Some Monday Motivation: Pride & Faith

After a less-than-stellar-but-entirely-as-expected holiday weekend, I’m ready to get back into Normal Cammy Rhythm. Thus, I have selected the above as my mantra o’ the week. I’m entirely open to sharing it, if you’re so inclined. :)

It’s sometimes easy after a holiday to feel that we strayed too far away from our intentions. For some, those feelings of failure fuel a slide into outright surrender–never mind that we had likely experienced many successes before that point in time. (I did, in almost all my previous attempts at losing weight.)

A much better idea (and ever so much more enjoyable) in times of struggle is to take a few moments to focus on the positive changes we’ve made and to use those successes to regain or strengthen our faith in ourselves and in our abilities to achieve our goals.

And yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to borrow a success from one life category until you have some built up. I do it all the time. :)

I do believe we can do this, don’t you?

13 thoughts on “Some Monday Motivation: Pride & Faith

  1. Wishing you relative ease as you get back to normal routines following the holiday! :)

  2. So true! I went a little over what I would’ve liked but not too far gone and right back to the things that always work. A workout was never skipped which is a big positive in my book especially when it’s done on the actual holiday! Woot!

  3. Your story (and you!) and such an inspiration to me! And as convoluted as it may sound, it encourages me when you’ve had a less-than-stellar few days. So let me encourage you today to get right back with it because what the badge says is full of truth. Hope you can feel the vibes from my end of the state to yours! And at the same time, could you keep the two inches of rain you’ve sent across the state????

  4. YES WE CAN!! I’m feeling very positive today. And love your poster and the comments that go with. Never thought about relating my successes in other areas to my weight loss ‘struggle.’ By golly, if I can get through nursing school and STAY a nurse for 25 years, I guess I can conquer this little ‘weight problem.’

  5. THANK YOU- just what I needed! Yes- I believe we can! I am so thankful that I have your support and encouragement! It helps me believe I can! Hugs!

  6. Always, always need to be reminded of this. With the holidays now in full-swing, today’s timing is perfect. Thank you, Cammy.

  7. Well put Cammy! This is a tough time of year for those of us who fight the battle of the bulge. Too many opportunities to let loose can make it hard to rein in afterward. Important to remember all the positive changes we’ve made.

  8. Love this Cammy & along with the Charlotte post I read & this too: Try and get to a centered place where it become less about “I didn’t do X, Y or Z” and more about “well, I did do X, Y and Z.” It is so easy to focus on the “shoulda, coulda, would’vas” and harder to focus on the “way to gos!” There is more good that we do than not. Practice pulling out those “way to gos” – because even the little ones add up to something big!

    It sis a positive affirmation morn! Thx for adding to it!

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