Lowrider: The Two-Wheel Ediiton

I’ve been trying to take advantage of mild temps to get in some bike rides. Once the temps go below 70°, I’m on foot or indoors until Spring. (Why, yes, I am a wimp!)

my bike

my bike!

Recently, I noticed that my miles per hour haven’t improved that much, if at all. On a hybrid/comfort bike, I’ll never be zipping around at Tour de France speeds (like I’m sure I would if I had a road bike *snerk*), but I would have expected to see the mph nudge upward as the season progressed. Not so, this year. Since I have noticed a difference in my attack on hills–hillability, if you will–I haven’t worried about it.

Well, as I was pedaling along yesterday, I realized that my legs weren’t really extending that much on the downstrokes, which meant that I wasn’t getting much push from each circuit. I was pedaling like…a crazy pedalin’ gal, but not gaining much distance. And then it occurred to me that I hadn’t checked my seat height…in forever. Duh! Off I hopped and sure enough, my seat post had descended completely. I adjusted it so that my legs now extend almost completely while pedaling. I has DRIVE! I also have a little bit of leg soreness and can tell you exactly which muscles are getting more use, post-adjustment. :)

The ride felt good, though. Pushy, but comfortable. The odd thing is that I hadn’t noticed being particularly uncomfortable before.

Should you now be concerned that you’re also low-riding (or hightailing, as the case may be), here’s a link to tips for adjusting your bike seat height for both comfort, safety, and maximum efficiency.

If you’re more the stationary bike type, seat height is still important. Here are some tips for adjusting the stationary bike properly.

I’m going to restablish my former habit of checking my seat height pre-ride and maybe even tinker with it from time to time just to see what happens. It’s amazing what even a slight adjustment will accomplish!

Oooh, nice segue, Cammy!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the routine of weight management that we don’t realize when something isn’t working so well. It’s always a good idea to hop off the machine periodically and give it a once over. Sometimes a little adjustment here or there will give us the DRIVE we need to smooth out the road ahead. :)

Are there any little adjustments you need to make?

Happy Monday, everyone!

12 thoughts on “Lowrider: The Two-Wheel Ediiton

  1. I had my bike set for me at a bike shop. They put it much higher than I might have myself, but it really makes a difference!

  2. You’re so right!!
    I just had a moment of realizing this today. Diet fatigue setting in can be dangerous.
    I’m changing the diet a bit and I also need to get some variety in the workouts.
    I’ve never really thought of bike seat height in these terms. Interesting.
    I like to think of you on your cute bike.

  3. Great analogy! My hubby was just commenting the other day about a lady who was riding on the other side of the street, that her seat was too low. So in this, he’ll keep me on track:) And, yes, dear Cammy, below 70 does classify you as a wimp! I say that with love since I am a self-proclaimed wimp myself but I’ll go until it falls into the low 50s. Of course, you’re a… southerner!

  4. My 2 sister-in-laws and I were working out in the fitness gym for almost a week just to lose some weight. At the beginning, it was really hard physically and mentally to adopt the process and later I realized that everything goes so well especially we used to go there thrice a week. RIght now, I feel comfortable with my body and mind.

  5. Cammy, your bike is cute!!! BUT below 70, I live in CA & I do better than that! 😉 Although I don’t ride a bike, I run or jog…. I even go out on the cold high 30’s & low 40’s here in the winter.. I bundle up! I am a wimp though too!

    I love the message you managed to get in too! :-)

  6. Awesome analogy…. I think I need to hop off my current eating habits and readjust. What a great way to think about it!
    I can guess which muscles hurt!!! :)

  7. I can’t ride my bike if it’s too low, but some people like it like that. I adjust my mom’s seat when I visit, (she’s my height) and she whines about it. Yes, you are a wimp. It’s rarely warmer than 70 here, maybe for an hour or two around noon, until the wind starts. I’m happy if it’s in the 60s. Even in the late summer, I like gloves in the morning, in winter/spring/early summer, I need to wear a headband to cover my ears under the helmet. Yes, it is cold, but this is my transportation, thus I freeze and go.

  8. This is a great analogy, Cammy! I would imagine that when the saddle is too low, the knees take way more strain.

    I had to look up your temperatures. I don’t exercise outside when it gets below 60.

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