Idle Chit-Chat

We’re zipping toward another weekend already. It’s hard to believe.

I have nothing significant to report today, so I thought I’d share some of the helpful links that earned stars in my reader this week:

From Fast Company: How Whole Foods Primes You to Shop
“Let’s take for example Whole Foods, a market chain priding itself on selling the highest quality, freshest, and most environmentally sound produce. No one could argue that their selection of organic food and take-away meals are whole, hearty, and totally delicious. But how much thought have you given to how they’re actually presenting their wares? Have you considered the carefully planning that’s goes into every detail that meets the eye?”
(Cammy note: Not sure why they specified Whole Foods. Almost every grocery store I’ve ever been in has similar practices. Still, this is a good article for highlighting some things to be on the watch for while shopping.)

From Pick the Brain: Live Your Life Without An Eraser
“We all make mistakes and have some negative experiences in life. We don’t have giant erasers to erase the bad circumstances we all go through. However, if we learn from these negative experiences, we can live our lives better in the future much like how the developing artist learns to draw better each day.”

From Dumb Little Man: You Must Resist the Urge to Quit
“The journey can be an emotional roller coaster and as a result people give into their temptation to quit. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being judged., etc., are just a handful of the emotions that most people go through.
But if you can remember that there is usually a light at the end of a tunnel, a reason that the little voice in your head is telling you to move forward, you’ll find it in yourself to get through your darkest hours.”

From Wise Bread: 25 Frugal Items for Your Organic Vegan Grocery List
“If you’re looking to develop a list of go-to items to put on your vegan grocery list, these 25 are affordable, organic, and flexible enough to go the distance in a variety of meal plans.”

From Unclutterer: Twelve Strategies for achieving your goals from the book Willpower
“1. Having a positive attitude about the future. A general sense of optimism about the future helps people to believe they will ultimately achieve their goals.”

And with that, my work here is done. At least for this week, anyway. :)

I hope you all have a most magnificent weekend! If you’re looking for me, I’ll probably be outside increasing my Cake Day tally (currently at 334 points!):

weather forecast memphis

The slight chance of rain doesn't scare me!

11 thoughts on “Idle Chit-Chat

  1. Thanks for the cool links…the one about Whole Foods was especially enlightening. If I ever go there, I will just stick to my list!

    Keep on racking up those points…come on Cake Day!

  2. Uh oh. Can I confess that I took Cake Day rather more literally than you meant it and somehow imagined that said longed-for suddenly UNforbidden delicacies might be indulged in all day long instead of the rather more spartan single slice . . .I guess I need to “get my mind right” like Cool Hand Luke.

  3. Haha, I like Tish’s definition of Cake Day better LOL.

    Interesting links. Especially that there is actually a website called Unclutter. Off to check it out.

  4. I love the link about living without an eraser. So true! +

    Hope you have a great weekend, Cammy. Mine is shaping up to be rather busy…

  5. Should I ever have the privilege of meeting you in person, I would hope you’d come with a list of these favorite (and helpful) links. I would enjoy hearing how you found them and what you enjoy about them. Hint! Hint!

  6. Brrr! It was a brisk 65º in Tucson as I drove for my 7 am pre-surgery visit this morning. Had to roll the darn windows up and just leave the sun roof open. Dang, even drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper was pushing it.

    Thanks for the links. Can’t wait to peruse at my leisure. Have a great weekend, Cammy.

  7. Happy weekend to you Cammy! I love the links! I am reviewing Willpower this coming week & tempted to use the link you shared! 😉 And I agree on stores & marketing… they all or most do! The eraser one, so true. I have to keep talking to myself about this one as I tend to “dwell” too much! 😉

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