New Favorite Exercise: Tricep Pushdown

Various exercises go in out of my rotation, and I was recently reminded of an old favorite that had been out of the rotation for far too long: the simple tricep pushdown:

Basically, you grab a straight bar and with your elbows at your side, you push the bar all the way down to your thighs. Then you slowly bring your arms back up to shoulder level. Rinse. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Notes: 1) stand as close to the machine as possible, and 2) contract those abs!

Other tricep-centric exercises in my repertoire are bench dips, kickbacks, and pullovers, but this one is my favorite, by far. I can tell (or think I can, which is all that really matters) a difference in my triceps over the past few weeks.

What’s your current favorite exercise?

On another note: you’re all aware of the cantaloupe recall, aren’t you? Being something of a cave girl, I had no idea until yesterday that there had been a significant listeria outbreak attributed to some cantaloupes from Colorado. With 13 deaths suspected to be related to the tainted melons, this is serious business. I’ve got another week or so to get past the incubation period (4 weeks). Also, I don’t seem to be in the high risk group (elderly, pregnant, or compromised immune system) for contracting listeria, but it’s been about 3 weeks since I last ate cantaloupe so I’ll be watchful until this particular threat has passed. Sheesh, you think you’re doing the right thing by eating whole foods….

8 thoughts on “New Favorite Exercise: Tricep Pushdown

  1. First of all… I did NOT know about the canteloupes. I buy organic, but who knows where it’s from. Thanks!
    And thanks for the reminder about this exercise. It’s one I used to like quite a lot too.
    Must add in strength training.

  2. For my triceps, either the nosebreakers or the bench dips make the most difference. Of course with bench dips, it is more than triceps – which is always good (you know I love efficiency!!)

  3. We had company for dinner last week and served cantaloupe. At the time I knew about the outbreak but naively assumed the store would not carry any potentially from the area that seems to be the cause. Then, shortly after, someone died in Kansas from it! I hope I did not kill or sicken my dinner guests:)

  4. I had not heard about the canteloupe recall. Maybe because we have so many local ones, I hope? But also I have been passing on the canteloupe because I have TOO MUCH FRUIT in the house.

    Hmmm. That is a move that has been out of my rotation for a LONG time. Maybe I’ll put it back in. Of course, I’d have to GO TO THE GYM for that to happen…

  5. I posted about the Listeria breakout too today! Scary!

    I love tricep pushdowns! I use a variety of attachments & hand positions to keep my triceps guessing! I have a bunch of love for this area – close grip & diamond push-ups, bench dips with weight plates on my legs, skull krushers & the list goes on! 😉

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