Wonderful Weekend of Celebrating

Quickly recapping my celebration of 3 years of maintenance.

Before I went to the gym, I treated myself to a blissful hour of reading outside. The sun was shining, it was relatively warm, and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity before cooler weather arrives this week. I was so relaxed that I almost didn’t want to go to the gym. But I got over it! :)

I also treated myself to one of my favorite meals: Mexican Chicken. For celebrating, I broke open a bag of Archer Farms Hummus Chips to enjoy with salsa. Yummy!

My final treat of the day was…to go to bed early! I was sleepy at 8:30 and rather than fight it off in favor of mindless internet surfing completing some chores, I decided to indulge myself and go to bed. I must have needed it, because I slept until the alarm went off at 5:30 Saturday morning.

I started off the day downtown at a neighborhood summit organized by Livable Memphis. The focus this year was on how communities are using technology to better communicate. I picked up some good ideas for our neighborhood association and met some interesting people. I also had my first treat of the day: banana bread! I don’t know which bakery provided it, but it was delicious! Otherlands provided the coffee, and it was…other-wordly. I had several cups, and I rarely drink coffee!

It was a beautiful warm-ish day outside, so I skipped the afternoon session in favor of getting out and about.

tree showing fall color

We’re just starting to see some fall color here. It’s a pity everyone rushes to rake their leaves; I enjoy walking through them and watching them skitter across the ground.

I rushed home (via Bogie’s Deli) for a nice long walk. Unfortunately, I overdressed and got a little too warm. There’s no tarrying under the trees for shade these days, what with all the ghosts that lurk there, even in broad daylight:

ghost decoration in tree

Ooh, spooky! I scooted away as fast as I could and decided to go for my second treat:

soda advertisement

Fizzy, chemical-ly relief from the heat! Yes, they sold water there, but I had only enough cash for this and my third treat of the day:
hostess orange cupcakes

Got ya! I didn’t have those, of course! Surprisingly, I wasn’t even tempted. They caught my attention only because there were 3 of them in the package. Really. :)

My actual third treat was 3 lottery tickets! Sadly, I did not win the big jackpot, but I did have — get this–3 of the winning numbers! My big payoff should be about $7.00. :)

My first treat of the day was a trip to Whole Foods to spend my Living Social certificate. I’ll have a report on that tomorrow.

My second treat was permission to shorten my planned 1-hour walk when it started sprinkling on my cute little head. I made it 40 minutes, traveling 2-point-something miles, and called it done. It was much cooler out today (in the 50s!) and even wearing base layers and thicker fleece, I was feeling chilled. Not to mention, damp fleece weighs about a 100 pounds and clings in a most unbecoming way.

Last treat of the day will be an at-home facial and a much-needed soak in hot bubbles while I listen to the Cardinals try to win their 3rd game of the Series. (Did anyone see the awesome game Saturday night?)

That’s not all I did this weekend, but it covers the treat-like items. What did YOU do this weekend? Did you treat yourself to something that’s going to make me insanely envious? (I hope so!)

15 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend of Celebrating

  1. I’m glad you had such a wonderful weekend. Mine was fairly blissful too. On Saturday, I declared it Do As I Please Day. I did nothing around my apartment except take out the trash. I went to DSW for some long overdue new shoes for work and another pair for wearing with the jeans I’ll be able to button when I lose about another 15 pounds. Then, I watched some tv, watched a really bad movie (but admit to laughing out loud several times), and went to sleep early. It was fantastic!!!

  2. Congratulations. Your three year of maintenance has paid off. I feel that your website had inspired me a lot in my own quest towards healthy living. Thank you for your meaningful posts so far, and thank you in advance for the future!

  3. sounds like an awesome treat-filled time :) the weather has been gorgeous here too. i’m loving this fall. congrats on the ‘versary!

  4. That sounds like a delightful weekend!

    I spent a lovely evening with my friend on Friday, on Satuday I slept and read and on Sunday we had a sick kitty that needed to go to the vet. She seems better now, fortunately. I did see my family on Sunday too, and it actually went quite well. I laid down a boundary…


    My weekend was filled with Doing Unto Others (from volunteering to the husband :) he got a massage while I rolled with the Child) BUT today Im hoping to git some Me-TIME!

  6. I’m trying my best to send the fall colors westward…..it is GORGEOUS in East TN and has barely begun.

    I had a terrific weekend beginning with Homecoming at my college alma mater. Well, if you can call being reminded that you graduated 34 years ago FUN! After that, we did some leaf peeping with stops at one of our favorite Amish Bulk Food stores and my favorite apple orchard.

    You and I are on the same wavelength. EVERY day should involve at least one treat and at least one effort to pay it forward.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Those cupcakes turned my stomach…orange. Blech! Now if they were chocolate, I’d have had a different reaction! LOL So glad you rewarded yourself for your big accomplishment!

    I blogged about my treat. A reduced ring size! I’m so happy! :-)

  8. I have several similar recipes for mexican chicken in the crockpot and love them all. And most taste even better as leftovers! I brought on with me to LR for dinner that first night:)

  9. Wow, you really do know how to treat yourself. And yes, you did get me with that hostess cupcake pic–I was kind of relieved you didn’t eat those silly things.

    One of these days I’ll remember to try your mexican chicken before I cook all the chicken breasts I bought (like yesterday…)

  10. Loved these photos, Cammy. And I’m glad you enjoyed the rest of your celebration weekend!
    The only thing I did to really, really treat myself was by rolling the dice and purchasing a couple of pairs of luxury denim items for a DEAL off Nordstrom Rack (had no idea this place even existed!!) Won’t know till Wednesday whether or not it was a smart idea :)

  11. Your Mexican Chicken recipe made my mouth water.
    I enjoyed my walk with you – thanks for sharing your day.
    Beware of the ghosties – and the cupcakes! LOL

  12. First of all I love your blog I found it a few weeks ago and look forward to reading it. Your weekend sounds like it was a blast. I took some me time this weekend. You see I have 3 young children and I am a stay at home mom so usually there is a child with me at all times. I left the house grabbed a coffee and just relaxed and enjoyed the quiet. Hope you have a great week!

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