Proof Positive We Should Never Give Up

Y’all may remember way back in March when my parents and I went to Florida. One of my mother’s bucket list items was to go to St. Louis Cardinal spring training. And so we did:

Cardinal Spring Training

Spring Training 2011 - St. Louis Cardinals

And then we came home and watched the Cards go up and down, and up and down, in the standings. They played great and they played awful. In August, they really sucked. My parents and I joked that at least we’d have October free, since it didn’t look like we’d have a team in the post-season.

I’d forgotten one important thing. Just because a team has a bad spell, doesn’t mean they don’t still have the capacity to dig deep and continue to play hard. (Weight management analogy, anyone?) The Cardinals had a pow-wow on August 24 and decided, according to one sportswriter:

“Even if others had written off their season, the larger disappointment would occur if they, as players, followed.”

They pulled themselves together (mostly–they still had sucky moments) and put together a string of wins at the same time that the Atlanta Braves began to fade. Two nights ago, the Cardinals tied the Braves for the wild card spot in the National League Division Series. Last night, the Braves lost, the Cards won and the champagne flowed!

girl in sprinkler

Okay, so she’s not a Cardinal. I didn’t have a press pass, I wasn’t in the clubhouse, and I don’t have a jillion dollars to pay for a copyrighted photo. This is the best I could do. Winning was a joyous moment for St. Louis, and playing in the splash fountain at the zoo was a joyous moment for this little girl.

So the lesson in all of this is obvious: we don’t give up! Ever! When our game gets off-track, we shake it off and find a way to get back on track. Even if we don’t win–if we don’t meet the larger goal–we’ll have the satisfaction of knowing we gave it our best effort.

I’ll leave you with that little rah-rah for the weekend…and with a completely unrelated bonus shot from today’s zoo visit:


Didn’t UGGs go out of style? :) :)

Happy weekend, everyone!

13 thoughts on “Proof Positive We Should Never Give Up

  1. It is a great feeling when your sporting team is doing well isn’t it. The team I follow in the Australian Football League is in their fourth grand final in five years tomorrow, trying for their third premiership out of the four attempts. This year’s is especially good because last year we lost our best player to another team and also got a new coach, and hadn’t made the final in 2010 so everyone wrote us off. Hoping we can do it!

  2. youre so so so so so right
    and this misfit who was feeling a smidgetad defeated this morning will try and heed your wise words.

  3. She may not be a Cardinal, but she sure is a cutie!!!
    Great post. We are often too ready to quit when the road gets bumpy. We need to remember that our successes are not defined by the easy times, but by what we do when the going gets tough.


  4. Ah, ha, ha…. Ugg boots!!!! you got me with that one.
    The photo of the little girl is an amazing shot.
    Thanks for the “game” analogy. That’s a good one. I’m just now finally learning how to get back on track on purpose instead of just waiting for another “streak.”

  5. This was so great! Thanks for that encouragement. I sure need it. LOVE the pic of the little girl in the fountain.

    And that poor sheep. Did someone just run out of energy before they were done shearing?

  6. I don’t follow sports, Cammy, but I’d like you to be a cheerleader for my team. I really liked the sports analogy, and we should remember that they won because they were part of a dedicated team. I have found over the past year+ of blogging, that I am sticking with (a very slow but steady) progress toward an overall more fit self due much to the constant reinforcement from my bloggie buddies.

  7. What a great reminder! Yes, I will never give up. I will get better at this and one day I will succeed.

  8. Cammy, you always bring a smile to my face. Love the photos, and the lesson that goes hand in hand. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.

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