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Living Social’s Whole Foods Deal
In case you’ve been unplugged all day and haven’t heard or read it,today’s daily deal at Living Social is for Whole Foods. Spend $10 for a $20 grocery certificate. (That’s my affiliate link; if 3 people buy the deal through that link, I get it for free. I don’t really care if you buy through this link, but I thought why not? :))

As of this post time, there are about 16 hours left to purchase it. They were at somewhere around the million mark last time I checked.

ETA: Sold out! They stopped at 1 million deals sold. Can’t say I blame them. Doesn’t this mean WF is out $10MM?

I don’t shop at WF a lot, because I can get most of what I need at the corner grocery or the produce market for a whole lot less. I do like their bulk bins and buy-as-much-as-you-need spice rack, which are very practical ways to purchase for the single person. Also, I appreciate that they have sweet pickle relish that doesn’t have HFCS, which I haven’t been able to find at Kroger. (Yes, Kroger people, that was a strong hint.)

In Other News:
Hummus Chip Shortage?
Has anyone heard about any sort of factory fires or floods at Archer Farms? Or maybe my recent product review caused a buying frenzy? I dunno, because there seems to be a shortage of AF Hummus Chips at Target. I’ve been in two different Target stores this week and encountered empty spaces where the hummus chips should be. TWICE! Please, Target, I want my hummus chips back! NOW!

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Peeps Pop Up in Stores

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Halloween Peeps are on the shelves!

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Peeps

This reporter fell victim today, to the tune of 120 calories of yummilicious and glow-in-the-dark-orange-y goodness. Fortunately, she had taken a 1-hour walk earlier in the day and should suffer no lasting effects. You may not be so lucky, or have room in your caloric budget, so approach with caution.

Other things may have happened on the planet today, but those were the most noteworthy to me. :)

Hope you’re all having an amazing week, so far, and that you avoid the siren call of the Peeps! (Unless, of course, you’re not trying to.)

7 thoughts on “In the News Today

  1. Oh man! Now I have to resist the peeps TWICE a year?? Actually I don’t resist. I give in to one. Or one package…

    No, Whole Foods is not actually out that much money. Because their prices are so over-inflated that they will come out just fine giving that kind of discount.

    I agree with you about being able to find what you need local. I had to tell myself that yesterday when I was in the vicinity of Whole Foods AND Trader Joe’s and I just chose to come on home.

  2. 1 million sold? Holy crap!! It’s staggering to think about that.

    I like Peeps, but I much prefer candy corn for Halloween. That is my holiday crack.

  3. You are too funny! All these holidays hit the shelves too early! I know 7 grandkids that will be wanting those peeps! Me, I have to step away from the candy corn! 😉

  4. See what happens when I become unwired for 1 darn day! Dang!!

    Thank you for the Peeps advisory. I actually try to stay away from buying any candy for Halloween (we darken our house out of my selfishness for fear of being tempted). But, damn, Halloween Peeps just look verrrry interesting.

  5. I am not a Peeps fan so I am safe buying some for my kids who are – but I have not seen thsoe Halloween ones! I hope I find them to send in my Halloween care packages.

    And the Hummus chips are on my Target shopping list. I hope they are in stock when I get around to going.

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