Crazy Kitchen Gadgets

Preface to disclose that links in this post are to my Amazon affiliate account. I did this for ease of linking and to (I hope) avoid any fallout for using their images, but NOT to encourage you to buy these products. Please.

I’m all for creativity and inventiveness, but I have to wonder sometimes what gives some creative types the idea that the world needs their creations. I kind of understand the Jumbo Donut Maker. Party food, “gag gift” (in more ways than one) for someone who’s crazy about donuts, novelty, etc.

There are other gadgets, though, that have me either scratching my head or LMAO, as they say. Take, for example, the banana slicer:

banana slicer

Banana Slicer

I eat a lot of bananas. In fact, my favorite night time snack is a yogurt sundae with sliced bananas. I also like sliced bananas in my cereal, as part of a peanut butter and banana sandwich, and, of course, as the key component in my Memaw’s homemade banana pudding. To summarize: I have experience with sliced bananas! And yet, never in all that sliced-banana-eating did I even notice whether or not the bananas were uniformly sliced. And I’m not sure I want to live in a world where it’s that important.

I apologize if this is a utensil that’s near-and-dear to you, but it seems a bit unnecessary to me. Stand by, there are others…

We also have pizza scissors:

pizza scissors

Pizza Scissors

I don’t eat pizza at home that often (well, except the mini pizzas I occasionally make on pita or Orowheat Thins), but if I do purchase a big pie, I have two pizza cutters (one was in a conference swag bag), several spatulas, and somewhere, a pair of kitchen shears. If those don’t work, I have my hands. That should suffice.

And how about the Spaghetti Twirler Fork:

pizza scissors

Spaghetti Twirler Fork

I can see that children might enjoy this, but is it a necessity for the rest of us? Well, apparently so, as one reviewer wrote: “I bought this for my cousin newly entering our all italian family, not knowing how to twirl her spaghetti. She loves it and now everyone doesn’t have to alter our pasta dishes for her.”

I’ll admit I’m an inelegant spaghetti twirler, but I’ve never seen it as a deficiency. If the noodles are a problem, I just use the side of the fork to cut them into a manageable size. (Laugh all you want, proficient twirlers! I can ride a bike and shoot a video at the same time!)

Here’s one I just don’t understand, the Egg Cuber:

egg cuber

Egg Cuber

According to the product description: “Can’t fill the corners of your egg sandwich?? Boiled eggs keep rolling around your plate?? Solve all your problems with the egg cuber. Simply shell a boiled egg, place in the cuber and then leave in the fridge to cool. Creating the perefect [sic] egg filling for your sandwiches!!”

Ohhhh, now I get it.

Well, no, not really. If my egg is rolling around my plate uncontrollably*, I employ a similar technique to the one I use on noodles and cut it in half with my fork. End rolling. I don’t eat egg sandwiches, but if I did, I’d probably save myself the $6.99 and live with a 1/4″ gap at the corners of the bread. Or if I was feeling Mr. Monk-ish, maybe I’d cut off the vacant corners and save them for croutons.

This is one that makes me laugh: The S’more Maker

s'more maker

Microwavable S'more Maker

I’m sorry, it just looks funny to me. Like something from The Jetsons. It must be a decent product, though, because it has loads of positive comments on Amazon. It appears to be a big hit with kids, who like being able to make their own s’mores. Maybe someone should come up with a Jetsonian green bean maker.

This product annoys me for some reason: The Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

popup hotdog toaster

Pop-Up Hotdog Toaster

In terms of difficulty, cooking hot dogs (if you must) and toasting buns is on par with slicing your own bananas! But if it’s something you can’t live without, you need to know that the genius who invented it, who is probably snugged away in a mansion somewhere by now, was a bit single-minded in his approach. The various receptacles hold only regular-sized hot dogs and buns–no room for brats!

This just scratches the surface of wacky kitchen gadgets. I didn’t even get around to the jelly knife, the mayonnaise spreader, and (via Unclutterer) the Dipr, a specially-designed utensil for dipping your Oreo-type sandwich cookies in milk. Perhaps another day.

If I’ve embarrassed you or maimed your feelings by poking fun at one (or more) of your very favorite products, let me make amends by assuring you that I’m not without my own wacky gadget. I give you…

Olive Spoon

The Olive Spoon

This, my friends, is a specially-designed spoon just for dipping olives from a jar without bringing the juice with it. In case you can’t see it, there’s a tiny hole in the bottom of the tiny spoon that serves as a drain. Allow me to demonstrate:

olive spoon in action

olive spoon in action

See? Ever so much better than a regular tablespoon or spearing them with a fork.

I’ve had my olive spoon for about six years and used it (for this purpose) twice, if we count this demo. It’s not particularly useful on a day-to-day basis. (I generally just spear 3 or 6 olives with my fork.) And getting ready for a party using this thing would take a good half day. I have used it as a teensy cookie or cake joy scoop and as a melon baller. Its multi-functionality is the only reason it’s still in my utensil drawer. (I think I bought it so that I could use a big coupon to round up a purchase of something I actually needed .)

Just as with food products, it seems food preparation products have a following that falls into the “there’s a sucker born every minute” category. Guilty as charged. ::Falls on mercy of the court, olive spoon in hand.::

Do you have any wacky kitchen gadgets? Any utensils or appliances you’d feel the need to explain if we saw them? C’mon, I showed you mine!

*presumes I’ve actually plated my boiled egg. To be honest, when I’m home alone, I usually just peel them and eat them by hand. Rest assured that I use a fork when around polite society. :)

17 thoughts on “Crazy Kitchen Gadgets

  1. We had a coupon for the new Sur la Table store in my town and I admit to buying a garlic skin remover gadget:) It looks like a rubber tube; I’d have no idea what it was if I didn’t know. I wanted to buy and onion holder too but they were all out.

  2. OMG, those are ridiculous! But maybe they really come in handy for someone, right? So far, I have loved all the kitchen gadgets that I have bought – my favorite is the salad spinner, which I used to think was silly until I tried it. Love it!

  3. I loved this post! I like looking around kitchen type stores but I don’t buy much. My hubby loves gadgets whether he needs them or not so I am not showing him this post cause he might need something although he would love the olive thing you have which I thought was a melon baller – god I love that name! 😉

  4. People buy this stuff? Seriously? The world is a strange place when we need a banana slicer in our kitchens!

  5. Very entertaining! I really do enjoy looking in cooking stores (Williams Sonoma, etc.) but the most exotic gadget that I use is the blender. Well, there is that rubber-grip peeler that I bought…

  6. People must have more money than I do if this is what they buy!! LOL! I have one kitchen gadget (thanks to my blog friend, Tish) that LOOKS odd and I’ve had some interesting guesses as to what it is, but it has been a wonderful addition to my kitchen. It is my mango slicer. I love mangos, but avoided them because they were too difficult to slice. Thanks to TIsh’s review on her blog, I bought one and now effortlessly enjoy a juicy mango at least once a week!!

  7. I have to say I love kitchen gadgets, but I was relieved to see that none of mine were listed here. My fave is probably a garlic press or micro plane. I see those as remotely useful, but I have been known to pull out a strawberry huller on occasion, yikes~

  8. Are these for real?! Wow. The s’more maker… hehe! That would be fun (in a really, REALLY unnecessary way). The pizza scissors are pretty darn cute.

    I am the messiest spaghetti-eater ever. I swear, if I eat spaghetti with other people, they get all their entertainment for the evening just watching me struggle with my fork and pasta.

    These items are way too funny. Of all the things people could be inventing! I mean, the mayonnaise spreader? I call that a knife… 😉

  9. I would love the banananana slicer!
    completely unnecessary yet I spend so much time being criticized by the 5 yr old crowd for my slicing.

    no joke :)

  10. The egg cuber cracks me up (no pun intended – well, maybe just a little!) In all honesty, I wonder just how much these inventors make with these things. Remember the little girl who created the bacon maker where you throw the bacon over these t-squared pieces of plastic that stuck up from the grease tray? Yeah, when my husband and I were on Atkins we used that thing all the time. Still have it, actually; but it’s been forever since we’ve cooked bacon. Loved this post, Cammy. If I ever need a pizza cutter/server I’ll know who to thank!

  11. Wow. I love kitchen gadgets as much as the next person, but some of these seem like something you’d see on a SNL skit. Pizza scissors? wow….. I’ll stick to my pizza stone and ridiculously too large pizza cutter.

  12. I really like the gadgets you posted. I definitely like the banana slicer, pizza scissors and the pop-up hot dog toaster.

  13. I saw that banana slicer in the store and I thought – but not all bananas are shaped exactly like that…what then?

    My mom somethimes sends me odd kitchen things inclusing these strip things to put around cake pans which is supposed to make cakes cook evenly.

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