You Want Me to What?

Thank you all for the well wishes on my oral surgery! The procedure went off without a hitch yesterday. Or I guess it did; I dozed through most of it. In fact, I dozed through most of yesterday and a good part of today. I’ve been on Tylenol-only for pain management today, and I hope that the grogginess will work its way out of my system by tomorrow.

[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]swollen jaw post-surgery[/media-credit]

This is what I’m left with: a golf ball-sized swelling in my jaw and some bruising around my mouth. (The fever blister was there before.) Apparently the swelling is normal and I’m applying heat packs to it today, per the periodontist’s instructions, but I haven’t noticed any improvement. I may need to exercise some patience here.

The worst part of today was the implementation of the aftercare routine, which much to my horror, includes this flavorful antibacterial rinse:

Add 4 tsp. regular, unscented, non-contentrated bleach to one gallon of distilled water. Rinse gently with 1 cup twice a day until your follow up appointment. DO NOT SWALLOW. After rinsing you may rinse with water or a flavored mouth rinse.

Yep, you read that right: bleach! In. my. mouth. Eeeew! I was horrified and tried to find an ally in refusing this rinse, so I checked with the pharmacist. She hadn’t heard of bleach rinse before but thought it was brilliant (traitor!) and assured me that this concentration would be no worse than pool water. Still, it’s bleach!

Other than the swelling and the bleach, I have no complaints. I made it through the soft foods today, and even though I’m already tired of it, I keep reminding myself that there are plenty of folks in this world who would like to have even soft foods to eat. Perspective helps.

And now it’s time to go apply the heat again. And probably fall asleep. I’ll catch up on my reader tomorrow. Meanwhile, I hope you’re having an awesome week!

21 thoughts on “You Want Me to What?

  1. So glad to hear you are doing well. I would have had the very self-same reaction to the bleach. I hope your swelling goes down and that you enjoy your soft foods tomorrow.

  2. No. Way!
    I can’t even stand the smell of bleach. I can’t imagine.
    Nice perspective on the soft foods…
    I hope you’re sleeping soundly and painlessly.
    sweet dreams..

  3. YUCK! I can’t believe you have to put bleach in your mouth! Well… trying to put a positive spin on it.. maybe it will give you extra sparkly teeth! lol!!! I hope you are not in too much pain!!!

  4. Cammy, so thinking about you & sending hugs cause I really know about this teeth crap! I have never heard of that rinse though!!!

    When I got 2 teeth pulled a few months a go in prep for the implants, I refused prescription meds & was taking Advil non stop – first time ever like that as even with the monthly crap, I tried to take as little as possible.. well, after a week – I had a sever reaction! No more multiple days of Advil for me but I can take it now & then BUT not fooling with multiple days. I hope my next procedue at the end of the month does not leave me in pain like that last one.

    HUGS and feel better soon! Fro-yo is soft! :-)

  5. Look at it this way….the inside of your mouth will be sparkly white just like all my underwear after they’ve been washed with bleach! Just think – you are cleaning the inside of your mouth with the same thing that makes our underwear nice and clean. Just thought I’d add my two cents worth, so you could think of underwear while rinsing your mouth with the same stuff. LOL!! With friends like me,……………………..

    So glad you are doing well! This is now behind you.

  6. Ha! Wouldn’t it be better if they made it (the bleach solution) and put it in a super fancy bottle with a name like Toothbrite, and sold it to us for $14.99? I’ve noticed doctors seem to be doing more of this ‘do-it-yourself’ routine. Part of the whole health care reform???

    Anyway,so glad you came through okay. Doze away. Its much better than NOT dozing because you can’t stop thinking about how your mouth aches. (not that I’ve ever experienced that…)

  7. That swelling doesn’t look all that bad – glad you made it through! Sleeping through it is always a good thing, too.

    That rinse sounds nasty, but better than paying a ton of money for one from the pharmacy!

  8. I am with Debbie – better an inexpensive, homemade solution than one that has the same stuff that they charge a bundle for at the pharmacy!

    Hoep your healing process is fast!

  9. Man, I don’t know about that bleach thing. I was prescribed an antibacterial rinse that also seemed to have a topical numbing agent. But, best of all were warm salt water rinses. I had a lot of swelling with the extraction and bone grafting. Used an ice pack but also had a small run of prednisone. Slight bruising too at jawline. Fun times. Hope you are feeling better today.

  10. Ouch! I hate going to the dentist and it stresses me out big time, even so I go every 6 months for my cleanings and with the braces I have been there once a month for over year! Still get an upset tummy every time right before the appt.

    Bleach rinse, never heard of it – we always seem to have to buy some expensive oral rinse from the pharmacy when anyone has oral surgery (like wisdom teeth removed).

    Hang in there with the soft foods-it will all be worth it in the end.

  11. Oh Cammy…I missed the post about you having to go for oral surgery. Glad everything went well. Bleach sounds like blech!

    Sending you positive vibes for speedy healing. Take care and gentle hugs for you!

  12. ok you OFFICIALLY have the best attitude, Cammy.

    “other than the swelling and the bleach Im ok…”


  13. I’m honest, I wouldn’t have done the bleach! Salt water or colloidal silver yes, but not bleach. You’re very brave!

    I hope the grogginess dissipates soon…

  14. Hey Cammy, Hope things are still going as well today as they did yesterday. Wanted to tell you that I mentioned you and your blog in my post today. Between bleaching your mouth, thought you’d want to check it out to make sure I only said nice things!! LOL!

  15. Ouch! I’m such a baby about going to the dentist and need to schedule an appointment for a couple of implants and a new bridge (damn my English ancestors and their horrible dental genes). I think you should try stronger meds and sleep the pain away. I wonder if the bleach with help with whitening too?

  16. Cammy, I have been thinking of you. I have to have oral surgery next month and I am trying to get out of it – don’t think it is working though.
    Feel better soon!!

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