On The Count Of Three

three cupcakes

Well, well, well! It seems I have 3 reasons to celebrate this weekend:

  1. I’m alive!
  2. I’m healthy!
  3. I’m passing the 3-year mark of maintenance: my goaliversary, if you will (Not to be confused with my bloggiversary or my fitiversary. Hey, what can I say? I like celebrations!)

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. In fact, while I knew I reached goal in October, I couldn’t remember which year. Good thing I have this blog so I could go back through old blog entries to check.

2008: Goal!
2009: 1st Goaliversary. No official mention because I was gallivanting across the countryside, but I did recognize it at the end of the year.
2010: 2nd Goaliversary. I was between trips, but I did stop for a moment of observance.
2011: 3rd Goaliversary. And here we are!

How shall we celebrate? I suppose I could have 3 cupcakes, but then I’d be all roly-poly and icky feeling. On the other hand, that would probably pass quickly…nah, better not. I’m sure that would somehow be wrong.

I’ve decided to celebrate by giving myself 3 treats for the next 3 days. Today was a practice run:
Treat 1 – I woke up at 5:00 a.m. (normal alarm time) on a day when I didn’t have to get up early. Usually when that happens, I stay up; today I went back to bed and slept until 7:00 a.m. Go me!

orange scone

550 calories of yummiliciousness

Treat 2 – Orange scone at Panera! Especially special because…

1) it was enjoyed with friends,

2) it was tasty, and

3) it was f-r-e-e! A gift from Panera on my myPanera account!

Treat 3 – A 3-mile walk in the sunshine!

I’m not sure how else I’ll celebrate, but you can bet I’ll keep my eyes peeled for opportunities. Sadly, there will be no more 550-calorie treats (not even f-r-e-e ones), unless they’re a real meal. I suspect I’ll survive, especially if one of my treats is a nice long bubble bath.

This is not just my celebration, you know. I believe in the strength of my commitment, but I know that it’s stronger because of YOU. YOU helped me get here, with your generous, insightful comments, both here and in my mailbox. While I often feel they’re undeserved, that doesn’t mean I’m not humbled by and appreciative of them. Thus, it’s only fair that YOU should celebrate, too! Um, Dutch treat, of course. :)

Will you commit to giving yourself at least 3 treats this weekend? What will they be?

Oops! I was reminded today that I was supposed to be campaigning for SHAPE Magazine’s blogger awards (weight loss category), so consider this a reminder. Click HERE if you’d like to vote for me, but I suggest you click HERE to check out all the blogs nominated first.

18 thoughts on “On The Count Of Three

  1. Congratulations times three! And I hope you have a great weekend too. Hmm… must think of three good things for me to do this weekend.

  2. Congratulations Cammy! I think you had 3 great ways to treat yourself!!! I am going to our State Fair this weekend. I plan on treating myself by NOT putting fried anything into my mouth!!! :)

  3. Congratulations on your three reasons to celebrate!!! Wooohoooooo!

    Love the idea of three treats. I can do that!

    1. Lunch with friends tomorrow.
    2. Watch a movie alone.
    3. Surprise myself!

  4. Congratulations, Cammy! Wow, permission to give myself three treats. Hmmm. I’ll have to think about this one. Although I have no trouble treating myself.

  5. Happy goaliversary! It’s a worthy celebration indeed.

    This weekend I’m going to treat myself as follows:

    1. Spend time with my friend Charlotte.
    2. Sleep a lot.
    3. Go to a gym class.

  6. Three years…WOW! You are the poster child for maintenance. I enjoyed reading the original goal post. It’s as delicious as the orange scone.

    Happy Three-versary!

  7. Cammy – CONGRATS! Honestly, weight loss is friggin hard but so is maintenance!!!! I love how you celebrated! Course I celebrate maintenance every weekend with a cookie or 3 for sure! In addition, I will have a good run & time with hubby! 😉

    You done good! :-)

  8. Cammy, what a 1) wonderful, 2) fantastic, 3) exciting something special to be celebrating. Congratulations to you! I will treat myself this weekend in honor of you :)

  9. I just came across your website while reading an article. I am going to be coming here a lot more now! I am on my own journey to lose about 100 pounds. Reading stories like yours gives me confidence that I can do this!! thank you for sharing your story!

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  11. Mind if I borrowed your idea? I’ve been thinking of how to treat my self too. This really sparked a good one to me.

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