And Then I Melted

Oh, how I long for the days of June, when the temps were in the mid-90s. Yes, I know I whined incessantly about it then, but this week is providing a definite perspective check.

weather in Memphis

That was 3 p.m. yesterday. At 9 p.m., it was 97° and the heat index was 107°. This morning at 6 a.m., it’s 86° and feels like it’s 95°. More of the same predicted for the rest of the week:

Weather forecast Memphis

Can I tell you how grateful I am for a roof over my head and air conditioning? And for a car to take me where I need to go without breaking down? And for my shiny new gym membership that lets me exercise vigorously indoors? Honestly, this alone is keeping me from tanking the workouts completely. Well, this and the desire for more fro-yo.

But yes, I’m back in the gym and loving liking it. I signed up with the cheap gym, a.k.a. my original gym, which won the contest simply for the aforementioned cheap factor, the proximity to my house (0.5 miles), and the fact that they’re open 24/7/365. (For some reason, 24-Hour Fitness is open only 16-18 hours per day and is closed on some holidays.)

I’m still trying to find the optimal-for-me workout time, but the crowd that’s been there during my two workouts has been friendly and courteous. Even the beefy boys. I almost cried for joy when one asked, “Are you through here?” before changing out the station. That wasn’t my experience my first go-round with this gym and my year with 24HF. They’d just wait until you went to the water fountain and take over.

Irritation: Cramped quarters for mat work, no BOSU and no box steps, but they do have some balance discs that I tried while I was doing bicep curls and they were…um, interesting.

My calves said, “Hey!”, so I’ll be playing around with these little purple discs o’ fun again. I’ll try to capture the moment with my camera for your viewing fun. :)

Another minor irritation: I’ve been there twice already and no one has complimented me on my form! I’ll give them another week… :)

So that’s where I am, working up a sweat in air-conditioned splendor. And then I have to leave the gym and re-enter the blast furnace that is outdoor Memphis just now. It’s a sad day when I’d rather be standing in the gym next to a guy whose deodorant failed sometime before than pounding the sidewalks of my beloved tree-filled neighborhood or zipping down a bike path, but there you have it. I’m just fortunate to have options!

With that, I’m off to take care of today’s exercise which is weeding and mowing with a side of kitchen scrubbing for cross training. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way to do that at the gym.

I hope you’re keeping your cool, wherever you are!

14 thoughts on “And Then I Melted

  1. UG…I feel your pain Cammy….that is seriously stifling heat. Yay for A/c!! Glad the gym is going well. (and if I was there, I KNOW I’d be very impressed by your form and would tell you so!!) Take care!!!

  2. Wow, I remember those mid-West summers (1980 comes to mind) when the humidity and horrid heat combined to make like beyond miserable.

    Weeding is exercise. So is housework. I had a colleague who was among the first to calculate the caloric demands of “women’s work” after finding there were no surveys that could estimate calorie output – golf, bowling, (probably cigar smoking) etc. were on there. Mopping, vacuuming, doing dishes by hand, etc. – nope. So she worked with other scientists to measure what these activities costs. Now she is a bigwig at NIH in the field of physical activity/exercise.

  3. Seriously. It’s waaaaay too hot. I’ve melted multiple times lately.

    Are you going to the Memphis WordPress meetup tonight? I’m considering it but can’t decide!

  4. We are currently having a break from the intense humidity. It is only about 87 degrees right now. I actually turned off the air conditioner and am letting a delicious breeze blow through.

    We will be going to the air conditioned gym for our workout tonight though.

    Enjoy the weeding and scrubbing.

  5. I was just saying to John today how I couldn’t take that kind of heat for days on end. Not this yankee girl. Want to move up here? We have a nice lake 😀

  6. Yeah, we’re avoiding the wind and rain down here. It sounds like you’re suffering, hope that the power grid stays up to keep that air con going!

  7. Cammy – yahoo for gym workouts again! I bet your bod is telling you something about that too! 😉 I can’t wait to get back in the gym!

    I go to 24 hour fitness & yes, some here in CA are not open the full 24 hours & that includes the fanciest ones which ticks me off cause with the lawsuit back when, I can go to any of them including those & I workout in hours that those fancy ones are closed. BUT, there are a lot around me so I can go to a decent one that is open all the time.. well, a couple holiday they close early & open late & I think they are closed on Xmas too…. what is that gym you have open all the time! :-)

    Anyway, an escape from the heat for you! YES! Enjoy!!!

  8. Yikes that is hot! I am a fair weather person myself, hate the heat and the cold!

    I walk in the cool of the morning and that works well for me. I love central air conditioning!

  9. Thankfully, it’s not nearly as hot here. But don’t you worry – I’ll be complaining about the weather plenty in the dead of winter. Promise.

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