What Exactly IS The Tippy Toe Diet?

Given that I plod around in a generally confused state a good bit of the time, it’s not surprising that my blog title confuses people. Usually phrases that begin with The and end with Diet are accompanied by an eating and exercise plan, so when people come here and see it used in conjunction with Halloween Candy Cheat Sheets and Cake Day Challenges, some head-scratching may occur. (Good for shoulders and biceps, not to mention the scalp.) As a result, I get emails asking for the details of “the diet.” And then I feel bad because, as longer-term readers know, there is no official Tippy Toe Diet Plan. The “secret” is in the tag line:

Changing to a healthier lifestyle, one eensy, teensy step at a time.

As for which steps, well, those depend on what YOU need to step away from. I wrote about the primary changes that helped me in 5 Weight Loss Habits I Ditched and 6 I Adopted. It’s a nice, neat summation, but it’s 17 months and counting worth of work to get there. (Only to find out there is no there–I’m constantly changing and tweaking and adapting, which is, in my opinion, why I’m usually so darned happy most of the time!)

As to how to find your steps, you might be helped by Beginning at the End, visualizing how you want to live your life in the longer term and then creating the steps that will get you there comfortably. If there’s a big gap in your vision and where you are now, you may find it easier to make the transition by implementing a series of smaller steps, as opposed to trying to get there in one giant leap. In fact, you could start with a JOLT–Just One Little Thing you commit to doing tomorrow.

Again, I’m sorry if you came here looking for a specific plan. I hope the links I referenced help you find your path to success. To paraphrase Glinda the Good Witch, you have the answers inside you. Now it’s time to find a way to tap into them! So go JOLT yourself! (legal in most states and municipalities. Except, probably, Alabama.)

Meanwhile, I’ll be here to cheer you on! I even have pom-poms!


Thanks to “R” for the inspiration! :)

19 thoughts on “What Exactly IS The Tippy Toe Diet?

  1. I do know what a great cheerleader you are… however, I also see that your pom poms are still sealed to their original packaging and tucked away…
    This won’t do! Get those babies out and use them during your workouts. Then make a video for us! Little skirt and ponytail are optional.

  2. I agree with you FatFighterTV! I also came here for some giggles. And I also find this blog very informative. By the way I love your “Your Halloween Candy Cheat Sheet” post! Thanks!

  3. Personally, I come here to see how YOU are doing. We all have to have our own plan, everyone else’s plans aren’t going to work for me. I can take certain tips and tricks from bloggers around the world, but at the end of the day I’m making my own plan – trying and failing and trying again. :)

  4. You always have the best attitude even under tough conditions! You did it right Cammy. I love the Glinda quote. I was watching Oprah’s Lifeclaas last night & she was saying sort of the same thing. If we look inside ourselves, we will find the passion & our life calling & as you said, the answers.

  5. I think my “diet” is very similar to yours. Nothing is ever off limits, just the portion size. It’s unrealistic to think you’ll never have another piece of pizza or birthday cake and honestly, who would want to? You just have to eat better more often than not and move the bod. Great post!

  6. I think those of us who have struggled with our weight are always looking for the “plan” that is going to finally help up get what we want.

    We are looking for that magic bullet and it seems inconceivable that our success might hinge on making one eensy teensy step at a time.

    When you start reading peoples weight loss success stories you do discover that they worked their way to success one step at a time. Making changes over a period of time and revamping their plan along the way to adapt to their lifestyle. In the long run that is the only way to maintain the weight loss.

    It’s simple yet difficult all at the same time!

    You have a great attitude and approach to your healthy lifestyle!

  7. Cammy, I love the way you think and the positivity of your posts. I hadn’t read two of the ones you referenced and they are terrific as well. Thanks for putting the time in to write posts that are helpful AND funny!

  8. Your approach certainly works! I greatly admire what you’ve achieved and how you’ve changed your life by making small and meaningful changes.

  9. Oh, Cammy! I just love the heck out of the way you write. And your pithy subjects. (…and the word pithy – it’s just so…pithy.) *giggle*

    • It’s coming, Karen! I’ve been reworking my About page for the past week or so but just had the time to finalize it. (The weather has turned cooler now, so I’ll have more time indoors. :))

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  11. Love your posts and your approach to weight loss. Slow and steady is the only way that works and because we are all different it’s best for each of us to craft our own approach to weight loss. Unfortunately too many people just want to follow a predetermined plan!

    Love the pom poms!!

  12. Hey, what is with the Alabama slur. You would think AL is playing TN this weekend or something. I noticed those pom poms looked crimson & red to me. Maybe they were orange but who could tell.

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