New Motivation & a Manners Vent

Poodle-fest is over! Although it was incredibly humid, we had a good finale walk last night. I didn’t realize how much I talk to them while we’re walking until some guy whose home we were passing asked if they ever answered me back. So then I was super aware of talking to them and realized it was a lot. What can I say, they’re good listeners. :)

I’m going to use part of my poodle pay to rejoin the gym on Monday. Short of paying the utility bill, I can’t think of a better way to spend it. I’m really looking forward to my “regular” workouts for awhile, and then I’ll get bored and start playing around again. But I’ll have variety at the gym, which is what I’m craving right now.

Just in time for my rejuvenated training efforts, a friend goaded invited me to come play on DailyMile:

Actually, I thought I already had an account there (where don’t I have an account?), but apparently not. And even if I’d had one, I wasn’t using it. I usually just jot down my exercise o’ the day in my notebook. I’ll probably still do that, but I’ll also try this for a while, just for kicks and cupcakes. Feel free to friend me if you’re tracking there!

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Taking a moment to vent…Memaw took my parents and me to lunch today. When we arrived, there was a short (5-10 minutes) wait for a free table. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but my 91-year old grandmother had been out and about with us all morning and was starting to feel it. I looked around for a place for her to sit, but the three lobby seats were all taken–one by another older woman and the two others by a father (50-ish) and his teenager son.

After waiting a wee bit for one of them to offer his seat to my grandmother, I caught the father’s eye and then looked at Memaw, thinking he would get the hint. Nada. I did it again. More nada. So I stepped over to the host and quietly asked if there was an extra chair anywhere. (Didn’t want Memaw to know a fuss was being quietly made on her behalf.) Without any prompting whatsoever, the host looked at the father-person who just stared right back, as if daring to be asked to stand.

Now, father and son were both obese/morbidly obese, which I offer not as a criticism (former pot/kettle), but as a possible explanation for the father’s refusal to offer his seat. I thought it was possible that he had a mobility issue and perhaps couldn’t stand for a longer period. But honestly, I couldn’t see why he didn’t prompt his son to get up. The kid could play his stupid iphone video game just as well standing up, or he could do as a teen-aged girl did and perch on top of the row of high chairs.

I was afraid of causing a scene if I asked one of them to stand, and Memaw would have been mortified to be at the center of a squabble, so I gave them both the stink eye and turned away. But they earned another stink eye when their name was called and they fairly leaped out of their chairs and hurried to their table. No mobility issues at all, from what I could see.

Anyway, I grabbed a seat for Memaw and another grandmotherly type with two young kids in tow, and we all had a nice chat while we waited. Memaw survived in good form and polished off a double cheeseburger and fries. :)

Okay, vent over. To me, it’s just common courtesy to offer your seat to someone older. Is that customary where you live? Or am I out of date?

Wishing you all a happy weekend….

11 thoughts on “New Motivation & a Manners Vent

  1. Bye bye poodles! Yay to joining the gym. We just joined one today!

    It is indeed common courtesy to offer your seat to an older person.

  2. I am assuming your “stink eye” is just like my “evil eye” ! :) I don’t understand people sometimes- where has common courtesy gone???
    Yay on the gym! What kind of classes are you going to take? Once I am cleared for aerobic exercise I will have to drag my hiney off the couch and back to the gym!!!

  3. Do poodles have bad hair days when it’s humid? You know, with the curls and all. 😉

  4. Call me old fashioned – no, respectful and thoughtful of those who need to sit more than I do! It’s not like asking a man to give up his seat for a woman out of some obscure idea of social mores.

    I considering rejoining my gym. They offered me a “5-month pause” because of my breast cancer surgery. Nice gesture, but I it goes until August, which means I only get 1 month of use now. (Let’s see, diagnosed end of April, pause through end of August = 4 months. Someone’s math is off.) Anyway, after the next surgery in October I will be on the bench for who knows how long again. So no gym. Sigh. Back to walking in the wee hours of the morning until the summer cools off – insert brain-fried laughter as Arizona summers don’t seem to ever end!

  5. Cammy – yahoo for the gym. I know you will enjoy it while you are there & maybe it will work out that you get another gig & make money to extend it so you have that & whatever play you want to do! :-)

    I hear you on the vent issue. I see some people do it & others don’t. We always do & come from a generation that taught that.. although this guy was 50ish so… very rude of them. I am not sure I woulhaveve been as nice as you! 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I kind of love the opportunity to offer an older person my seat. Of course, my husband gets up first! We’ll be teaching out daughter her manners and hopefully modeling them too.

  7. I’m not sure I understand what their weight had to do with this story. Inconsiderate, selfish jerks come in ALL shapes and sizes. It’s pure ignorance or else an uncaring lack of empathy that allows people to NOT give up their seats for others. Too many people in this world have never been taught that you’re supposed to give up your seat for others… especially the elderly.

  8. Giving up a seat for the elderly, injured or pregnant is the right thing to do but so many people were not taught or just don’t care. I always give up my seat or help out someone in need no matter how many grey hairs they have. I did get bitched out for offering my seat on the train to a VERY pregnant lady one time though. She yelled at me that she was pregnant, not handicapped. I replied “no, thank you” would have been sufficient.

  9. I am almost an invalid at the moment, but I would still stand up for an old person!

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