Motivation and a Mini-Q&A

Goood morning! I hope you had a most marvelous weekend and are looking forward to an equally magnificent week!

Before I get to the motivational part of this post, I’d like to answer a couple of questions I’ve been asked recently:

Q1) Where do I find the links I frequently include in posts?

A1) I think it’s more like the links find me. :) Seriously, sometimes it’s almost magical how these things pop into my life. If I think there’s a remote chance I might ever be in need of the info therein, I bookmark the link! This is why I started Serentipity, as a place to warehouse all this…stuff. :) Other sources include:

  • Blogs and news feeds (you’ll note I reference those in [brackets] – I subscribe to too many bunches, and while I don’t read them in depth every single day, I skim the list whenever I have a few minutes to spare. It’s a great way to pass time when I’m waiting in line or sitting at a traffic light. (But NOT when I’m driving, I promise!)
  • Quite often, the most interesting or personally relevant links are actually in the sidebar of an article I’m reading and I can’t resist clicking. (I’m Cammy, and I’m a clickaholic.) I’ve found some life-changing…stuff by looking outside the post box.
  • Pinterest is a new, time-sucking-but-highly-entertaining source of inspiration and ideas.
  • And, of course, I have wonderful friends who email me articles they think I’d be interested in.

Lest you think I’m spending too much time on the internet, well, I probably am, I set my iphone alarm for odd little pockets of time throughout the day for idle, but sometimes life-altering, surfing. Exercise, nutrition, and other life events come first. Housework comes first every other Tuesday. :)

Q2) I’ve received an unexpected number of questions about my weight loss and maintenance plans recently. I’m not sure why. As far as I know, I haven’t been published anywhere recently. (Note to any magazine editors: If you have published me recently, please send the check ASAP. And thank you! xoxo)

A2) I posted a short post with links to some of my practices and philosophies HERE. I promise I shall update my About page this week to include those links!

Okay, so who’s in the mood for some motivation? {Me! Me!}

I no longer buy fitness or style magazines for this very reason. Not that I ever bought that many of them anyway. I also tend to avoid, with a few exceptions (for the articles, I swear!), the websites of those publications.

I may be old and wise enough (or just plain old enough) to know that the photos are almost always retouched and unless someone creates a non-surgical way to photoshop one’s physical self, I’m never going to look all smooth, polished, and put together like those published photos, but there are too many people who haven’t reached that place. They make their lives (and likely the lives of loved ones) absolutely miserable trying to achieve the same results. Madness!

This week, I’m focusing on comparing my behind-the-scenes to…my behind-the-scenes. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m inspired by the accomplishments of others (many of you are likely reading this), and I certainly aspire to improve in various areas of my life, but I’ll stick with comparing my today to my yesterday and keep moving forward.

Okay, I’ve got that in my mind now. Let’s hope it sticks this week! :)

Do you get caught in the comparison game?

15 thoughts on “Motivation and a Mini-Q&A

  1. In fitness—no.
    at least not right now :-)
    In a few other arenas? Im struggling and fighting not to compare.
    it’s a moment to by moment choice–and so far Im winning.

    so far…

  2. Thankfully, the comparison game is something I conquered some years ago. It took the realization that I marched to the beat of a different drummer, but I kind of liked that drummer and if anyone else had a problem with that, it was THEIR problem, not mine. Since you’ve met me, you know I’m not weird or off-the-wall goofy, so all that means is that I like the way I am, I respect the way others are, I enjoy the differences, but don’t feel the need to change or adapt myself to meet someone else’s expectations or just to make them feel good. What a boring world this would be if we were all exactly alike!

  3. I don’t know why but I don’t think I’ve ever compared myself to girls in the magazines, even long before it was ever revealed they retouched photos. They were just always on a different plain than I ever was not in the idolization sense of the phrase but more that I couldn’t relate to them so I didn’t think about it. Now that I’m doing something about my weight, I still don’t think “gee I want to look like X” because I know after all of the damage I’ve done to my body over the years that picture perfect image is not attainable and even if I hadn’t abused my body so badly, it still wouldn’t be and I’m glad I understand that.

  4. I don’t usually compare myself to other people, I do my best and that’s good enough.. But sometimes I see that some fellow blogger hast lost twice what I lost, and then I start questioning what I could have done better to achieve the same numbers. Stupid!

  5. At the gym today, while working out with my mom and our trainer, my mom was comparing us. Not our size – but the weight we lift. You’d think that I could out-lift her! But not in all things. (And that held true even before my shoulder injury and last year’s surgery.) But I kicked her but with chest presses which always cracks me up since I am “chest-less.”

  6. As I get older and more confident in myself I compare less. But I am still working on it- so I am still one who compares. *sigh*

  7. I have some trouble with the comparison issue. Not with magazines, but with people in real life. At the gym or out shopping. I still feel like I weigh 250 pounds after all these years.

    I am avoiding Pinterest like the plague! Facebook is enough of a time sucker for me LOL!

  8. I’m doing pretty good at the not comparing–what’s the use? I do compare me to me, like current me to the me that was 20 pounds lighter, me to the me that was 80 pounds heavier. Stuff like that. I try not to compare my quilting to other’s quilting. Shoot,its hard not to compare.

  9. Just as your poster above said, as you get older you tend to compare less and it gets easier. I love myself and I am over weight, but its taken a while and i’m still evolving.

  10. I always love your posts! I am trying to avoid Pinterest but people keep telling me about it & how fun it is but yes, a time suck! 😉

    As for comparison, unfortunately after all these years, I still struggle.. not with the mags but just in general. I guess I have never outgrown those adolescent hard years…

  11. Yes, I do compare myself to others and it drives me crazy. I try to avoid opportunities to do that, but it’s hard sometimes. I don’t like the gym for that reason and I stopped reading magazines geared toward “perfect” women a long time ago. I figure I’m still a work in progress.

  12. I think I am guilty of comparing myself to the “younger” me ant that can get me into trouble. I need to accept where I am today and be happy with that. Most of the time I can but there are those darker days where my mind goes where it shouldn’t. I am still a work in progress.

  13. I used to be all about comparisons…until I realized just how insidious it is! And there’s one comparison we all tend to make and I think it could be the worst one of all…when we compare our current self to a previous self. And not just physically, but in other ways, as well.

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