Mish Meets Mash

Welcome to the weekend and a mish mash post!

I’m looking forward to a fun-filled Saturday with new blogging buddies at Fitbloggin’ Local – Nashville edition and a couple days away from home. Thanks to my vast collection of gift cards, this will likely be the least expensive weekend trip I’ve ever taken that didn’t involve a campground or staying in someone else’s home. Woo-hoo!

Cleaning up a few loose ends before I go…

They Got Me
I picked up two mosquito bites on the very day I heard this: West Nile Virus Detected in Several ZIP Codes. Naturally, one of those ZIPs is mine, but I never heard the mosquito spray trucks last night. I hope they didn’t miss my cove! So far, I’m ignoring the slight pain in my neck and resisting the urge to take my temperature every 15 minutes, but if I start feeling queasy all bets are off.

Yeah, But Will I Be Able to Leap Tall Buildings?
TCBY, my go-to indulgence during my loss phase and beyond, announced they’ll be offering “Super Fro-Yo“. According to the company, the industry standards for this new super category are as follows:
* Must have a minimum of three grams of Fiber
* Must have a minimum of four grams of Protein
* Must have a minimum of seven types of Probiotics
* Must meet a minimum of 20% DV of Vitamin D
* Must meet a minimum of 20% DV of Calcium
The company says their yogurt meets the standard (good thing since they invented it) and does a bunch of other stuff besides. I have no way of knowing what percentage of the claims are true, but I’m not going to base my personal fitness plan on fro-yo, high test or regular. I will, however, enjoy feeling an itsy bitsy smug when I indulge.

Wish I’d Thought of It First
Speaking of frozen decadence, have you seen that annoying infomercial for the yonana machine? It’s a machine that will turn ordinary bananas into a frozen treat right before your very eyes! Apparently the people who are buying it don’t know they can get the same thing with some frozen bananas and the food processor or blender they already have in their cupboard.

Not Quite Reaping What I’ve Sown
I forgot to tell y’all that The Great Harvest of 2011 has begun:
[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”328″]tomato and cucumber[/media-credit]

No, that’s not ALL I’ve harvested. That was just last week’s yield. I picked another two tomatoes of a similar size this week. (No cucumbers.) I’m hoping this is the proverbial lull before the storm and I that I am soon begging the neighbors to take some of my abundant harvest off my green-thumbed hands. #doubtit

And on that pitiful note, I should hit the road. Wishing you all a happy weekend!

8 thoughts on “Mish Meets Mash

  1. My favorite is the Yonana Machine. Isn’t that the case with just about every newfangled machine that comes along? We just look at each other when we see those infomercials pop up, laugh and say we’ve been doing that for years with what’s in our kitchen cabinets. No fancy machine needed!

  2. Have a great meetup Cammy! I wish more bloggers were closer to me.

    Hope you don’t have West Nile. John probably had it when we lived in IL a few years ago and he was pretty sick. Nothing like being sick in the summer time, too. Ugh!

  3. Have a fun weekend! How much do I love this statement “I’m not going to base my personal fitness plan on fro-yo, high test or regular. I will, however, enjoy feeling an itsy bitsy smug when I indulge.”

  4. I have a frozen banana just waiting for me to try that someday when I am craving ice cream. I learned about it at the one Weight Watchers meeting I went to in January to check out the new plan. Our TCBY vanished years ago and now we have several of the fancier places with all the very tempting self-serve toppings. I visited one in my last month’s post-family-reunion binge.

  5. Love the title!

    Hope you have a great time… I’m also a lover of banana soft serve – no fancy machine needed!

  6. Cammy – hope you have a wonderful time & enjoy that Fro-yo! Man that sounds amazing!!! Love your “crop” too. I can’t even keep cactus alive! 😉

    Watch that bite & yes, all bets are off if you start feeling UGH!


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