Biking Through the Snow

The Memphis area woke up to a nice light snowfall this morning, with just enough accumulation to make everything nice and white.

snowy Memphis

See? Just a little bit for color and crispy air. Brrr!

Oh what? You thought this was the view from my bike? Not a chance. Remember, I’m the one who puts her bike away when the temps are below 70°! :) No, I snapped this out my car window while I was on the way to the gym to ride this bike:

stationary bike

I was sleepy this morning and kind of due for a rest day. I really wanted to go back home and watch the snow from beneath my comforter, but since the gym was on my way home from reading to Wally, I decided I might as well drop in. On days like today, I really rue my decision to choose a gym that’s on my way home from almost everywhere I go. :)

Another reason I chose to go to the gym this morning (vs. comforter land) is that there’s a new guy working out there. Don’t get excited; it’s not what you think. This new guy is, I would guess, in his late 60s or early 70s and the exact opposite of the beefy boys who usually clutter up the place. He’s older, obese, pasty, and slow. His slowness is actually what first caught my attention from my perch atop the elliptical machine. He was on the other side of the gym, moving very, very slowly from one weight machine to another, sweating buckets, but resolute in his progress.

After a while, he moved close enough that I could see that he was using a walker. And the reason that he was using a walker was because he has no legs. He walks on prostheses and none too steadily. (Maybe this is a recent development?)

It doesn’t really matter, because he was walking and exercising and becoming one of my new heroes. If he can exercise, even without legs, there’s no way I can claim sleepiness as a good excuse for not exercising, is there?

And so I went to the gym for a quickie 10 miles on the bike and was glad I did. And more than grateful that I could!

If you’re feeling a bit “off” your exercise mojo, and you don’t have a new gym guy to inspire you, maybe this little guy will do the trick:

Heck, that smile is enough to make me drag out my bike and go for a ride in the snow!

20 thoughts on “Biking Through the Snow

  1. I always get excited when you pop up in my reader because I know somewhere in your post, I will smile! I’ll have to confess that my thought was, “she’s crazy I know, but surely she’s not biking in this!” To be honest, my second thought was, “keep the snow on YOUR end of the state.” But of course not – it’s slowing making it’s way eastward although we aren’t expecting anything but flurries. But I’m sure the roads will be impassible making it impossible for me to attend choir practice tonight! LOL!

    BTW, I scored one of your deals in Kroger this morning. Fage marked down to $.49. And the due date still over a week away. YippEE!

  2. I was so thankful that you didn’t really bike in the snow! That would make me have to rethink that I refuse to ride when it is below 50. Whew!! :)
    What an inspiring man you have exercising at your gym. We really should be grateful that we CAN exercise. That we CAN get out of the bed. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  3. I hate to complain because I know there are other people who just do – no matter what.

    My bike is now officially on the trainer. No excuses on that!

  4. Oh.. That picture made me cry. Not out of pitying him… but realizing how lucky I am to have a functional body. It dawned on me what I have done to myself… Gahhh, what a reality check.

    I hope you don’t mind me stealing the pin/photo and writing a post about it later. It really, really struck me!

  5. Hi. I really like your blog. I just begun documenting my own weight loss through healthy diet and exercise. Now I’m out to see who else it out there blogging about weight loss.
    Congrats on all the progress you’ve made. You are an inspiration!

  6. Ha! I was all ready to be impressed that you rode your bike in the snow! :-) Love the gym story and the pic of the young man giving it his all. You are right, our usual excuses are quite ludicrous!

  7. Cammy, this is just what we all needed today! Thank you for sharing & need to knock myself next time I want to complain.. I know I will but I will think of this post! Have a good one!

  8. Yep. That photo did the trick. Look at the smile from ear to ear. He is running like the wind. I need to feel like that when I run. Capture that sense of sheer freedom. Love it.
    We’ve dodged the snow so far – unreal for this time of year, but tonight it sounds like we’re going to be in for a bit. Will be interesting to see Emmie and how she takes to the snow for the first time!

  9. I am so far behind on my blog reading, but I am so glad I saw this post. It’s good to remind ourselves to be grateful for every good thing we have, and even the bad stuff – it helps us grow.

  10. Wow! How inspirational is this!! Every bit of me was motivated after seeing this image. What a man full of strength!! No room for excuses. Thanks so much! EXACTLY what i needed!! :)

  11. He’s is really someone who can really inspire his gym mates. Same as the child in the picture. I used to watch the Paralympics because I also get an inspiration from people who never let their shortcomings get in their way to achieve their goals.

  12. That is exactly the kind of thing that motivates me too! Thanks for sharing that today! Love your snow–just the right amount.

  13. Thanks for a reminder (and kick in the pants). I’ve been slacking a bit in exercise, trying to find excuses of why I can’t do it. I needed the little boost.

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