Glory Days

Like many people, I devoted part of yesterday (9/11) to contemplation and reflection on the tragic and world-changing events of ten years ago. I watched a bit of the televised ceremonies on TV and then headed out on my bike for a quiet ride on a wooded path in my neighborhood.

holmes park

Holmes Park

Apparently I was the only one who had that idea, and I had the path to myself mostly. As I rode along, my thoughts kept going to an article from Saturday’s local paper that told the story of Dan Gritti, a man who was living the high life as a well-paid lawyer, with the lifestyle that afforded, on September 11, 2001. And then he witnessed the Towers fall and life as he knew it then was changed forever. In the aftermath, he reevaluated and these days, he’s a football coach for a small Memphis college. He laughingly refers to his former lifestyle as his “glory days”, laughing because he knows they weren’t all that glorious.

The glory days are not the days when you can buy whatever you want.

The glory days are the days when you can be the person you intended to be.

That refrain is what bounced through my mind as I bounced down the bike path yesterday, specifically Am I the person I intended to be?

The best answer I could come up was, Mostly. It’s still a work in progress and probably always will be, but I’m closer than I’ve ever been.

I ran out of time before I ran out of thoughts on the issue, so I’ll continue to ponder it this week. But this, I do know: these are my glory days and I intend to live them fully. Because life can turn upside down in an instant. If we didn’t already know it, the events of ten years ago were certain proof.

Okay, so after a stop for an early lunch:

lunch break

Have to keep an eagle eye on my bike!

I had a tuna melt and pretzels, if you were wondering, while I sat quietly and adored my bike while I thought about how extremely grateful I am to be here and to have the luxury of time spent riding.

When I left the restaurant, I swung by a fire station and stopped to watch their noontime salute to their brother and sister firefighters:
09-11-11 mendenhall station
09-11-11 fire trucks salute

In addition to flags for each fallen fireman, this station had a poster with their names and photos. Very moving. At precisely 12:00 p.m., they rolled their fire engines out and sounded their sirens and flashed their lights in salute. I’ll admit, I had a tear or two.

The ride home was somber for a bit, but oddly fulfilling. I remembered my early morning reflections and realized that I might not fully know the person I intend to be, but I’m pretty sure gloomy and despondent are not in the picture.

And so I stopped for a free small fro-yo and a short walk to rest my tender glutes. :) By the time I arrived home, I was smiling and brimming with renewed resolve to live each day fully,wholeheartedly, and committed to making these my glory days.

Wishing you all glorious days ahead!

11 thoughts on “Glory Days

  1. Cammy, this was so nice. My favorite posts have been the ones that have looked back just long enough to remember those who died and honor them by looking forward. Your blog is such an inspiration to me and I appreciate that.

  2. What a nice post! Makes me want to hop on my bike and go for a thoughtful ride like that. There is something so calm and serene when you are outdoors and alone. I too am a work in progress but try very hard to make each day the best day I can. I try not to take anything for granted- especially time with my husband and daughter. I try to enjoy the small moments…

  3. I am content with life but I don’t think I am living my best life yet. I don’t know what that is, though. And, honestly, sometimes I wonder if not finding that passion, as Oprah would tell me, is what keeps me turning to food instead.

  4. What a lovely day. A good day for remembering.

    I always strive to be a good person and be all I can be. I am far from done, but I like who I am right now.

  5. I love reading that you are so happy with your life! I like the thought that they are your glory days – how amazing is that?

    I think it is so great that you ride your bike all over town! There is a town near us that has awesome bike trails and the residents that live there really use them everyday! Not so much where I live, the main mode of transportation is cars!

  6. This September 11th added even more emotion for me. Since Elliott was born in March, my thoughts and concerns for him and the future are at my heart. While I cannot change all of the hatred in the world that is at the core of attacks such as September 11th, I can be an example of love, tolerance, and respect. If I can do this, I think the answer to the quote will be yes.

  7. Cammy, I loved this post & that quote along with your reflections. I just always love reading you cause your attitude about life & yourself are just the best!

    And YES, life can turn upside down in an instant.

  8. I loved this post too. You have hit the nail on the head. We can’t change what happened, but we can change our lives and live well.

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