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Greetings and Happy Labor (Labour) Day to all who are celebrating!

I’m pet-sitting this weekend–two labs and two kittehs–and taking advantage of proximity to the Greenline Bike Trail to enjoy a weekend on wheels. Or I was, until Tropical Storm Lee rolled into town today. :(

You have to be careful about stopping on the Greenline, because you might get run over, but I did manage to grab a couple of snapshots:

Greenline Trailhead

Greenline Trailhead

The Greenline is a path system created from an abandoned rail line, part of the “rails-to-trails” movement sweeping the country. It looks nice and secluded, but it’s located smack dab in the middle of urban sprawl. In the city proper, it crosses only 6 or 7 streets, I think, which is really nice for someone who’s used to riding with a stop light or stop sign every few blocks. I was zipping along nicely, and get this–I actually passed about a dozen riders! Not walkers, riders!

Kids on Bikes

Bike Pack Jr.

And yes, if you’re wondering, I did count these three in my pass tally as well as the two I passed yesterday. But give me a break, I waited to pass until they were safely across the street and jogger Dad got them riding in single file again. I have to say, they were actually riding at a pretty good pace, considering their size. They’ll be passing me soon enough!


Kudzu! The Vine That Ate the South!

Photos of the Greenline wouldn’t be complete without a shot of kudzu, an invasive vine that lines a good portion of the path. Heck, it lines a good portion of the southern U.S. My great-uncle used to say, “Give it an inch, and it’ll take 30 acres.” It’s pretty, but it destroys everything in its path. (I have no idea why the photo turned out all fish-eye–maybe I stopped too long and the kudzu was about to get me. Glad I got out in time!)

After about 7 or so miles, I stopped by the house to check on the dogs and to get fresh water, and while I was there, the rain started. Bummers. (The dogs thought so, too. We’d been enjoying a nice game of Cammy-throws-the-tennis-ball-100-times-for-Jasmine-Lab.)

So, I was forced to get off my bike and go shopping. First, to Sears to look at dishwashers, and then to Garden Ridge. Do you have those where you live? They’re great big home decor/craft/mish-mash stores. Sometimes you find some good bargains, sometimes not. Today was a “not”, but I did see some interesting things.

chef statues

These were kind of scary to me, for some reason. The statues of various animals, in costume, picking their noses were downright terrifying. Too terrifying for a photo. These guys weren’t so bad, though:

armor suits

As I was standing there, I was a tiny bit tempted to try on one of those suits. I’m pretty sure I could fit into one of them. But that had Lucy & Ethel Moment written all over it, and I had no Ethel to help me get out of the suit. Or the store. :)

This was a puzzlement:
pine cones in a bag

Having just spent three days dodging pine cones on the bike trails and surface streets (and mostly successfully), I couldn’t figure out why anyone would pay $4.99 for a bag of them. And then I got a whiff and realized that these are scented pine cones. I don’t know what scent, exactly, something floral. Because, you know, pine cones don’t come naturally infused with scent. Go figure.

Another odd sighting:
bra buddy bra carrier

Y’all know I frequently take road trips and have for years. In all that time, it never occurred to me that there was a specific piece of luggage I could use to pack my bras. I’ve been using the wadded-up-tight-and-tucked-in-a-corner-of-the-suitcase method of packing, which I thought worked well, but it appears I’ve been missing out!

Something else I’ve been missing out on:
jumbo donut maker

Wow! I could be making ginormous donuts right this very minute! According to DailyMile, I’ve worked off 35 (almost 36) donuts, which would mean I could eat this entire jumbo donut and have regular donuts to spare!

There were dozens of other really cool products like these–snerk!–but I didn’t have time to dally for more pictures. One thing Garden Ridge is good for is to remind you that time is whizzing by. That’s why they not only have aisles and aisles of these decorations available in early September….

halloween decorations

…but they are also rapidly getting these aisles set up as well:

Christmas decorations

I’m guessing they’ll get the Valentine’s Day displays set up around Thanksgiving. :)

All kidding aside, I saw one thing at the store that I thought was quite nice:

Love Isn't Love Until You Give It

As befits Garden Ridge, it was printed on the side of a suitcase, but I thought the sentiment was wonderful so I forgive them. :)

Okay, that’s not all I’ve been doing, but the cats are waiting for me to kennel the dogs so they can have free run of the house.

We’ve got more rain forecast for the next few days, but I’m hoping for a dry morning tomorrow so I can take another bike ride.

What are you doing this weekend?

16 thoughts on “Rolling Along

  1. Great pics! I love how the kudzu tried to get you…but you managed to escape just in time.

    Have fun with your furry friends!

  2. That bike trail looks awesome! Sorry you got rained out. But it sounds like your day turned out interesting anyway.

    We have Garden Ridge here. I don’t dare go, I always end up buying something I totally don’t need 😀

  3. That bike path looks cool – we’ll have to ride it sometime!

    We don’t have Garden Ridge on my side of the state. Looks like the kind of place I could roam around in for some laughs, but not tempting in the least.

  4. What an adventure you had!!!! I love that you passed those people, kids & all! As for that store & the finds – wow! Maybe it is like a Big Lots here. My hubby would love that donut maker & the bra thing, well, I don’t have much to put in one so… 😉

    Hope the doggies & cats are good for you! Have a wonderful one!

  5. Thanks for the Garden Ridge memories! I would visit one in Houston and rarely left with anything except amusement. You gave a perfect visual image of the doo-dads one can find at a “pottery” store the size of several football fields. (At least it started as Garden Ridge Pottery.)

    The kudzu fish eye pic is winner!

  6. Those pictures are so funny. We don’t have that store, but some similar. I love how you share your observations.

  7. That is a cool store. It seems a lot like Joan Fabrics.

    I love the path. Sometimes when you want a serious ride, though, the path is not the place to go. Too slow LOL!

  8. Nice looking bike path, especially through the heart of the city. Beats riding with the cars!

  9. Oh you have to love garden ridge….It never ceases to amaze me with the advance nature of their scheduling of seasonal merchandise. I went there in mid-August trying to score some inexpensive patio furniture. Christmas merchandise was already up in force. I’m always the one that buys stuff after the fact when good deals are to be had.

    The bike trails look great! We are lucky to have a bike trail system here that I love to ride on.

  10. I wish our area (Houston) would consider the rails-to-trails program :(

    Ahhh,…Garden Ridge… I used to go to the original one near San Antonio while in college. There is one close to where I live and I could spend hours in there! They have such “interesting” things!

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  12. The bike trail looks great! We have some rails to trails paths here but they aren’t too good for biking because it’s in the Sierra foothills and it’s a steady incline and of course, downhill all the way back. So the ride starts out a steady, relentless slog uphill & then you turn around and no pedaling is required the entire way back. The only exercise downhill is applying the brakes just right so they won’t melt. I walk the trail a lot though and think it’s a great program. How long is your trail?

    • Lee, the current phase is 7 miles long, but it ends at Shelby Farms Park which has multiple miles of road and off-road trails and connects to several more miles of paths in a neighboring suburb. The next phase will develop about 13 more miles of trail through the suburban area as well as convert some city street lanes to marked bike lanes. Ultimately (many years ahead), the whole system will cross the Mississippi River and connect to a many-mile rail-trail in Arkansas. I’m not sure I’ll still be able to ride by then. Maybe I can use my wheelchair, though. :)

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