Ringing in some NEW

I don’t know if it’s the rapidly approaching new year or some vague sense of being in a minor rut, but I’ve been doing a lot of new things lately. In just the last few weeks:

– I created my new blog which required I learn how to set up my hosting account for multiple domains and that I learn to set up a WordPress blog from scratch.
– I began working on a new contract job to help a small business get its books set up on QuickBooks. I’ve never actually used QuickBooks before, but I’m figuring it out pretty quickly. The fact that the business owner knows less than I do is helpful, and it makes me the expert. :)
– I began a new project to document the financial policies and processes of a non-profit organization to which I belong and serve on the finance committee. I’ve written lots of documentation in my career, but I’ve never had to document procedures I didn’t know well.
– Today I start another extremely part-time gig as a trainer for some newfangled cola dispenser being installed in restaurants. I haven’t even seen the dispenser, much less used it, so I’m thinking this will be interesting. :)
– Oh, and on Saturday, I rode Roger-from-down-the-street‘s recumbent bike:

roger's recumbent bike

Photo credit: Roger

::pause for digression:: One word: want! Totally different muscle group used than a regular bike, and very unlike the recumbent bike at the gym with respect to core work. I couldn’t see myself riding it long distances, but you never know. Since I don’t have one and none of the aforementioned jobs even pay a living wage, I don’t think we have to worry about it. :)

Anyway, back to trying new things. Many of you know of my love of trying new things. The planning and anticipating, the novelty of unexplored-to-me territory, the accomplishment or the, ahem!, “lesson learned”–those are the elements that make trying new things so rewarding! I didn’t always feel like that. Way back when, I shared a story of a new endeavor that didn’t go so well:

Years ago, I made a mistake at work (disclosure: it wasn’t the only one) that resulted in 5 people having to stay late on the very night the Lakers and Celtics were playing Game 4 of the NBA championship. That bit of trivia stands out because one of the guys reminded me of it every few minutes.

As I sat there trying to recall if there was a nearby rock to crawl under, one of the managers of the group stopped by my desk and offered me a bit of wisdom that has stayed with me for all this time:

The only ones not making mistakes are the ones not doing anything.

I use that phrase a lot for inspiration for work, yet never thought about how it applies to this healthier living stuff until a few years ago. I realized that I wasn’t even trying to address my weight and health because I was so afraid of failing again. So I didn’t do anything.

Fear is often what holds us back. That’s only natural. It’s disappointing and embarrassing to fail. At least, that’s what we’re conditioned to think. What I understand NOW, thanks to my friend’s words and the wisdom of age, is that in trying and failing at something, we focus too much on the failing part and don’t spend enough time acknowledging that we were at least trying. (Provided, of course, that we were trying and not just saying we were trying. Not that I’ve done that, mind you.) And that hyper-focus on failure can cause us to miss some potentially life-changing lessons to be learned from it.

None of the new things I’m trying these days is particularly fear-inducing. Well, other than the first 5-10 seconds on Roger’s bike. I can quit any of them at any time if they’re not my thing. At least I’ll know they weren’t for me because I tried them, and that will be a reward in and of itself. If ishould be presented with a “learning opportunity” along the way, well, that’s just a double bonus. :)

What new thing have you tried recently? Or what’s something new you’ve been wanting to try? What’s holding you back? What are the chances you’ll give it a go this week?

Today’s celebratory Serentipity tip:

If you’re using a marker that’s just about breathing its last breath (so to speak), dip the tip of it in distilled vinegar for a second or three to bring out the last bit of color.

15 thoughts on “Ringing in some NEW

  1. Oh that bike looks fun! I’d totally want to try that, but I think it would be a little scary. Fun fun!!

    Fear — it’s an unusual thing really. Recently, I’ve been afraid of jumping in with my whole self. I often complain that people seem to live on the surface of life, yet I’ve been doing the same in some ways recently. Yesterday, I worked on a plan for ceasing that. The new week should bring new things… will keep you posted.

  2. Ooooo! Look at that bike! What does something like that cost? It looks super cool! How exciting :)

    I love that you try new things. I’m terrible at that, but to be honest I think it’s my weight stopping me most of the time. I hope that can change with time. :)

    “The only ones not making mistakes are the ones not doing anything.” .. this is so true!

  3. I love that quote. Refrigerator-worthy! Even though I really don’t like making mistakes, and I dislike even more failing, I do know from experience that I learn a lot more from my failures than my successes. Latest failure–maybe that big pile of never-to-be finished quilt projects would fit into this category.

  4. I wonder if the cola dispenser is the new fangled Coke on we saw that you can do like 125 different pop combos? That thing was pretty cool. It was only, you know, $10K! :-)

    Can’t wait to zipline, paraglide, ride roller coasters, etc. What’s holding me back? My weight. These things all have a weight limit. “Dear Lord, please melt the lard QUICK!”

  5. That bike looks like so much fun! I would love to try it! Funny you should talk about fear…. my post today addresses how fear has had a handle on me and my life!

  6. Fun post!

    Sweetie has a recumbent bike. She rode it to work through the streets of Houston for several years until I demanded she quit because I couldn’t afford the house payment just on my salary. Not that the bike was unstable – just the drivers around her.

  7. In October, my goal was to do something every day that I’d never done before and I’m happy to say, I achieved that goal. Most things were incredibly simple, but made me think. It was fun and I’m trying to carry it forward.

    I have been wanting to rent a small RV and take a solo roadtrip. Not sure when I’ll get it done, but I don’t think it’s fear holding me back. When it happens, I’ll probably show up in your driveway!! LOL! Whoops – I don’t know where your driveway is!

  8. Love the marker tip. I can totally use that.
    And I love the photo!
    I so agree with you about the value in just trying something.

  9. You amaze me Cammy – not only for your great attitude but all the things you can do!!! You must be hiding more from us. I was surprised by all you are doing!!!

    I saw a show not too long ago on people that made millions from nothing & they said it was not the failure but how they dealt with failure – very interesting!

  10. I want to try Roger’s bike too.

    Well, it happens that I did try something new. I was visiting my sister (staying at one of her beach condos for my birthday) and attended two exercise classes with her. The first one had me trying out exercising with a 5 lb kettlebell. The second one was called gyro something. All was good during the gyro class but the next day my back was a mess! So, it’s advil and the heating pad these days. Hope to go for a walk tomorrow and biking riding again on Thursday.

    Sore back and all, I’m still glad I tried something new.

  11. Wow, you are just a new-things queen! I have always wanted to try a recumbent bike but have not done so yet. Hmmm… as far as trying new things, I tried some new chocolate this week. 😉

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