FroYo and FroToe

Beautiful, if chilly, weekend here in Memphis. Fall is finally here, I think. We’re just starting to see a bit of color:

holmes park memphis

Neighborhood Park

This is the park where I took my morning walk. I confessed a few weeks ago that I am a wimp when it comes to exercising outdoors in cooler weather. Yesterday I figured out that it’s not so much the temps as it is the wind, and in particular, the wind whistling through my mesh-covered Asics. My upper body was quite sweaty, thanks to base layers and thick fleece, but my toes were freezing! I stuck it out for 3.5 miles, and then I hauled my sweaty/frozen self inside for some cooling/thawing.

As I was walking, I was thinking about people who live in really cold areas and still manage to exercise outdoors without having toesicles. How do y’all do it? Do you switch to a different shoe for winter? Are you doing as I read on a couple of websites and pulling on a second pair of socks? I really would appreciate some advice. I enjoy the sunshine benefit of being outdoors, but I don’t like chilled feet! (Thank you in advance.)

The cooler weather didn’t stop me from taking advantage of the anniversary celebration at Sweet CeCe’s today. It would take a lot more than frozen toes to keep me away from a 50% off fro-yo sale. :) I was disappointed that they didn’t have peanut butter yogurt, but the omission lead me to create my new favorite combo: strawberry fro-yo combined with a smidge of cheesecake yogurt and topped with a 1-inch square of real cheesecake and a teensy squidge of Ghiardelli hot fudge. DiVINE. And all for $1.84! Seriously, if I hadn’t been concerned about being viewed as a glutton by that woman in the mirror, I would have gone back for more. Why must she be so harsh?!

With that, it’s time to begin my day. I hope you had a marvelous weekend, without frozen toes. (Oh, and I really do appreciate any tips you might have to deal with that.)

Happy Monday everyone!

16 thoughts on “FroYo and FroToe

  1. I think people buy special socks, gloves, pants, etc. from the running stores. Apparently, they have stuff that truly protects from the cold.

    LOL – the wind coming through your shoes. I love that little sensation on crisp days, but NOT when it gets really cold outside. I wouldn’t call it really cold yet. In fact, it rarely gets really cold here. But that’s all relative… since I grew up in the snowy North.

  2. In the past when I have actually been riding my bike outside, I say with chagrin, I have gotten frozen toes wayyyy earlier than the rest of my body has chilled. Partly, IMO, because I wear biking shoes and there is little room to wiggle my tootsies, plus, they have metal on the bottom and I think that conducts cold or some such sciency thing. Anyhoo… I did change to wool socks. Not sure it much helped though.

  3. I ‘d wear smooth cotton socks next to the skin for comfort, and then if you can find some, angora or cashmere socks over them. Cashmere and angora are over 7X warmer than wool! (Do they make any exercise shoes that are not mesh any more?)

    Ooh, a half-price froyo sale! Most excellent.

  4. Exercising in the cold in Tucson, hmm. Nope, not a problem. Just wait for high noon. (Unless you decide to run up the 9,000′ mountain.)

    In my younger days when I hiked in New England, and it would get seriously cold, I always wore boots with 2 layers of socks – a liner for wicking and a wool pair. Now days I do believe there are all-in-one, multilayer, wool+wicking cold weather socks. Of course this means you gotta buy shoes that fit that kind of sock combo.

  5. I hate the cold too Cammy! I have to second those Hot Hands feet warmers and hand warmers. They work like a charm. When out son was in marching band in high school we would have to sit on the cold bleachers in October and November to watch them compete and we used those Hot Hands to keep us warm.

    I also like warm wool socks from REI and anything lined with Thinsulate to keep me toasty!

  6. Goretex socks will help and not be as bulky as 2 layers of socks, and little toe warming pads if your feet get really, really cold.

  7. I also live in the Memphis area, but I grew up in Montana so I’ve had my share of frozen toes! The best thing I’ve found is to make sure that your socks wick away the moisture. Cotton is terrible. I would try wool. If you don’t like that, you could try acrylic. Good luck!!

  8. Your park looks lovely! :)

    I use warm woolen socks for the winter. I grew up with -25C (-13F) so we just had to suck it up and get outside! I live in a somewhat warmer part of the country now, but we still have -15 to -20 sometimes. Too cold!

  9. My toes don’t get particularly cold, but my ears sure do. Cold + Wind = Misery for my ears–particularly noticeable when I bike. I use ear covering headbands when it’s windy cold.

    I like Debbie’s tip about the 7X warmer cashmere socks. I imagine she’s able to whip out her knitting needles and make them in an evening. :-)

    Stay warm.

  10. The cold feet are almost as terrible as the cold hands. My mother made me a rice pack from an old dish cloth. She just filled it with dry, white rice and sewed it up. Stick it in the microwave for a minute and slip it under the bed. Feels so good! I wish I could slip those into my shoes! I have to say, the socks by Smartwool are pretty great at keeping my feet fairly warm in the wintertime. Fleece socks are great, too!

  11. What a score on the fro-yo! Good for you Cammy!!! You deserve it!

    I am in CA so I am of no help to you. I do go out in the early morn winter weather here & it is mid/high 30’s to low 40’s. I wear heavier long running tights, long sleeve shirt & another zippered on her running jacket on top of that, gloves & that works for me!

  12. Definitely the hand / foot warmers. Amazing for winter walks (Montreal, Canada, here). Although I have to say, My tush always gets way colder fastest. No idea why.

    Also – I’m really glad to hear someone else use the term fro-yo. Hubby thought I was joking when I told him it was a thing. (he laughs at my cold bottom too!)

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