Come Ride With Me!

Moving back to normal today. My doggies & kittehs daddies came home last night and I was dismissed. If I wasn’t going to throw the ball, or provide treats or belly rubs, I really no longer served a purpose. :)

Ah well, it was fun but both my throwing/rubbing arm and my biking muscles (namely my gluteus maximus and surrounding areas) are ready for a break. I’ll be walking for today’s exercise.

Riding the city portion of the Greenline was fun, too. Yesterday I rode out to Shelby Farms again. I’d previously shared a few photos of the trail itself, but I forgot to share this bit of scenery:

Women's Correctional Center Memphis

Women's Correctional Center Memphis

A.K.A. Women’s Lockup. While stopped, I took a moment to be thankful that I was raised by loving parents and had so many positive influences in my life so that I didn’t end up making the kind of awful choices that would land me on the other side of that fence. On another positive note, there appeared to be a softball game in progress on the field there. It’s nice to know they’re staying active at least!

The Men’s Correctional Center is on the other side of the path, but the guys were all inside. Atoning, I hope, but I doubt it.

Anyway, I share the photo to show that the Greenline is not just wooded bliss. There’s the whole Penal Farm Complex to navigate, as well as a few segments where the scenery is people’s backyards.

But I like to focus on the wooded bliss parts. Yesterday I got the wild idea that it might be fun to video the segment that passes over the Wolf River Bottoms. Fun, as in pleasant for you to see, and fun, as in hilarious to attempt to ride a bike with only one hand steering and without slamming into someone. The results?

1) We were under wind advisories yesterday, with gusts up to 40 mph. They came from the north which made it a crosswind for the bike path. Coming from the protection of the trees into open areas was an experience. And a half. :)
2) Ignore my huffing and puffing. It wasn’t the ride so much as battling the winds. (Still preferable to riding into the wind which I’d been doing earlier in the ride while touring the neighborhood.)
3) Also, please ignore my hick accent.
3) Be on the lookout for a cute pomeranian who wanted very badly to jump up on my bike with me. Or to eat my leg.

I hope you enjoyed the ride! :)

And now I’m off to pound the pavement and give my heinie a break! How are you exercising today? You are exercising, aren’t you?

21 thoughts on “Come Ride With Me!

    • Oh, I meant to comment on that! Though we are experiencing cooler weather this week, fall is at least a month away for us. The leaves you see are the effects of a super hot summer. But they look pretty. :)

  1. OMG you crazy and talented woman! I so could not do that! I actually suggested to my husband that we mount up today, for the first time in months, and he didn’t want to. What’s with that!! So, elliptical for 90 minutes this morning and will have a small walk later. Off to run errands first.

  2. I am totally impressed with two things. 1) you incredible ability to ride one-handed. I would still be in ER if I tried that. 2) your most professional signal that your were approaching from the left. It never ceases to amaze me how few people do that. I enjoyed the ride – thanks!!

  3. I have done the recording and biking thing and it is hard! Nice job! I like your path. It seems much like ours in spots, although ours doesn’t go by correctional facilities, just a sewage treatment plant.

  4. Hey you are pretty coordinated to do all of that at the same time! My hubby and I both say “passing on your left” as we try and go past others but I am always amazed at how many people pass us without warning!

  5. That was awesome! You even said thank you to the people after you said, “on your left” -impressive!! :)

    I did yoga today. The first class in years.

  6. Love the video! You really smoked past those other riders. Do you have a helmet mount video or were you holding it somehow, if you were holding it you did a great jjob of holding it steady! Enjoyed that!

  7. Wow! I’m exhausted sitting here watching. Thanks for a great trip, Cammy – you’re a star!

  8. Hey Cammy, Great job. How many activity points do I get for coming along?? I like your trail. The correctional facilities give it character. Like your musings on what they’re up to AND your tribute to your loving parents. Amen. I always call out “on your left.” Just good bike etiquette, I think. I often ride with my camera in one hand, but hadn’t considered using the video function. Usually I only take vidios by mistake–when I click the vid button inadvertently. Maybe I’ll try it some time.

  9. Wow. That takes some amazing coordination. I think my video would have ended very differently. You would have seen the camera on the ground and myself about 10-15 feet in front of it. Great job. We live right next to a 10-15 mile stretch of trail next to the river. I have also done the jogging thing, but am starting to consider biking too.

  10. That was fun to see, and your ability to hold the camera so still was very impressive. You look like you’re going 50 miles an hour!

  11. You’re so cute!!!
    I love your photos and your “take” on the women in the facility.
    I would love to start riding a bike. Need someplace beautiful to ride though…. I don’t think riding through the city streets is worth it.
    I did exercise today!! I wasn’t going to and then just jumped up and did it.
    Woo hoo!

  12. If we had bike paths like that, I’d also cycle! Sadly, we don’t. But I loved the ride! Thanks for the invite.

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