Tippy-toeing Back to Normal

Today marks my 1-week surgiversary y’all know I look for reasons to celebrate!), and all is progressing nicely, I think.

  • Swelling is down and I’m not having to take quite so many ibuprofen.
  • I’ve been able to exercise four days in a row without any lingering effects (although it does throb a teensy bit while I’m exercising.)
  • I’ve managed nutrition fairly well, maintaining good protein and fiber levels, but I really missed having food I could chew.

So today I celebrated by easing off the “soft food” requirement suggestion. This lunchtime meal was certainly tasty:

bacon eggs & toast

I’ve had eggs and toast twice in the past week already, but today I celebrated by having them with BACON. Woo-hoo–walking on the wild side! The bacon helped, but somewhere in the middle of lunch I crossed my egg threshold. I don’t want them again anytime soon. (Do you do that with certain foods–just reach a point where your mouth says, Um, no?)

I was on the verge of crossing a similar line with tuna, so tonight I decided that since chewing the bacon didn’t seem to cause a problem, I’d continue this Dance with Danger by having chicken and salad:

chicken, salad, and sweet potatoes

I usually have chicken and salad three or four times a week, and I sometimes get tired of it, but after a week’s abstinence, I was more than ready for it!

As you can see, I also had some nice, soft sweet potatoes. These were just nuked and smashed with a smidge of Smart Balance and a squirt of sugar-free maple(ish) syrup. They should have had a dusting of brown sugar instead of the syrup, but I have somehow managed to misplace my entire container of brown sugar. (If you have any idea what I did with it, please email me ASAP as I have another sweet potato for later this week.)

So far, so good. If I don’t notice or suspect any aftereffects, I’ll continue expanding my menu to include more of my “normal” foods. Oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, tuna, and smoothies may be part of my regular menu and I enjoy them, but eating only those foods for a week was tiresome. (And yes, I’ve been reminding myself that many people would be grateful to have the abundance of those choices and how very fortunate I am to have them.)

This experience has reinforced for me why restrictive “diets” never worked for me before. Declare something off limits, and my inner snapping turtle immediately grabs hold of the thought of what I’m missing and won’t let go. (Current fixation: popcorn, which is forbidden for a couple months yet.) The same with telling myself I must eat this food or that food, or apparently, soft food only. I get contrary when faced with a bunch of musts and must nots. I think it’s in my DNA or something. I’ve learned to accept it. (Once I whipped it into shape, that is. :) )

I’m hoping this easing back to Cammy-normal continues. I’m having tuna again tomorrow, but by golly, I’m adding chopped apple to it! Danger Girl rules!

And now, I have my evening green smoothie to prepare. And a bin of brown sugar to locate.

(Side note: I’m watching Chopped and the contestants are all women chefs! I wonder if it’s any coincidence that they were given duck testicles to prepare in the appetizer round.)

17 thoughts on “Tippy-toeing Back to Normal

  1. agghh…I seriously don’t know how you guys in the States put sugar and maple syrup with sweet potato…agghhh…its a vegetable….we don’t put sugar with our veges….we roast/bake, boil, steam, fry, grill and salt, butter or put a savoury seasoning but we don’t sweeten…LOL
    Hugs Khris

  2. I wonder if there’s any psychological revelation behind the fact that us two girls who don’t particularly enjoy cooking LOVE to watch Chopped!

    And I’m with Khris – I want my sweet potato with butter only. No sweet stuff! But I do have some brown sugar in my cupboard I can send cross state if you don’t find yours!

  3. Glad you are getting back to normal! I agree about the restrictive diet mentality and why they fail. What a way to be reminded though- ouch!
    I am from the States and I agree with Khris- nothing but my mouth and my fork should touch a sweet potato!!! :)

  4. Love the title of this post! :-)

    So glad you are better & eating some real stuff again. Yahoo! Looks yummy too!

    We watch chopped & yes, interesting that those testicles were on the all lady panel – love! 😉 We had a lady not to far from me on the news that whacked off her ex’s pecker & put it it in the garbage disposal! In this case. he did not deserve it & she was a crazy person! YIKES!

    Keep getting better & glad you can work out again!

  5. LOVE chopped. My boys like it too so we watch it together. Saw two this week with my teen in his own post-surgery resting. I always want the women to win:) I haven’t eaten popcorn in years thanks to all my crappy dental work. Don’t miss it anymore, but it was a great, filling snack. Sigh.

  6. Danger Girl Rules!

    This is exactly why strict diets never worked for me. Like a kid, as soon as you tell me I can’t do something or have something I become obsessed with it. Now that I’ve decided nothing is off-limits, all those previously forbitten foods have lost their power.

    Rock on Danger Girl!

  7. Hi Cammy!
    I have read your comments on other blogs and always enjoy them so I thought I would pop over to see what you were doing.

    Gumming. LOL

    I have been there a few times. And truly get longing for popcorn. I would dream of poppycock even though I had never had it.

    So do you have your new tooth yet?

    You left your sugar in the fridge/freezer or the laundry room OR you outsmarted yourself and put it into a different container to keep it fresh.

  8. OOOH….live on the edge Dangergirl!!! Get that apple in there! :)
    Joking aside, VERY glad you are on the mend Cammy! The worst is behind you from the sounds of things. Take care.

  9. oh! You caught me off-guard with those duck testicles at the end there.
    I have the same thing with eggs. All of a sudden they are so repulsive to me I can’t even think about them. Otherwise they’re all good.
    I’m so glad you’re feeling better and able to eat more.

  10. Glad you are on the mend. I gained weight from my week or so on soft food – your choices sound much healthier.

    My daughter is having her tonsils out next month and I’ll be looking for a soft diet of things she will actually eat…not easy.

    Apples in tuna – interesting!

  11. I don’t like restrictive diets either, and yet I end up in ruts all the time LOL!

    Tuna is in that – “nope, no more for a while” category right now. I don’t know when it will come out.

  12. Ewww – duck testicles?????!

    And yes, I totally reach that “I can’t eat this anymore” threshold with some foods – way more often than many people. I gotta mix things up.

    Glad you’re feeling better, Cammy!

  13. I don’t do well with restrictive diets either! Next week I have to have some oral surgery so I am planning on lots of smoothies, cottage cheese, applesauce and anything I can puree!

    Glad you are doing better and expanding your food choices!

  14. I’m curious–losing any weight with the restrictive diet?

    Totally funny–maple-ish syrup.

    And yes, I reach my food threshold sometimes, and just refuse to eat any more of that for a while. I abused apples so much in the 80’s that I didn’t enjoy them for years. It was just this year that I realized how very much I am enjoying them again. So much so that I keep trying to buy them this summer, even though I know they are not a summer fruit, and are not at their prime.

    I’m glad you are progressing well.

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