Fridays Are For Sharing

Not exactly a Friday Five post, but I do have five things to share today:


The Great Fundraising Act
[media-credit name=”Janetha@Meals and Moves” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]The Great Fundraising Act banner[/media-credit] 

You might have read about this on other blogs (I hope you read it on lots of them!), but just in case you, like me, weren’t in that part of the blogosphere, please take a moment to read this article to learn how you can pitch in to help a fellow blogger, Susan (The Great Balancing Act) in a time of great need. Susan was very recently diagnosed with Lymphoma and has just started her first round of chemotherapy.

I hadn’t been a follower of Susan’s, but she seems like one tough cookie. While she writes openly of her fears on her blog, she’s not sitting around wringing her hands and neither are her friends. Janetha (Meals and Moves) has organized a huge auction set for July 25th with lots of awesome items available for bidding. Or you can just make a donation. It looks like a fun way to show support. (Pssst: I first learned about this call for action from Lori (Finding Radiance) who is contributing two bags of her own roasted coffee to the auction. Y’all know Lori loves her coffee, so I’m sure this is good stuff!)


Sharing an interesting link from Wisebread: 6 Easy Ways to Get Back on Track

Good prompts for dropping out of your funk and jumping into the game again. My favorite: #2 Jump the Shark. I’m in a shake-it-up mood. :)


And more from Wisebread: 10 Exercises to Do at Work That Don’t Make You Look Silly

Since I work at home I don’t have to worry about looking silly. (I have this blog for that. :) But when I was working in the office, I did calf raises at the copy machine and climbed stairs. I even created a fun program for it and got some co-workers (including a VP) climbing, too!


Post-Surgery Update: Continued improvement. Still swollen and still experiencing moderate pain. Time will take care of the former and ibuprofen is taking care of the latter. The periodontist called last night to check on me (he’s nice that way), and I had an opportunity to protest the bleach rinse. I can’t be sure, but I think he yawned during the middle of my complaint. So much for that.

By tomorrow I’ll be ready for a return to exercise and my current plan is to ride for oatmeal pancakes for breakfast (or somewhere else for lunch.) I tend to pound the pavement when I walk, and I’m a little leery of that this early in the healing process. I hope biking will be less jarring. :)


And finally: Best Spam Comment Ever: “Author, how may I contact you?”
Okay, not interesting on its own, since I get this one a lot. But it was the sender ID that makes this my current fave: AdultMovies.

Just think, by this time next week I could be a star!

Oh, and I just thought of something else!


Wishing you all a fun-filled and safe weekend!

6 thoughts on “Fridays Are For Sharing

  1. For a while there I was getting spam about enlarging a certain body part that I don’t have! The spam never ceases to amaze me. But I check it all, briefly, since sometimes real comments get stuck there too. Enjoy your ride and pancakes:)

  2. I will check out that fundraising effort. That is a wonderful thing that the blog world is doing.

    Glad you are feeling better and can resume your exercise. cool.

    Spam? I have been getting a ton of it on my blog the past couple days. No porn star in my future but the same spam bot that has visited Karen had been attacking me!

  3. Biking is a lot easier than walking on the ‘jostling’ – plus it’s more fun! I want some oatmeal pancakes, too!

  4. Cammy, hope you are better soon! I had pain for my teeth pulling but no swelling BUT the Advil over too many days caused a reaction – YIKES! All my years of taking it, never had that BUT I never took that much. I think I took more in that 1 week than my whole life! 😉 Feel better!

    On the spam – I get some weird stuff too!

    I did not know about Susan till this came out in the blogs too & I have it on my Monday post. What a great blog world!

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