Road Trippin': History Repeats Itself

I’m home again, home again. I wish I could say that the journey back was without another bathroom incident but we all know that history does repeat itself from time to time. Fortunately, the latter incident involved a woman pushing open a stall door that had a flimsy latch. Being inside a larger confined restroom didn’t have the same drama attached to it that potentially exposing myself to an entire restaurant full of diners. Or maybe I’m just getting used to my fanny being exposed to the general public.

I had a most wonderful time visiting with my friends! Hostess KT pulled out all the stops, as usual, and treated us royally. This means, of course, that I ate too much. But it was mostly real food (if we exclude the Double-stuffed Golden Oreos, which were the big splurge of the weekend), so I’m okay with the extra calories. KT had the great idea to have a salad bar with veggies, boiled eggs, and deli meats the first night and we munched on that for lunch the next day in anticipation of going out for Tex-Mex for dinner. I think I’ll follow her lead for my next house party, because it was a nice way to balance tasty, fresh lighter fare with the more indulgent side of dining.

Thanks to the Texas heat, I didn’t get much in the way of my usual exercise, but I did have some play time with this cutie:

This is Emma Abigail, my canine niece, who is growing up fast. Emma and I went for lots of short walks and long periods of me standing in the triple-digit sunshine while she sniffed every blade of grass. It was about all I had the stamina for in that heat!

And now I’m home and off to the doctor for my annual blood work and check-up! No telling what it will show after a travel weekend that involved Oreos. :)

Wishing you all a most marvelous week! Is it cooling down (or warming up) in your neck of the woods?

15 thoughts on “Road Trippin': History Repeats Itself

  1. Welcome home! I am glad you had a great trip. You have the cutest niece. Emma Abigal looks like my daughters dog Snowball. She is a cockapoo. It looks like it is cooling down for us here! I am so glad. It is much more pleasant riding my bike when it is not 100 degrees out! Thanks for making me LOL with your fanny statement!!!

  2. Welcome Home!

    It’s cooling off a bit here in the northeast but it looks like we’ll both have to keep an eye out for Irene.

    Hope you get good news at the doctors even despite any oreo remants floating around.

    Stay cool!

    P.S. Jill ( suggested we create a mascot for the slow and steady club. I like the idea of a Tippy Toe Turtle but don’t think I’ve ever seen a svelte turtle. Maybe a Slow and Steady Snail? What do you think?

  3. Emma Abigail is very cute!

    We had winter in May and now again in August. June and July were almost summery. For now the weather is cold and stormy, but the trees are covered in green buds, so hopefully September will be pleasant.

  4. Welcome home Cammy! Awww…Emma is adorable!!! What a happy looking face. Sorry about the repeat of the embarassing public washroom incident! However, you are now home and can go in comfort knowing nobody will be walking in! :) Have a good Tuesday.

  5. I just love your travel tales.
    I hope your blood work comes back perfect!
    You are making me think too much about what can go wrong in a public restroom….

  6. Welcome home! That was a fast trip, and I’m assuming you didn’t go to very far south or west into Texas or you would be blogging in route. According to my family, you could not have picked a worse summer to visit the Lone Star State, weather-wise. Dallas has had more days at or above 100° than Tucson – amazing.

  7. Right now, I can sort of have it both ways. It’s still hot as blazes in the foothills of East Tennessee, but I do have the option of a quick escape to the mountains where it is blissfully cooler! That’s exactly what I did today. Welcome home. Glad you are back safe with at least a bit of your dignity still intact.

  8. Welcome home! You should travel up here. We are having gloriously cool weather at night. Of course, Irene is going to bring us a bunch of rain and wind, so you might want to wait.

  9. Welcome home Cammy! So what are double-stuffed golden Oreos. No pic for inquiring minds??? 😉

    That doggie is cutie! I guess she did not mind the heat if she had to check out all the blades of grass! 😉

    I guess it is back to it. Hope the doc went good!

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