The Luckiest Person You Know

(Apologies for super long post, but there’s a lot going on around here. )

This is feeling like one of the Best Weekends Ever! It all started with Friday’s official announcement of the SHAPE magazine Blogger Award nominations. Yours truly has been nominated (yours truly knows not the who or how of it all) in the category of Inspiring Weight Loss Blogs.

Most of you know that I’m not especially competitive and don’t covet any awards (not counting a Pulitzer and/or The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes). I could easily name two dozen (or more!) blogs that were far more deserving, including in addition to the 19 other blogs nominated in this category. (edited for better mathematical sensibility)

Anyway, I’ll try not to go overboard with the award chatter. I’m not particularly good at self-promotion and social media campaigns (and I’m not likely to start now), but I’m both grateful and humbled to have my little blog included in the roster. Since SHAPE was kind enough to include me, I do need to mention it now and then. They even sent me a snazzy little badge for my sidebar which I’ll also tag onto a few posts throughout the contest. Like now:

There. That was fairly easy. Clicking on it will take you to the voting page, where you will find a list of the other nominated blogs. Be sure to check them out–there are a lot of incredible stories out there! Find one you like and show her some bloggy love! (And to those of you who showed me the love–thank you!)

While you’re checking things out, here’s a fun game: see how many bloggers you can identify just from the teensy thumbnail photos shown just below the featured blogger. It’s fun (I’m easily entertained), but unfortunately, while guessing I figured out that I am the oldest blogger in the group–by A LOT! I suspect I’m also the only one currently engrossed in a Cake Day Challenge. (Don’t tell SHAPE; that may disqualify me. While I may not care about winning, I’d hate to be thrown out for Conduct Unbecoming. OR for being too old.)

Okay, so I found out about the SHAPE thing a few weeks ago but didn’t learn it was official until Friday…just as I was headed out the door for a Very Special Weekend. You can’t wait to find out what was so special about it, can you? I should probably string it out until tomorrow, but to be honest, I can’t wait to tell you!

I just spent the better part of the weekend with, not one, not two, but THREE amazing bloggerwomen!

amazing blogger women

You probably recognize them, but just in case, allow me to introduce. From left to right, we have Sharon from Gains and Losses: Life Through Sharon’s Eyes, Yours Truly (a.k.a. the luckiest person you know), Michele, currently on hiatus from Healthy Cultivations; and Karen, from Waisting Time.

You can see where today’s post title comes from now, right? I’ve long been an admirer of each of these women but had never met them in person until this weekend. I am feeling truly lucky that time and circumstance (and some handy Marriott Rewards Points) allowed me to spend a couple nights in Little Rock in their company.

We convened Friday evening. Karen & Sharon graciously allowed us to use their suite–complete with fireplace and comfy sitting area–for our mini-blogger conference. As you might expect from a gathering of people who mostly haven’t ever met, there was an initial period of awkward silence–hah! NOT! We started jabbering from the very first moment and didn’t stop until we parted company this morning. LOL These are definitely new friends who feel very, very much like old friends.

Throughout the weekend, we talked about all things blogging as well as weight loss/maintenance. We shared tips and tricks, joys and frustrations, plans and dreams, and so on. We didn’t just sit around and talk, though. On Saturday, we ventured into downtown Little Rock, where we walked and talked, rode a trolley and talked, shopped the farmers’ market and talked, and then had lunch and talked.

And what do weight-and-fitness-conscious bloggers eat?


For our lunch-and-talk, we ate at Dizzy’s Grill and Bistro downtown, a fun and funky place with interesting art and good food. I had the Melancholy Saladness with raspberry vinaigrette pictured in the lower right. I was a little hyper-focused on my lunch and didn’t really notice what the others had, but it sure looks tasty from this vantage point!

After lunch, to my dismay, we did NOT get to go to my suggested next stop:

Cammy at bakery

Could you deny that face? (Ignore the squish belly when you answer that.) Despite going in and drooling all over the display case of the Brown Sugar Bakeshop, we didn’t order anything. Not even the red velvet chess squares! We deserve a medal, don’t you think? (Note to Brown Sugar people: I shall return when I am not full of Melancholy Saladness!)

After returning to Command Central (the Sharon-Karen suite) for some more talk, we wanted a simple and light dinner so we headed to Panera. The weather for the weekend was gorgeous and we were able to dine alfresco…and then linger for more easy conversation in the twilight. We just missed what looked like a great sale at the running store next door; they had closed by the time we realized it was there. Their loss. Dangerously, the Orange Leaf Yogurt shop across the parking lot was still open. My mouth wanted it; my belly was full from my tuna sandwich. Maybe next time. If I don’t fill up on red velvet chess squares, that is. :)

We met up again this morning for a last bit of chatting before saying good-bye. I, for one, would have really enjoyed at least one more day. Or a week. :)
For me, this weekend was so much more personally relevant than all of the blog conferences I’ve attended. While I’ve met some wonderful bloggers at the other conferences, the connection with this group was incredibly powerful and uplifting. (They reminded me of my beloved fellow Danger Girls, only without the car crashing through the wall.) For every difference in approach or thought, our quests are the same–improvement and progress, whatever our definition of that is. Their stories, insights, and opinions are illuminating and motivating…and appreciated. I learned something important from each of these special women. I’m still trying to process it all. Our next meet-up–and we all agree there will be one–can’t come soon enough! (Thanks to the LR crew for one awesome weekend, for allowing me to use your photos, AND for letting me keep tabs on the ballgame Friday night!)

As crazy as it seems, that wasn’t all the wonderful stuff that happened this weekend! I’ll share more as I process that, but for now I’m just going to sit and enjoy my good fortune as I drift off to sleep.

19 thoughts on “The Luckiest Person You Know

  1. So very cool that you got nominated. You gots my vote!

    That shot of you in front of the bakery is my new favorite pic of you.

    What a fan-fuc*ing-tastic weekend!

  2. I’m smiling:) And, I do love your new search feature!!! Thank you for using that photo because if you had not I was going back and putting int in MY post! My biggest weekend disappointment might just be not tasting a chess square thing now that I know how very close we all were to sharing something sweet. And, LOL, I can now hear your accent in my head when I read your post:)

    Hugs, friend.

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  4. Cammy, congrats on the Shape nomination! You deserve it & so many blog friends in your category & the others!

    What fun for that blogger weekend! I only know Karen but I am sure it was fun for all & sure sounded like it! Can’t wait to hear the rest of your news!

  5. Hi Cammy. A million congratulations on your nomination!!!! And wow..the meetup sounds fun. Love all the bloggers you spent time with! Have a great Monday – look forward to MORE of your news.

  6. I voted for you AFTER I finished your re-telling of the weekend. (I trust you were rooting for the Cardinals!)

    Congratulations on the nomination – so very well deserved!

  7. Oh my, I am jealous. However, it does seem VERY WRONG that no cake or frozen yogurt was consumed during your meet-up.

    Thanks for the recap and for all the great pictures!

  8. I’m sitting here in my den with finally some time to gather my thoughts (IOW, houseguests I arrived home too have gone) and reflect on how truly amazing the weekend was. It really was an incredibly comfortable connection. O.K., next time we’ll get cupcakes!

  9. First congratulations on your nomination and just to let you know I voted for you on Friday and I came over here to see if you had posted about your nomination but didn’t see anything!

    What an awesome weekend you gals had together. Kindred spirits I would say.

  10. A big congratulations to you Cammy, for being nominated by Shape – WOW! This is really one of those occasions where to be nominated really is an honor :)
    As for your weekend, having read all of the other ladies’ blogs, I am officially green with envy 😉 And that cake shop? I think I would have been all over that!!

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  12. I proudly cast my vote for your blog. Congrats to you for a much deserved honor.

    Love the spunky photo of you in front of the bakery. Sounds like a great meet up.

    Thanks for all the positive energy you put out there in this corner of the bloggerverse.

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