Fourteen Donuts

If you’re thinking this is some sort of confessional post, you’d be wrong. I’m not sure I could even eat 14 donuts, but it might be fun to try!

According to Daily Mile, I have exercised away the equivalent of 14 donuts over the past two weeks:
donut indicator

I’m not sure how they calculate that, or whether it’s frosted donuts or plain old cake donuts or if they’re with or without sprinkles. The point is…it’s a fairly useless statistic since I didn’t have any donuts to burn. Fortunately, that’s not the only statistic they offer–far from it. Since my goal is 30-45 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise six days each week (or 3-4.5 hours total), that’s the number I’m interested in.

exercise graph

I had thought I was meeting my goal, but this way of tracking has shown me that I’m actually exceeding it, averaging almost 5 hours each week. (Go, me!) I love my little paper tracking notebook, but I’m enjoying this wee bit of technology mixed in for fun!

Speaking of technology, this post is coming to you from my shiny new computer:
new computer

My old computer was so old it had a 3.5″ disk drive on it. :) The processor was sluggish, the USB ports weren’t compatible with several newer devices, the CD drive no longer worked, and the video card was shot. It was definitely time for an update! Since I have to raid the savings account to pay for my oral surgery, I thought I might as well tag this onto the bill. A good sale, combined with a coupon and gift card, combined with a tax-free weekend meant this was the time to take the plunge! Now, I have to find a terabyte of stuff to put on here. :)

Oh, and that white cord plugged into the USB is charging my updated iphone. I had an antique 2G, which I purchased as a reward for passing the 75-pounds lost mark in March 2008. (Some of you were enablers in that decision! :) ) Well, I found out I could trade the sluggish 2G in for ~$50–almost exactly what a new 3G costs! You know what this means, don’t you? The upgrade was F-R-E-E! ::happy sigh:: And in the long run, this may actually save me money as this model qualifies for a reduced data charge structure. I have to investigate that some more.

So along with exercise, yard work, and other stuff, a good part of my weekend was spent in these prep/acquisition/installation activities. I’ve still got to install a few software packages, update others, and generally get the feel of this new toy. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it in the end.

I hope you had an awesome (and less expensive) weekend! Are you using technology to help you in your quest for greater fitness?

17 thoughts on “Fourteen Donuts

  1. technology is NOT my friend these days.
    now entemans CHOC COVERED DONUTS?
    they used to be.
    they used to be good friends :

  2. Oh, isn’t a new computer the most wonderful feeling? I’m still reveling in the joy of my new MacBook Pro — Little Mac and I are besties for sure – lol.

    I still don’t have an iPhone or a smart phone of any sort. I can check e-mail and FB on my phone, but the screen is tiny… and it’s kind of a pain. But I just don’t have $300 or more to drop on a new phone right now. Living far away from my family means all my money gets tied up in trips to go home for visits — kind of sucks in a way.

    But there are rumors that iPhone 5 is coming to Sprint later this year. If that happens, an iPhone 5 will be mine – cue the maniacal laughter – muhuhaha.

  3. You go Cammy! I guess it also shows how you can never out exercise food cause for 2 weeks worth of hard work, I bet people thought they could burn off a lot more donuts that that – the things people don’t want to hear – food is HUGE in weight loss & ya can’t outrun it! 😉

    Yahoo for your new computer & phone! You deserve it! I will have to show my computer smart hubby what you had & I am afraid he will laugh! :-)

    Gyou oyu are better & I am getting there little by little… yahoo for weights today! Hope you are enjoying the gym again!

  4. You’ve just inspired me to check out Daily Mile. My pedometer (which is always attached to my body) is sorely outdated, so until I buy a new-fangled contraption that records statistics online, I’ll settle for knowing how many donuts I’ve burned.

    Congrats on the new computer. I did that for my birthday LAST year and can’t believe I waited so long. Like you, mine still had the 3.5 diskette drive!

  5. Kudos on exceeding your goals! I have a little gadget I won, that I will eventually blog about, and I’m having fun seeing a chart similar to yours. It’s actually surprisingly motivating.

  6. Awesome job on the exercising! Enjoy your new toy! Oh…. I could eat 14 donuts by myself!!! :)

  7. Yay to a new computer!!! I love mine…you can take the cable, take the Blu-ray and if I had a cell phone you could take that too…but don’t touch my computer!

    I would say that I am using technology in my quest for fitness…I keep track on my blog.

    And now I want a donut!!! LOL!

  8. I always use anything (including technology) to increase my health and fitness! But it isn’t necessary! Just fun to play with…….

    Great job with all the exercise! Just stay away from the donuts!

  9. Who doesn’t love a new computer! Congratulations. The only piece of machinery that’s better is a new car (already paid for, of course)!

    I enjoy messing with technology have been toying with the idea of getting a fitness “device” – still in the contemplation stage though. 😉

  10. Oooh, I love new technology! You totally needed a new computer, That looks fun, enjoy!
    I must say donuts sound pretty good right about now. I must be hormonal.
    Great job on your exercise consistency!!

  11. Isn’t Daily Mile fun?

    I, unfortunately, could pack away 14 donuts. It would take me a day of grazing, but I most certainly could do it.

  12. Oh, you had me worried there for a second when I saw the 14 donuts thing. I love Daily Mile – it has really helped keep me motivated to work out!!


  13. I’m so glad I’m not a fan of donuts but it’s interesting to see how many you’ve worked off. I’m going to have to check out the Daily Mile. I wonder how many donuts I work off at kickboxing?

    Congrats on your new toys. I love electronics but usually wait a long time before I invest in them. I was talking to someone the other day about the music I was listening to while working out and said “walkman” instead of “ipod.” Shows how old I am, huh? HAHAHAHA!

    I don’t have too many fitness gadgets but I did get a FitBit over a year ago and enjoy seeing how many steps and miles I can rack up in a day. I don’t use the food tracking portion of it because counting points or calories messes with my head but I love everything else about it. It even lets me know when I’m not getting enough sleep (if I remember to hit the button before I hit the pillow).


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