Dawn Patrol and Other Weekend Happenings

Well, that was a quick weekend! And in my case, it was a very good weekend!

A) I finally got back into the exercise game with a bike ride early Saturday morning and a long walk early this morning. At 6 a.m. you’d think I would have the roads and sidewalks to myself, but apparently other people had the same great idea to beat the heat by exercising early. It seemed as though I met or passed (or was passed by) another walker, cyclist, or runner on every block! Awesome!

B) No pain from the exercise. About halfway (20 minutes) into my bike ride, I noticed some throbbing around my incision site and almost turned around, but then I realized that it was probably hurting because I forgot to take my ibuprofen. Duh. So I gutted it out and kept going.

C) Since I was passing City East anyway, I decided to stop for oatmeal pancakes. (Amazing what careful planning can do!)

oatemal pancakes

Oatmeal Pancakes

I forgot to take a picture of the ones I was served, so I’m including a photo taken last winter, which was the last time I had them. Saturday’s pancakes were soooo tasty, but even larger than the ones in this photo. I ate one and asked for a small to-go container for my backpack. The second one was brunch/lunch!

D) Look what I found on this morning’s walk:

zyllis corn holder

Mystery Find

I picked it up because it was in the middle of the sidewalk and those pointy things might pierce a bike tire or sneaker. It looks like one half of a set of corn holders, right? Well, I think that’s what it is, even though it’s very large. The raised print on the side says Zyliss, which I have since learned is a manufacturer of kitchen stuff. Since I found only one (who knew I should look for another one?), I’ve decided to put it into use as a knuckle saver for when I have to use the grater. This is usually an annual event at my house, so this will go into the bin of seldom-used gadgets that I always forget I have.

E) I was feeling restless and a teensy bit bored yesterday, so I decided to try a new-to-me recipe I’d heard a lot about: black bean brownies. I used The Happy Herbivore’s vegan version of the recipe, sort of. I didn’t have instant oats so I used oat bran, and I also tossed in a handful of flax meal. Oh, and I opted out of her optional 1/3 cup raw sugar.

black bean brownies

It looks like fudge...or steak.

My results were….disappointing. I don’t know if I did something wrong or if it was the agave (I’m not a huge fan but I had some on hand) or if it’s just my taste buds, but I don’t get any sort of fudge-y feeling from these. They’re not awful but they’re not going to especially tempt me. I cut the batch into about 20 pieces and have them stored in the fridge until I figure out something that might improve them. (I’m thinking of a homemade peanut butter glaze.) I’ll definitely try variations on both the black bean and white bean brownie theme sometime in the future. Way in the future.

F) On a quick trip to the grocery store last night to pick up wheat tortillas for tunarritos, I had to stop by the clearance aisle. Look what I found:

Dark Chocolate Kisses On Sale


Since my freezer had been empty of dark chocolate Kisses forever, they were on my “watch for a good sale” list. And boy, did I find one! How good a sale depends on which price tag is correct. :) One says $5.49; one says $3.29.

Lest you’re worried that I’m gobbling down chocolate between keystrokes, rest assured that the Kisses are safely secured in the vault (a.k.a. the freezer) in a re-purposed screw-top container to prevent walk-by grabbing.

Frozen Kisses

Coming Soon to a Grocery Near You: Frozen Flax Kisses

Flax, Kisses–practically the same thing, right? This stash will last for months!

G) I met with clients for my shiny new pet-sitting biz this afternoon, and I think this particular gig is going to work out well. Sweet, well-behaved dogs who will likely only require the expected food/water/treats along with some playtime and loving attention in the form of extensive petting. I’m looking forward to it! (I’ve also booked a couple more weekends, so if you were thinking of hiring me, you might want to go ahead and book it. :) )

Hmmm, that doesn’t quite add up to 48 hours. does it? Toss in some sleeping, baseball watching, reading, laundry, cleaning, visiting with friends, etc., and you have a weekend. A somewhat boring weekend if you weren’t looking for things to get excited about, but I made it work! :)

I hope you had a great weekend, too! What was The Very Best Thing That Happened?

11 thoughts on “Dawn Patrol and Other Weekend Happenings

  1. WTG with the pet gigs! Seriously, you are doing folks such a great service. I always hated boarding SadieLu and hired a sitter whenever possible.

    Glad you are feeling better.

    My best thing this weekend? Hmmm, while it’s not up to dark chocolate kisses standards, I did score a nice piece of cod on sale.

  2. Cammy, glad you got out & were able to ride & all the side fun too – corn cob holder & pancakes! 😉

    Very cool on the pet sitting biz! Hope that works out for you!

    Me – cookie treats & 7 grandkids in town so a fun but exhausting time & a week more with them. Ask me next weekend! 😉 I am pooped already!

  3. Glad to hear you are moving and grooving again. Me this weekend… can I say that what I expected to be a horrible day sailing with some people turned out not to be as horrible as I expected?

  4. Highlight of my weekend was being able to temporarily move back into my den! Sounds like I need to get a life, doesn’t it? Of course, now that it’s Monday again, I’m back in the living room while the construction workers provide music in the form of hammering. Lucky me??

    I want some of those pancakes when I come to Memphis.

  5. Glad you were able to get out and get moving early to beat the heat.

    The best thing that happened to me this weekend was getting my ass into Size 4 shorts. I’m still pinching myself. Thank you for showing me how to rock the slow and steady tippy toe method. I wouldn’t have gotten here without you 😉

  6. Glad your mouth/tooth pain is under control and you are back to movement.

    Sorry, but the black bean brownies – think I’ll pass. Forever. :-)

    Your pet-sitting biz sounds like a real winner. I had an attorney friend who quit lawyering to be a pet sitter and never looked back.

    The very best thing that happened this weekend is that I didn’t need any muscle relaxants or even Tylenol to control my foob discomfort. (Small things mean a lot when you’ve hurt constantly for 7 weeks!)

  7. Glad you are doing well Cammy!!! Hmm…there are probably 1000 uses for one corn cob holder. 1001 if you stab corn with it! :) How great does your pet sitting business sound and great score on the kisses. Best part of my weekend, relaxing, rejuvinating and fitting some friend visits in there too. Have a good Monday!!!

  8. Glad you are feeling better! The black bean brownies are good, but I hate to call them brownies. I don’t like food that pretends to be other food. Like how nutritional yeast tastes like parmesan (it does not!).

    My weekend highlight was watching the Tour de France on TV and they put my question up on the screen with my name! Eeee!

  9. The Very Best Thing? That would be hard to decide–maybe all the interesting books I got at the thrift store?

    Black Bean Brownies–compare this recipe http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/rocco-dispiritos-fudgy-fruit-nut-bars. I think its interesting to compare ingredients in recipes. I loved this recipe. Very fudgy. I also think its funny how these recipe websites get these gorgeous pictures of their products (comparing happy herbivore brownies with yours) Also thought it was very funny that your recipe was a vegan one, and you compared the brownies to steak.

    Your weekend sounds delightful. I like normal everyday life kind of weekends.

  10. That’s exactly how I like my weekends – low key and relaxed!

    High point for me? Going to the movies with my hubby – it’s only the 2nd time in the six years we’ve known each other that we’ve done that!

  11. Oh, Cammy!! What I would DO to have you live close by, not only as an awesome buddy, but as a dog sitter! Whoever lives near you should count their lucky stars.
    I laughed long and loud at your comparison of the BB Brownies to steak. Mine turned out almost like that once, too. I had much better luck when I used a box brownie mix.
    Glad you are feeling better – especially well enough to eat those yummy oatmeal pancakes (my fav).

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