The Power of Teamwork

cardinals win world series

We won!

Well, okay, I suppose they won, but surely my cheering and support helped. Not to mention, that I went on a two-week vacation with my parents(!) to get the Cardinals’ season off to a proper start. (Never mind that they lost both games we saw and looked like a Little League team doing it.) That has to count for something, right?

Last night’s Game 7 of the series was somewhat anti-climatic, to tell you the truth. Game 6 on Thursday night told the real story. The Cards were behind in the Series, 3-2. If the Rangers won the game, they won the Series. Twice, the Cardinals were one strike away from losing the whole shebang, but they hung together and pulled out an 11th inning win to even things up, 3-3! Compared to that nail-biter, the final game was a breeze. (Well, it was a breeze if you were watching it on television. Actually playing in it might have been different.) And every single player contributed to the cause.

Watching the on-field celebration and awards after the game, MVP (Most Valuable Player, for you non sports-geeks) David Freese said something that really resonated with me.

“This is why you keep battling. Sometimes things don’t work out, you get injured, you do stupid stuff, but you try to stay on path. You surround yourself with guys like we have on this team. I’m so glad to be part of this.

I’ve had plenty of days in my life where I’d thought, you know, I wouldn’t even be close to being a big leaguer. I’m here because of everyone around me. They put so much trust in me to accomplish, not just baseball, but stuff in life. To do this, I’m just full of joy.”

I sometimes do stupid stuff. I get injured. Life doesn’t go like I think it should. Despite that, I stay on path, and that’s because I’m part of a great team. (That’d be you guys.) We may not be playing a blemish-free game and look a lot like Little-Leaguers from time to time, but we hold each other up and we’re still in the hunt. And like MVP Freese, I’m filled with joy just to be a part of it.

Thank you for letting me play on your team!

Now, it bears mentioning that while baseball is now officially in the off-season, we are still playing. And we have to keep playing all through the winter, right? RIGHT? :)

(Note: I included rally squirrel in the photo snip above, because he’s part of the team too. Also, to include the credit for the screenshot source: The St. Louis Post Dispatch.)

12 thoughts on “The Power of Teamwork

  1. Congratulations on the win! And yeah, those words make a lot of sense. We all need support to get where we want to go :)

  2. I have a friend who is an avid Rangers fan. And from her perspective, it’s pretty much the same. THIS time, they fell just short of their goal. Will they quit? Will they disband as a team? Of course not! I’m sure they are already developing strategies for coming back next year stronger than ever AS A TEAM! SUPPORTING EACH OTHER! And working towards the goal. Hmmmmm…….no matter which way you look at it, there are lessons for all of us. Right??

  3. What a great analogy! I sure needed that this morning. Love hearing that MVP’s words, esp. that he didn’t feel worthy of being in the big league.

    You’re a good cheerleader, Cammy!

  4. The Cards came from a huge deficit in the regular season, down to their last strike – twice – in the 6th game, and finally won. I still have my Cardinal hat from my teen years (somewhere). My Dad, though, is heartsick. He was so pleased the Rangers overcame adversity. like loser their star pitcher, to get back to the series but “blew it”, in his words.

    Well, I don’t intend to blow it this time. Although it feels like I am in extra innings…

    Thanks for sharing the quote from Freese. This game, battle, dance, whatever, to get and stay healthy as one ages does take a lot of support. I, too, am grateful for the blogging community that continues to play on my team!

  5. Great post Cammy! Loved it! Although I had no investment in this series & really don’t even follow baseball, I wanted the Cards to win cause although I love my Texas friends, a bit too many crazy political people there for me! 😉 I know, I stupid reason to pick a side but that is how I did it! 😉

    Congrats to your win on all fronts!

  6. Very good analogy, Cammy. And teams don’t have to be in real life members, either. The internet is such a great team to be a part of!

  7. I’m happy your “other” team won!
    And I’m so happy, proud and excited to be on this team with you!!
    I feel it too.
    Great post and you made the next part of “our season” sound like alot more fun than it just felt to me during my Sunday morning workout.

  8. YES, I am definitely a part of this team through winter, Cammy. You can count on me!!
    Actually, I seem to do better during the winter months. Don’t know why that is, but I’m looking forward to getting back into my dreadmill routine.

  9. Great post Cammy! To see the Cards make a come from behind win in the series was definitely a joy for the fans like us. That’s one reason why I love baseball.

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