Happy Day-After!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Or even just one awesome Thursday!

My day was spent mostly on my own–well, with my BFW (best friend of the weekend) Sally:

sally (dog)

She’s a cutie, with lots of personality. I may dognap her.

I did meet the family for Thanksgiving dinner and had a good time. My “feast” was ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a big fluffy yeast roll. I haven’t had one of those in ages, so I especially enjoyed it. I almost opted for the candied sweet potatoes over the mashed potatoes, but considering I’ve been eating baked sweet potatoes at least three times a week this month, I decided a little variety was called for. :)

I also had a slice of some sort of brownie cheesecake. It was delicious, to say the least! The only thing that marred my enjoyment of it just a bit was the realization that, in remarkably bad timing on my part, my Thanksgiving splurge coincided with my accumulation of 1000 points for my Cake Day Challenge. Oh no! Did this mean that I had to count that one dessert as both my splurge and my Cake Day reward?

Oh, hell no. So today I had a brownie. Frosted! :)

And that’s really only because BFW Sally and I had walked 3 miles yesterday and about 2.5 miles today. Otherwise, I might have allowed a day or three in between splurgey events.

But that’s why we call them holidays, right?

This morning started super early. Not by intention, but because I had to make a predawn trip to the bathroom and lost the approximately 12 inches of bed space I had been allotted by Sally. So since I was up, I decided to head out waaaay earlier than intended to Sears. I’m not a big Black Friday shopper, but I did have a need for a few winter tops for “business casual” attire. (Much to my dismay, fleece is generally not considered professional wear.) I was hoping Sears would have a few simple, inexpensive pieces, and they didn’t disappoint. With the help of a $10 coupon, I bought 4 knit tops (for layering under sweaters) and two sweaters for $58! Color me thrilled. (I also just found out they have a $5 coupon valid tomorrow, so I’m going back to get the cardigan I put back today.)

After leaving Sears (which had been busy, but not swarmed), I saw that Target had almost no cars in the lot. I hung a quick right and parked closer than I do on my normal Sunday a.m. Target runs. I guess the crowds were in there in the middle of the night? Anyway, I didn’t tarry, just in case the hordes descended. I grabbed what I went in for, and skeedaddled.

And what did I go in for? This:
oster blend stick

I am the proud owner of a new Oster Blend Stick thingie! On sale for $14! And technically, it didn’t cost me anything since I used a gift card from last Christmas to buy it. Win! Win!

I’ve thought about buying an immersion blender in the past, but I wasn’t sure how much I would use one. Twice in the past few weeks I’ve wished I had one (most recently when I had to transfer the hot contents of my crockot to my Vitamix and back), so when I saw this sale, I promised myself that if I happened to pass Target on Friday and it wasn’t mobbed, I’d stop in and buy it. Luck was going my way, it seems!

From Target, I went to Michael’s to pick up some ModPodge. Of course I had to pick up a Ghiardelli Dark Chocolate square at the check-out (I truly was feeling a bit low on energy–truly) and after she rang it up, the cashier told me I also would receive a free gift, which was this:

ghiardellia and godiva candy bars

An entire Godiva chocolate bar! I wish she had mentioned it before I bought the G-square!

For one very brief moment, I considered telling her, “No, thank you,” but then I came to my senses. It is Godiva, after all. So I tucked it into the inner pocket of my purse, while I pretend to forget it’s there. So far, it’s working. Or it was before I typed this up. :)

After stops at Office Max and Pier One (where I actually bought a gift for someone else), I headed back to Sally and our afternoon walk. It was a gorgeous day out today, with temps near 70°. Tomorrow the cold and rain move back in, and there are rumors of snow showers next week. I’m definitely glad we got out and enjoyed the day.

And that’s my Sunny Black Friday report. Did you venture out for any sales?

8 thoughts on “Happy Day-After!

  1. Hi Cammy. I’m ooooh-ing at your wonderful “Oster Blend Stick THINGY”, and the adorable Sally. What a little face. AWWW!!!Sounds like you had a great Black Friday. Hope that carries on to the weekend!!!

  2. Wow! I call that a resounding Black Friday success! Heard a local news report yesterday morning saying our Target’s were busy from midnight to 3 a.m. and then “virtually empty” from 3 until 7. I spent my day in the mountains, but noted Walmart parking lot on the way home and it looked no more crowded than a normal Saturday morning. I think there were more people on the trail we did than at Walmart which makes me very, very happy!!

  3. Score on the stick blender!! They are surprisingly handy, I have to say.

    Sally has such a precious face!

    I avoid BF crowds. I am not a crowd person *at all* and get pretty crabby when there are too many people LOL! We were going to shop local this weekend, but with temps in the mid 50s, I think the bikes can come back out instead!

  4. Sally looks adorable!

    You gotta have a stick blender – so useful for soups. Glad you found one virtually for free!

  5. I so love your attitude about food. Hope to attain that someday! And love your shopping scores. Sally looks like a labradoodle. They are really nice dogs.

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