Why Must Weekends End?

It’s really sad when you think about it. I don’t even have a job, and I’m still kvetching about too-short weekends! I can’t seem to help myself, because it was just so amazingly gorgeous this weekend!

I knew wonderful things would happen when I went to the grocery store on Friday and found this bargain buy:

Fage Yogurt on sale

You know, if I can’t win the lottery, Fage 0% (or Oikos or Chobani) at $0.70 per tub is just about the next best thing. The first being my $20 Kitchen Aid Mixer, of course. (Hah, y’all thought I wasn’t ever going to mention that again, didn’t you?)

Yesterday morning I stopped in at a yard sale on my way home from an errand and for $5 I picked up two Taste of Home Light cookbook annuals, some cute, cute pictures for my bathroom, and a nice 5×7 picture frame. \0/

I flipped through the cookbooks today and while there are some good recipe ideas in it, I doubt I’ll make many of them. Not as written, anyway. There’s a huge (and I do mean HUGE) emphasis on low-fat everything, to the point that it becomes silly. I’m all in favor of reducing and monitoring fat intake, but not by adding a bunch of fake products in its place. Another negative (to me) is that every other dish seemed to have pasta or white rice added to it. Again, I’m not against either of those foods, in moderation, but it was off-putting to see them show up so frequently. All that said, I did get some good ideas for new dishes to try. I’ll just have to tinker a bit. :)

As for the 5×7 picture frame, I almost broke down and bought one at Target the other day. I’ve been wanting to make a writeboard for my desk, kind of like this one. Only mine will be cuter, of course. I’m going to put some vellum or maybe some lace in the frame for a pretty backdrop. Photos will follow in whichever year I remember to drop in at Michael’s and pick up what I need. LOL

The rest of yesterday was spent on chores and then a lovely walk outdoors in the sunshine and 70-ish° temps. I even squeezed in some time to simply sit outside and breathe. ::happy sigh::

Today was equally grand. It was my father’s 75th birthday and we went out for our midday meal. He chose Picadilly, a local cafeteria, because it’s one of the few restaurants Memaw will go to and, I suspect, so that he could have some strawberry shortcake. (Like father, like daughter.) Only, I didn’t have any shortcake. Nor did I have any of this:

red velvet cheesecake

This is some sort of North and South fusion: red velvet cake on cheesecake. My sister, brother-in-law, and Memaw shared it while Mom and Dad shared the strawberry shortcake. Not ONE of them offered me so much as a bite! For this, they will pay. I have a memory like a…well, I don’t have much of a memory. But I’m sure I’ll remember this and revenge will be mine. I already got a head start and didn’t invite any of them to go for fro-yo with me. *cue evil laugh*
Oh, and for those keeping score, my lunch/dinner was veggies and bread: green beans, lima beans, sweet potatoes and a wedge of jalapeno cornbread. Starch, anyone? :)

I also made a trip to Target where I studied this (which might make an appearance on my Christmas list) for a bit:

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker

I’m undecided about acquiring this. On the one hand, I can make banana soft-serve in my mixer, but on the other, maybe I’d like to branch out into other flavors. I’m also a little iffy because I made such fun of that yonana machine and I’m not seeing how this is much different. :)

And then I came home and used my lunch carbs for good with another walk in the sunshine. I walked almost 3 miles which brought my weekly total to 17. Two of those miles were walking at the zoo, but when I add my miles to my 3 strength training workouts, I’m counting this as a good exercise week. Go me!

Now I’m home again and getting ready to do some blog catch-up while I attempt to cheer on the Cardinals and get them to suck less than they did in yesterday’s game. (It was like spring training all over again.)

I hope you all had an equally magnificent weekend. And if you didn’t, pardon my gloating.

13 thoughts on “Why Must Weekends End?

  1. Ah yes, the light cookbooks following the high carb, low fat guidelines that work so well. 😀

    You know, they make an ice cream churn for the kitchenaid. We have one and it works quite well!

    Happy birthday to your dad!

  2. Glad you had a nice weekend. My days are pretty much all like each other without jobs and school, anymore. But, I tend to avoid running errands on weekends if I can help it and the bike path is wayyy more busy.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend…it has been grey and gloomy here…but I made my own sunshine out of egg salad and bacon!

  4. OK, Seriously, I’m beyond jealous right now of your kitchen aid mixer for that cheap! I’m just in shock right now… speechless yet so happy for you.

  5. Well, yes, o.k. you can gloat because I recognize those orange and yellow Manager’s Special stickers and I thought I was doing great when I found the same thing at my Kroger for $.89. Geez! Just had to brag from over there in the west end of the state, didn’t you??

    I laughed out loud when you mentioned Piccadilly Cafeteria. Haven’t heard of that in years. Bet you remember Morrison’s too, don’t you?

    Got any exciting plans for NEXT weekend?

  6. Sounds like you had a very nice weekend. And that North/South fusion — that would be worth a few extra WW points for a few bites of that one.

    And Fage for seventy cents! Jackpot!

  7. Cammy, like you, no job yet but still like the weekends. I guess cause very little blog & computer work for me but during the week a lot. AND, hubby is home & we get out of the house almost all day both days….

    What a yogurt find! I buy the big container either at Costco OR TJ’s now has a big container of theirs BUT your find is amazing!

    On getting a bite of the sweets, I don’t ask & just take! 😉 I love that you don’t eat it just because you are celebrating a family bday. Many do but as I write often, if we do that for every celebration, well, you get it! :-)

  8. Sounds like fun running around. I’m still a bit housebound because I just don’t have the energy yet to get out and 1 pain pill knocks me out. I haven’t heard (or seen typed) the word “Picadilly” in eons! Ah, the Southern cafeterias – grew up in those with my grandparents.

  9. I was asking the same question last night when the Sunday night blues hit me. But I had to be up at 06h30 this morning… and the next four mornings. Such is life, I suppose. Still, it was a good weekend.

    Glad you had a good time too!

  10. I’m just starting to appreciate the weekends, now that I’m no longer working. I worked weekends for so long, I got used to ignoring them.

    You know, I think those ice cream makers work the same as mine–with the freezer bowl. The trouble is, the bowl is so cold that the ice cream freezes hard as a rock next to the bowl so you can’t get it all out when you’re done making it. Otherwise I love the idea of a single serving ice cream maker.

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