Calories & Stress – EVERYwhere!

Why didn’t someone tell me that Christmas is NEXT WEEK? Sheesh.

Somehow I had it in my mind I had a few weeks left, and when a work-related opportunity for a quickie road trip, I said, “Sure, no problem!”

And then I plotted it in on my calendar and saw that my return is scheduled for only 4 days before my family starts celebrating Christmas! And me with a to-do list a mile long and most of my gifts still un-purchased.

Breathe, Cammy, breathe.

Okay, so I was able to rush about today and purchase some gifts. Two others I had to order online. (Thank you, Free Shipping Day!)  Everyone local will have something to unwrap and I’ll pick up the accompanying g-i-f-t-c-a-r-d-s (in case any family members are reading) next week.  I’m NOT going to stress about whether or not the ordered items get here on time. I can always print a photo of the gifts…

Except that my printer is acting up, and Epson hasn’t responded to my email. (It’s been 15 minutes already!)  I’ll be watching for a cheapie garage sale printer in the spring to have as a back-up, that’s for sure!

Needless to say, I am not handling the abundance of cookies being thrown at me everywhere I go very well. I’ve had 6 cookies (3 two-bite sized and 3 regular-sized) and a brownie this week! Hmm, when I type it out, it doesn’t seem so bad, especially since I’ve gotten all my workouts in and eaten healthy meals. So maybe I’m not handling it so badly, after all.  ::pats self on back::

That may change this weekend as I have some baking and snack-making to do on Sunday and two indulgent meals scheduled. I must make sure I rock my workouts for the next two days, especially since I’ll have a couple of travel days that will likely not allow much exercise at all.  Then a few days to breathe before the Main Event next weekend.

It’s possible I may need to purchase a set of these* before Christmas is over:

waistband extender

I can’t very well breathe if my pants are too tight, now can I? :)

Then again, it’s possible at some point I’ll realize  that I am burning lots of extra calories making mountains out of molehills and I need to just relax and enjoy myself. I keep reminding myself–gently, but firmly–that none of these issues are real problems and I’ll be wishing someone would throw a cookie in my direction by mid-March when there’s nothing to celebrate.  I just need to keep with my game plan of eating healthy meals when I’m not out celebrating with someone and getting all my exercise in.  I’ve got that mostly covered, and in this season of jolly-being, that’s about the best I can do.

Oh, and re: the travel–any Chattanooga peeps here? If so and if you’d like to explore a meet-up possibility, please give me a shout either here or via my Contact form (tab at top of page.)

Time for me to go be still for a few minutes and breathe. Again. :)

How’s your holiday season going so far? Are you on track, loping alongside it, or way off course?  Are you remembering to breathe?

*Should you find yourself in need of the pants extenders, I saw this package at JoAnne’s Fabrics and Crafts store. :)

11 thoughts on “Calories & Stress – EVERYwhere!

  1. “3 two-bite sized and 3 regular-sized) and a brownie” – Cammy, that is not bad for a whole week. Now if you had eaten that before lunch, maybe not so good.

    I am doing okay. I have have had a couple binge-type days on the weekend, but other days have been pretty good.

  2. So far so good…my anxiety has had me not eating much at all, but now that I am feeling better, I am eating normally (but not overdoing). We’re having a low-key holiday and for that I am grateful.

  3. Cammy, you crack me up. With the button waist extenders. And yes, your list of cookies was pretty small! I did good my birthday week, and this week has been right on track. Starting tomorrow, I have a few special dinners to go to, and then starting Christmas Eve I might just be in trouble…

  4. Yeah, I may need a pair of those pants extenders. I’m up a couple of pounds. I really would like to at least recover lost ground before the end of the year. LOL!

  5. Well, normally I am the queen of mountains out of molehills… but this holiday was easier than most as far as shopping goes. Hubby and I got a tablet for all our gifts except stocking stuffers. Teen did the same with some snowboard stuff. I did almost all shopping online! I’m even wrapped except for what hasn’t gotten here yet:) As for the exercise thing you are rocking… I’m majorly frustrated that my doc’s office says NO cardio at all for a few weeks since my calf hasn’t heeled. Now!? With holiday splurging! Eek.

  6. This year, I’ve kind of compartmentalized or put brackets around the holiday rush. I did some shopping over Thanksgiving and decided I wouldn’t do any more or even think about it much until next week. And I only had two holiday parties to attend thus far… there will be three more next week.

    One moment at a time. I decided to just enjoy instead of fretting.

  7. Cammy – WOW, so much going on for you!!!! I don’t have much going in terms of holiday stuff & no $$ to buy gifts so this year, a bit calm for me & thankful in one way & sad in another since I miss family stuff…

    I am on track with food & stuff but that is typical for me.. not meaning to sound all up there – it is just me & my craziness! 😉

    As for the button extenders.. a sign of the times…. 😉


  8. I’d say that the few cookies you’ve had is a fair amount – no worries!

    I giggled at the button extenders.. although I guess it can be handy at times. 😉 Enjoy your trip – and Christmas of course :)

  9. I saw those button extenders and almost bought them as a “gag” gift at our family grab bag!
    Things here are going well! I feel ready (mostly) and looking forward to the chaos that comes with all of the family fun!!!

  10. I have seen these waist extenders buttons in few of the stores i have been to.. but never really bought them, I will be needing them once my baby is here (I am 7 months pregnant), I think for few months after the birth of my kid it will be really needed for me.

    The holiday season is keeping me 100% busy, but my husband has been taking extra care of me and my house, in fact he has been doing everything, since doctors have advised me complete bed rest!

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