugly, but I got it done. And I met my new love:

Audi dream car

An Audi Something-or-Other

I don’t know what kind of Audi that is, but I’m smitten! I’ll never own one, but I shall have fun (and get fitter) admiring it as I walk by. :)

Today was a rest day, and I took full advantage of it! I have a phone interview for a j-o-b tomorrow a.m., and I am feeling re-energized and ready to face the week! More on that and other assorted happenings in my world as the week unfolds. For now, I need to check in and see what happened on YOUR weekend!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up

  1. I’ve been eyeballing new cars lately myself. My 2003 Accord, while giving me no problems and still in great shape, is starting to bore me. I think a new car would make a GREAT 100 pound weight loss reward. 😉

    Good luck with that job interview!

  2. Hope the interview goes well or went well – depending on when you read my comment. 😉

    Love that chair & what a bargain – YES!!!

    CA where I am is getting cooler than normal temps but really pleasant. I am seeing the very hot weather in many states so glad to have what we have….

  3. It’s been cool and beautiful here in Beantown lately but that is all going to change by the end of the week with temps in the 90s and high humidity.

    Love your new chair.

    Good luck with the J-O-B interview.

  4. Never heard of a phone interview but hope it goes well. Great chair. Believe me it is as hot in Anniston, AL as it is in Memphis. We took at group of kids to Auburn University last Thursday. Walking tour at 11 am – 12:30 pm. I thought I might actually die. It was nice of AU to provide bottled water. As for the car, don’t say you will never have one. If you want want one you just might get one. I wanted a Lexus 350 when I was driving a Mit. Lancer. That was in 2007. I went online, created the Lexus I wanted. Printed the picture then prayed about it. My prayer was “Lord, when I need a new vehicle, I want a _______ with ______”(I listed all the features I wanted. In 2009, I was driving by a used car lot and there it was, exactly as my heart desired it and my income could afford. I’m driving it now. You may think that is crazy, stupid or whatever but it is true.

  5. Nice chair! We need to start thinking new car eventually. We have a Saturn that is almost 12 years old and is starting to feel it.

  6. Wishing you great good luck on the job interview. The phone ones are hard for me because I rely so much on facial expression, etc. but I know employers are using them a lot more lately.

    You seem to be in the right spirits for it to come off well in an interview!

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