Cammy: Street-Fighter Edition

This was one of those weekends I’m glad to have behind me. Too many calories, too little exercise, not enough sleep, and nothing significant accomplished on the to-do list. Basically, I was 0-for-4.

I have those weekends from time to time, and generally, I’m okay with it. As long as it doesn’t become a pattern, that is, and I really don’t see that happening here. This past weekend was a collision of the sort of last-minute pet-sitting gig, the all day BarCamp meeting on Saturday, and too-tired-to-do-much-of-anything on Sunday. Added to the crazy schedule I had last week with contract jobs, it left me feeling off-kilter, and not in an entirely good way.

So this week is all about the return of Street-Fighter Cammy!

cammy streetfighter action figure
Not everyone is as fortunate as I am to have an actual action figure (available on eBay for $38.88) to call upon for inspiration, but people named ‘Cammy’ do. I’m not wild about the thong or the overly idealized, sexist physical image, but what can you expect from a character in a video game targeted to men?

According to the CammyFan page, Street-Fighter Cammy has many personality characteristics:

“moodiness, strength, bravery, sadness, stubbornness, rebelliousness, humor, intelligence, sense of duty, toughness, love of cats, and most importantly… her desire to be the best, and to fight on no matter what the odds.”

Hmmm, remarkably like me. :) I don’t really desire to be THE best, but I do want to be MY best. That requires a little more planning and a lot more toughness than I showed this past weekend. And, of course, a sense of humor never hurts. :)

I believe we all have an inner warrior (although perhaps not listed on eBay) that we can use to work through adversity. If you had one of those weekends, I hope you’re able to dig deep today and fight on. Being OUR best is a debt of honor we owe ourselves. We deserve it!

What aspect of your personality can you use to summon your inner street-fighter?

Me? I’m getting stubborn. :)

16 thoughts on “Cammy: Street-Fighter Edition

  1. This is me giggling at the 3D version of an anime character and the thought that it has a fan page :)

    Sometimes it has only been my stubborness that has kept me going to lose half of my body fat. People are pestering me to stop now as I struggle with a really long plateua. Maybe my body is trying to tell me something. I do need to consider how much that extra skin weighs. But screw ’em – I plan to keep eating my way/weigh forever. If I lose another 20 pounds fine. If I don’t, well, guess I’m in maintenance. (Sounds like a blog post idea, hmm.)

  2. I’m jealous. I’d love an action figure named Donna, but the mental picture of a 73-year-old action figure in a thong is more than I can deal with at the moment… *giggle*

  3. Guess it would be my independence. We need friends, we need relationships, we need family, we need to feel loved and cared for, BUT in the end, our choices our OUR responsibility and no one else can make them for us or force us to make good ones.

    Will you be giving Cammy Street Fighter Christmas gifts to all your friends and family?

  4. Oh now that is funny! I really am persistent and I do keep trying even if I don’t succeed the first time around. Practice makes perfect they say and I may not be a warrior but I keep moving forward.

    My weekend was okay. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to since my computer had a stroke and all but that is how things go sometimes. I’m trying to roll with it. :)

  5. Hi Cammy, that is a riot. LOVE your superhero!!! I think my powers are patience and humour. And the firm commitment NEVER to wear a unitard like Street Fighter Cammy!!! Have a great Monday!!!

  6. I am stubborn and a competitor. Not always easy when I am competing against myself! LOL!! That is why I am having a friendly competition with Kris from Eclipsed!!

  7. Street fighter Debby summoned up all her super-human powers and washed ALL the dishes that were overflowing in the sinks today. And she did it without wearing a thong. Now street fighter debby is worn out and surfing the blogs, awaiting her super-human powers to return, so she can take her super dog for a walk.

  8. How freaking cool is that??? I so want a Jenn action figure! Lessee…my action figure’s description would probably be very similar to Mary Poppins’….practically perfect in every way! hahaha 😉

  9. Cammy, that is too funny on that action figure! Can you ask for residuals from it? 😉 I think we have all had weekends or days on days like this. I have a lot of “willpower or willingness” or whatever you want to call it & I am tenacious about getting those workouts in although it may cost me some sleep! :-O

    Hope you get back to not so crazed! :-)

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