New Fitness Gadgets

This week I’m working with two new fitness gadgets:

fitness gadgets (aka dogs)

Pausing for a Breather

That’s Lucy on the left and Holly on the right. They are my walking buddies this week while their family enjoys sun, sand, and surf.

To be honest, I didn’t really expect dog walking to fulfill my daily exercise obligation. That was, of course, before I actually walked them. These two dogs can move, especially Lucy! Holly and I are having to hot-foot/paw it to keep up! Fortunately, given their dog-ness, we have frequent sudden stops to investigate some interesting aroma…or to make a potty stop. (I now know where the poo in poodle comes from–I’m running out of plastic bags!)

I prefer to look at all this stopping and starting as intervals, and since we’re doing two walks a day, I’m counting it as my exercise for the day. It feels like enough.

After a week of testing these “gadgets”, I don’t see myself obtaining any for at-home use, but I’m definitely going to continue to pursue the pet-sitting/dog-walking biz. It’s fun and immensely entertaining, besides being a great way to move!

What unexpected fitness “gadgets” have you discovered? Do your dogs provide a good workout opportunity? Does anyone ever take a cat for a walk?

11 thoughts on “New Fitness Gadgets

  1. We were bad dog owners and rarely took ours on a walk, I’m embarrassed to say. When we did, it was so frustrating. Sniff, sniff here. Pee there. Try to pee more THERE. Think about pooping here. Try to chase critters there. And on and on. For some reason, we took her for a walk on day in April two years ago. She died that same night; she’d been suffering heart failure for a long time. Anyhoo, we were glad that we’d taken her out that day and given her some fun in her final hours. Wow… hadn’t meant to be a downer. Sorry.

  2. My unexpected fitness gadget is my daughter. When she was smaller I could bench press her! LOL. She requires lots of activity as well as tons of role modeling! This keeps me movin and groovin!! :)

  3. that’s so funny! Yeah, two walks it quite a good day’s workout.
    I’m glad you’re having fun with it.

  4. We now have only 2 house cats – we live next to woods that house a colony of coyotes, so cats remain IN. I made the mistake of taking Zipper out on a harness and leash one day. She loved it and started dragging her leash down the hall to me several times a day so I’d take her out. So yes, I’ve walked a cat. Haven’t taught her to “heel”, though – LOL.

  5. Cammy, you are hilarious with the poo in poodle thing! Glad you are enjoying! I grew up with tons of animals of all kinds – drove my dad crazy every time we brought a new one home! As an adult – none… 😉

    My fitness gadget, my own bod! With age & all – well let’s just say I get up a lot to use the restroom – this age thing really changes the bod! 😉

  6. We walk our POOches faithfully (except breaks for surgery) until the heat hits then they refuse to go out the back fence – the humans, not the dogs.

    Our dogs are provide great motivation for walking. Those long faces, pouting, pawing at the door, peeing in the house (the chihuahua mix) – one can’t help but be motivated to walk!

  7. Hi Cammy, LOL at testing the gadgets but not getting any for home use and the poo in poodle. Hilarious. Cute dogs, and very glad the dog walking is going well.

  8. LOL! You are so funny Cammy. I needed a little laugh tonight but you nearly caused me to split my stitches!

    No dogs here – I can’t stand the shedding and hair-too much of a neat nick I guess.

    We did purchase walking poles and they make a huge difference when hiking rough trails.

  9. I have that exact same leash in black. Makes walking two dogs so much easier – except when one dog goes one way and the other dog comes around behind and goes the other way. Getting caught in the ‘Y’ part can be quite a challenge to get out of, sometimes!
    Lucky dogs to have a dedicated Cammy to take care of them :)

  10. My uncle will put on his rollerblades to take his dog for a walk–it pulls him along at an alarming pace. Less of a workout probably, but definitely more adrenaline!

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