Smorgasbord (Calorie-Free!)

It’s hard to believe a week has passed since I set off for my blogger meet-up adventure. I’m reasonably certain I won’t be able to top last weekend for fun, but I’m going to give 110% effort trying! The weather should cooperate, so I’ll spend as much time as possible outdoors. I’m trying to cram in as much sunshine as possible before the temps start dropping.

Sharing a few items that caught my fancy this week:

Interesting fitness article on WiseBread this week: Fitness Rewards: Breaking a Sweat without Breaking the Bank

[With] wellness industries taking in billions of dollars each year; high-end running shoes costing as much as $200 a pair (to be replaced every four months, depending on mileage, according to experts. What experts?!); the average smoothie costing more than a meal; and the local grocery store that accepts food stamps yet sells moisturizers for upwards of $40, I suspect we’re investing more in ad campaigns than we are in our own wellness.

That said, a reward can be a wonderful thing and inspire us to continue to work toward a healthier, better self. So what can we do to step out of our role as consumers and simply do something to better ourselves?

As someone who, in days gone by, would start any fitness effort with a trip to Target, I found some truths in this article. Thank goodness I finally figured out that I couldn’t buy success ; I had to earn it.

Still, I don’t think it would break my gym to buy a BOSU. :)

Moving along. If you’re like me and use batch-cooking as a time-saver and cooking avoidance device, you might find this article from Yahoo Shine helpful: 6 Myths About Freezing Food. I had no idea you could re-freeze thawed foods!

And finally, a link to a video that never fails to make me smile and be calm. It’s one of those Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (no affiliation; I don’t even have their insurance) commercials about responsibility:

With that, I’ll push you into the weekend! May it be everything you hoped for…and MORE!

9 thoughts on “Smorgasbord (Calorie-Free!)

  1. “What’s your policy?” I am going to start saying that…great commercial.

    Thanks for stopping by to have green tea with me…you were in my dream! LOL! It was a very nice time and I hope you visit again!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Just found your blog at lunch today and will look forward to catching up on more of it on the weekend. I’m hoping my eensy-teensy steps start adding up before long :)

    Thank you for posting that video link; it’s what I needed to see today.

  3. I had no idea you could refreeze thawed food, so thanks for sharing that link! I learned a lot. :)

    I also liked the commercial. Kind of a good karma-good circle kind of thing. If I’m nice and care, it rubs off etc. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for the delish and fun smorgasbord! Have a great weekend. It’s gonna hit almost 100º here this weekend :(

  5. well that was helpful because I am pretty good about dating stuff that I put in the freezer (like some extra raw ground chicken breast today) but never knew when to toss it or use it by. I think I have some soups that I had better eat. Last spring when we had our big grad party for our teen, I had tons of baked goods that had been fully thawed and I wondered if I could refreeze them to take to our reunion. I did and they came out okay, maybe a bit drier. Honestly, that weekend was the most fun I’ve had in a long, long time… so I don’t expect any matching excitement here:)

  6. So, I’ve seen you commenting all over the place on blogs I read and yet for some stupid reason I never came over to check out your blog! Well here I am! :-) I’ve added you to my reader and I look forward to getting to know you better!

    Oh, and I love that commercial! I rarely watch TV so I am not up on the latest…

  7. Calorie free smorgasbords are what I am looking for a lot lately…mine today.. hour work out in the pool…YES I made.. helped with daughters jog-a-thon, walked and cooled the little runners down and NOW..the calorie free…

    Treating myself to a non self help book and a short nap…have a great weekend

  8. Cammy, I always have loved those commercials. I see them here a lot!

    Great article on the freezing of food too – thx!

    I am lucky that I joined my gym so long a go that my monthly dues are MINIMAL otherwise I might have been in trouble right now! 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend. Spending mine with my hubby of 28 years!

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