Road Trip: FitBloggin’ Local Report

What a lovely weekend! If the temperatures had cooperated, it would have been perfect.

As expected, Fitbloggin’ Nashville was quite enjoyable. Our line up included:

I didn’t take photos of the group, but Emmie did: Emily and Emmie, Jeremy and Tina, Tracy and me. (ETA: Emmie has posted her recap with some group photos!)

We originally had almost 20 people showing interest in attending, but our final group was small. While it would have been nice to meet even more weight loss/fitness bloggers, I really enjoyed the intimacy of discussion that our little group allowed. We didn’t follow a formal agenda but just let the conversation roll where it wanted. It felt really…comfortable, right from the start. In age, we span four decades–from 20s to 50s (very early 50s)–and we’re each following separate paths to success, but we share the common bond of obesity. That’s a language we all understand very well, and it felt good to talk openly about the daily ins and outs (or wins and pouts, in my book :) ) of eating and exercise and our different perspectives and observations on weight loss/maintenance, blogging and social media. It was quite invigorating, for me.

As far as I know, I didn’t put my foot in my mouth too much. Nor did anyone punch me in the mouth (I didn’t even see anyone having to sit on his/her hands). So maybe I’ll get invited back next time! :)

Oh, and speaking of mouths…After an extended kick-off coffee break, we went across the street to Bosco’s for lunch, where I had one of the most refreshing salads I’ve had in a while: Gorgonzola Pear Salad, which was Gorgonzola cheese, pear slices, sun-dried cranberries, and walnuts over mixed greens, tossed with raspberry vinaigrette. So delicious! My mouth was quite happy, though it would have been happier with a small slice of crusty bread to go with the salad. Still, it’s a good thing Bosco’s in Memphis is located across town because I’d probably be in there several times a week and eventually go broke.

We split up after lunch, but not before Emmie shared some gifts from Attune Foods and PopChips. Yummy!

But yummy later that evening. First, I stopped at Sweet CeCe’s for a dab of fro-yo. There, I experienced the first snide-ish comment from a cashier when I weighed my small serving. I don’t remember exactly what she said, but it was something along the lines of “I don’t know why you even bothered.” (It was $2.56 worth, which was slightly small even for me, but still.) Her tone wasn’t rude, exactly, but there was something in it that rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe she was just having an off moment. It doesn’t matter because I probably will never see her again. :)

I’m home again, feeling refreshed and gearing up for a strange week. More on that tomorrow!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “Road Trip: FitBloggin’ Local Report

  1. Cammy, so glad you had a wonderful time! Always great to meet people in person & share the camaraderie of blog land!

    As for the girl in the fro-yo shop – you were generous but that is your way. Me, I would have got her name & complained to the manager… shows what a nice person you are!

  2. I’m jealous! And after you first posted about it I checked for one near me. No such luck. I hope to go to fitbloggin next year and would love to meet you there!!! Hint, hint.

  3. I could only wish I got a small enough portion at froyo to merit a snide comment LOL! It does sound like you had a good time. That pear salad is one of my all-time favorites.

  4. I am so sorry I wasn’t able to come. I would have loved the smaller group. Things worked out for the best this time, but you better believe I’ll be there next time!

  5. Hi Cammy, love the blogger meet up recaps I’m seeing. And now I have so many new sites to check out. HMPH to the Fro Yo woman! And hmm…strange week??? Hope that is strange in a good way!!! :)

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