Gym Bag Makeover

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! My actual Big Day is Wednesday, but I’m open for business all week. :) So far my All About Me Week has mostly been about my checkbook!

While putting away some towels (note: on the same day I laundered them!) Sunday night, I couldn’t help noticing a definite splash when I walked into the bathroom. Splashing in the bathtub is good; splashing on the floor–not so good. I could also see a coating of grimy, icky gunk in the bottom of my formerly pristine tub. A quick check of the hallway bath showed the same. Oh no, clogged pipe$!

On the bright side, all that mopping and scrubbing was good exercise, and I needed something to do while I waited all day for the plumber. He arrived late in the afternoon, of course. Fortunately for him, he was cute so I didn’t give him too much grief. Fortunately for me, he worked quickly and the final bill wasn’t heartbreaking.

Another bright side was the discovery of a new purpose for a favorite tote bag: it’s my new gym bag!
new gym tote

And an interior view:

new gym tote interior

I love this bag for so many reasons:
a) it’s red! (I love this particular Vera Bradley print and you can’t really see that there’s a tiny blue flower the exact color of my yoga mat!)
b) it has pockets! (I have an unnatural fondness for pockets, possibly approaching the point at which I should seek counseling)
c) it’s a repurposed $1 garage sale find that was likely headed for the decluttering pile because I haven’t used it in a long time.

Today was our (my gym bag and my) first workout, and it was perfect! The exterior pockets held my phone, headphones, and keys for convenient access. On the inside, I had a pocket for my exercise list, another one for my watch, another one for my lifting gloves, another for my Natural Awakenings magazine, and several that weren’t used at all. I also had room for two towels and a large bottle of water! And there was still room left!

By comparison, this was my old gym tote:

old gym tote

Cute, but it’s your basic sling sack. Everything is always in a jumble at the bottom. I’ll continue to use it for bike rides and walks, but it is forever retired as a gym bag.

It just goes to show that there is indeed a silver lining in almost every cloud. If I hadn’t had to wait on the plumber all day, I might not have found the loved, but ignored, tote bag in the closet and given it a happy new purpose in life! Happy Birthday, indeed! :)

What’s in your gym bag?

16 thoughts on “Gym Bag Makeover

  1. I haven’t used mine in ages:( In it still, waiting, are: vaseline for my lips, tissues, a hat for cycling class if I am right in front of a blowing fan and need to keep my hair out of my eyes, my gym membership card, heartrate monitor, hmm… maybe that’s it. Cycling shoes go in if I have cycling class. I guess I don’t take the whole bag otherwise.

  2. Hmmmm, I don’t have a gym bag since I workout around home, but I do have a plastic box where I keep all of my workout gear – shorts, longer pants, shirts, socks, sports bra etc.

    Happy early birthday, Cammy
    Hope you have a fantabulously wonderful day!!!

  3. Happy bday Cammy – a lady with the most wonderful attitude! A cute plumber never hurts either! :-)

    Like you, I love pockets too & especially for my gym bag, which is huge BTW! Pockets & slots & compartments for all kinds of things. How mush time do you have?? 😉 Towels & more towels cause I sweat like crazy, 2 water bottles & my GoCaddy which has 1 water bottle, my cell & important cards, gym accessories for things I do but gym does not have – cable cuff, my new DOD foam products, resistance bands with just my sweat, a tricep rope I found years ago, weight gloves, hair stuff to pull back the hair, iPod, sanitizing gel.. and more. Yes, I have a bit gym bag! :-)

    Happy bday & make it a fun filled week!

  4. Way to make lemonade out of a clogged pipe!!! Isn’t it amazing how a cute gym bag makes us want to go to the gym. I have a cute water bottle that makes me want to drink more water! Now if only they made cute vegetables!!!


    Sorry to hear your pocketbook took a hit with the plumbing problem but yay for finding a great gym bag.

    My backpack gym bag that I lug to Boston for kickboxing class is stuffed with all sorts of things: knee brace, deoderant, brush, wipes, shampoo and conditioner, hair bands and elastics, water bottle, combination lock, headphones, gloves, pens, magazines, croc sandels, change of clothes, towel, sunscreen and other miscellaneous crap depending on what I’m doing after I workout.

    I have a smaller bag I take to my local gym where I wait ’til I get home to shower. It holds combination lock, headphones, book and book holder, water bottle and hair elastics.

    Party on Birthday Girl!

  6. I forgot to include in my post the most important part!!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy your special day!

  7. Cobwebs – that’s what lines my gym bag… I haven’t been able to do anything until about 3 weeks ago (for medical reasons). The gym yesterday offered a 4-month suspension, for a $25 dollar fee, which means I would get less than 1-month use given my upcoming surgery and another 2-month minimum no exercise time. Bah.

    I do enjoy seeing a bag “outside the box” that is so eye-catching and functional. Sweat some for me, Cammy!

  8. Gym bag free here! I just grab a bottle of water and go.

    Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day!

  9. I can’t believe that was ever a garage sale find. It looks so clean and new!
    I do love your old life is good one though. I’m a sucker for those Life is Good designs.
    and Happy BIrthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I LOVE pockets too! And I have a big sewing bag that I seldom use (although, okay, today I did use it.) But it would be a perfect gym bag. I NEED pockets in my gym bag.

    Ick on the plumbing problems. Hate that.

  11. My gym bag is insane and out of control. First of all, it’s HUGE…a LeSportsac XL weekender, and I have an uncontrollable compulsion to fill it to the brim.

    So let’s start: At least 3-4 workout tops at any given time, 2-3 workout pants/shorts, and multiple sports bras. A swimsuit and towel, plus goggles in the small side pocket. In one of the large side pockets, my vibram 5-fingers (used for weightlifting and running) and all my running gear: knee stabilizer, stopwatch, Ipod armband (that I won from you, Cammie!). In the other large side pocket, my reeboks (used for TRX, zumba, and spin class) and socks. Additionally, I have a small face towel, big knee brace, spangly hip scarf (I won it at Zumba!), and occasionally I toss my yoga mat and foam roller in there. Oh yeah, and a water bottle.

    Like I said, out of control. :)

  12. Good heavens, you travel light! My gym bag is a duffel! I have:

    Pool towel, 2 x swim caps, swimming goggles, bath towel, shower bag (with shampoo, shower gel, face cloth, toothbrush and toothpaste), deodorant, moisturizer, lotion, heel balm, clean underwear, tissues, lip balm, a pair of specs in case I lose a contact lens, a gym towel, water bottle, a padlock for the locker and then I usually pop my purse in there as well. Sometimes I take a basket ball too!

    Currently I’m usually working out in water, so I go to gym in my swimsuit under some sweats. After my session I shower, dry my hair and put on my underwear and the same sweats. Then I go home (just around the corner) and put on my work clothes and make up, pick up my food for the day, hang out the towels and go to work.

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