Crunch Time! (Product Reviews)

Alternate Title: You Win Some; You Lose Some

It’s still hot here, and that means not a lot of cooking going on in TippyToe Land. I’m relying on previously-cooked chicken from my freezer, salads, and sandwiches to provide my sustenance.

Although now that I think about it, that’s mostly what I eat in January, too. :)

I have a weird little quirk about sandwiches. (We’ll pretend it’s the only quirk I have.) It doesn’t feel like a complete meal without a little something crunchy to go with it. I can make do with celery, carrots, apples, or pears, but to be honest, what I really want are chips or pretzels. Baked is preferable, but even those add 100-150 calories to a meal, along with a dose of sodium that would best be skipped.

Over the past week or so, I’ve tried a couple of new-to-me alternatives that are worth mentioning:

First up, Archer Farms Hummus Chips:

Archer Farm Hummus Chips

In a word: Crunchilicious!

The Archer Farms brand is Target‘s nod to “premium foods” (their words, not mine.) I’ve tried a few of the products, with some hits and misses, but these hummus chips will be alternating with the AF Blue Corn Tortilla Chips for my crunch stash.

Nutritionally, the hummus chips are somewhat similar to Other Brand that Rhymes with Day’s Baked Potato Chips, but hummus chips are made with chickpea flour, sunflower oil, olive oil, and sea salt. Other Baked Potato Chips are made of potatoes, sugar and corn by-products (oil, starch, etc.). Neither would qualify as “health food”, but I prefer the former to the latter.

These hummus chips are light and crispy, slightly salty, but leave no greasy residue on your fingers like potato chips. Also, I don’t know if it’s the ingredients or what, exactly, but a half serving (about 10-12 chips) is quite satisfying. Especially when piled high with salsa. :)

I count this one as a WIN! And I’m not the only one; FatFighterTV liked them, too! (Along with some other healthy food finds, so check out the link!)

Moving on to my second foray into potato chips alternatives…. Thanks to the fun and fantastic folks at Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? and Subway, I had a $25 gift card burning a hole in my pocket. What better day to use it than yesterday, after a 4-mile walk with the temps approaching triple digits? As I was evaluating chip possibilities (sweat replacement therapy), I spotted these on the shelf:

Snapz Apple Crisps

Photo: my iPhone

They had me at “crunchy” and “crisp”. A quick label check showed ingredients of apples and lemon juice (score!) and a calorie count of 45 for the whole bag! Sold!

Um, Snapz People? Where’s my Crunch? my Crisp? ‘Cause it wasn’t in this bag. I had chewy dried apple slices. Chewy, not crispy.

So I’m calling this one a miss*. Next time, I’ll either get potato chips or the regular apple slices, depending on exercise recently completed.

So two new-to-me products. One thumbs up, one not.

Have you found any new-to-you crunchilicious snacks lately?

*In all fairness, you’ll note that the bag is now empty. :)

13 thoughts on “Crunch Time! (Product Reviews)

  1. I admire your ability to purchase crunchy things and only consume 150-200 calories worth of them. I just can’t buy the stuff — hummus chips, sweet potato chips, pita chips… none of it — or else I just eat the whole bag in one evening and the rest for breakfast (no joke – sad but true).

    I’ve had a few of the Archer Farms products and found them hit or miss as well.

  2. I’ve tried some of Fresh Market’s vegetable chips and found them to be good. But am a bit troubled by the long, long list of ingredients and also agree with Michele that the crunch factor, whether good or bad, can be a trigger for me! Better stick with carrots and sugar snap peas as my crunch factor with sandwiches.

  3. I saw Sahar’s eview on those hummus ones too. Like you Cammy, I lie a crunch as well. I saw this new potato strings – I think called Skinny something or other at TJ’s.. I will check out the name & see. I gave a bag to my stepdaughter & will ask her what she thought.

  4. I have tried several bags from Archer Farms and you’re right – either hit or miss. But these hummus chips, I’ve never seen. I’m actually headed to Target this morning so you can bet I’ll be looking for them. I have to have crunch with my sandwiches, too. They just ‘go’ together!

  5. I have to admit that I avoid chip things. Remember… I am not so great with moderation. I saw a segment on the Today Show with some very yummy, healthy-ish snacks, but I know that for me, I’d choose the snack food over something like veggies every time. So, for now, my pantry remains chipless.

  6. Oh thank you! I need chips. I haven’t had a chip in so long now… but I’m going to need some kind of plan for moderation and good choices.
    Those hummus ones look perfect!!! And I will feel good giving them to my daughter too.
    I have some kale seasoned chips in my cupboard that I’ll try as soon as I’m in the next phase of my diet (next week). I’ll let you know.
    I do love my seaweed snax… I can’t remember your response to my post about those… I believe you were a “no-go” for seaweed…
    Now you’ve got me thinking about chips, so I must go sweat.

  7. I’m with Michele – can’t eat just one, or 200… Fortunately, crunchiness isn’t one of my more tempting gustatory delights. But, I will be buying a bag of Hummus Chips for Sue. She has quite the chip fetish, and these might be a more healthy alternative for her (and I can easily not eat ’em).

  8. I am a potato chip freak. Thanks for posting this review. I have used the reduced fat chips, baked chips, and fat free-who knows what it is doing to my digestive track-chips, but have really wanted to try something else. I look forward to heading to target to pick some up!

  9. I buy some bean chips at Whole Foods and Trader Joes that are really good.

    I like Trader Joes corn tortilla chips. They are pretty low in fat and give me that crunch I like. Sometimes I just have to have crunch! I make my own Kale chips and I can eat as much of those as I want. Delicious!

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