The Weight Loss Article That Almost Killed Me

Every once in a while, I find a weight loss article that is so in tune with how I view the whole notion of weight management that I want to jump up and do the whole fist-pump-YESSS! thing (okay, sometimes I do that, only without the jumping up part). Sometimes an article is so opposite my viewpoint that I get a little cranky and have to go surf Pinterest for an hour or so to calm down.

Yesterday, I found a new kind of weight loss article–the kind that makes me laugh so hard I almost fall off my chair and onto a pair of scissors* that just happens to be there. Of course I’m going to link to it, but I first wanted you to make sure the area around you is clear of sharp objects.

According to 6 Signs of Fat Loss, losing weight will make you:
– less alert (slow-witted, even)
– semi-permanently hungry
– more prone to muscle soreness
– sleepier in the mornings
– tired
– angry

You can see why I had a near-fatal case of the giggles.

Now I realize that Yahoo Shine is not exactly a medical journal; however, the articles there are generally pretty good. And the ones that aren’t good are usually benign fluff. This one falls into a whole different category entirely–the absurdly bad category, in my opinion. In addition to poor writing, the writers credentials and source material seem to be that she regularly participates in “workout/diet programs”. Since my credentials are at least equal to that, I feel comfortable offering a rebuttal: Hogwash!

If I had to describe how I feel when I’m eating healthy and exercising regularly, it would be the exact opposite of most of the “signs of fat loss” described in the article. I bounce out of bed in the morning, most days way earlier than I’d like. I have more energy than I’ve ever had and a much better attitude toward life. I did experience some muscle soreness in the beginning, but that was because I was using those muscles in new and different ways.

Granted, we all have different experiences and at any given time, we are likely to experience soreness, tiredness, sleepiness, hunger, etc. (I refuse to think of myself as slow-witted, even when I am slow-witted.) That’s just life in general. But if we’re fueling our bodies properly (and that includes sleep/rest) and exercising smartly, we shouldn’t experience any of the “6 Signs of Fat Loss” on the way to a healthier self.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to discuss.

*No, I don’t usually leave scissors laying around on the floor. I was working on a craftsy project at the time and had just taken a quick break to stretch my legs.

19 thoughts on “The Weight Loss Article That Almost Killed Me

  1. Seriously, is this a joke? No? Who on earth would publish (let alone, believe) something as absurd as that? Wait. Don’t answer that. I could see people having SOME of those symptoms temporarily but come on!

  2. I’m wondering if this is based on when you’re “dieting” as opposed to actually changing the way you live. Because yeah, when I was doing some restrictive dieting in my younger days, I felt all of those things. But since changing my lifestyle and still allowing myself indulgences that “they” (whoever THEY are) say are bad for you, I have felt the opposite of all of those things. I think Yahoo Shine needs to more closely monitor what they release as “articles” and make sure they fact check.

  3. Hey Cammy…thanks for the referral….Here’s my take…that is all true IF you are STARTING out on a restrictive diet…..purging all those carbs, sweets, etc CAN make you feel all that….it is the difference between a DIET and LIVING a healthier lifestyle….

    • Maybe because I wasn’t so terribly restrictive (or just didn’t see it that way), I didn’t experience any of those things. Except the muscle soreness, and that was because the lazy things were being forced to do something for a change. :) Once I learned to stretch properly, the worst of the soreness went away.

  4. Cammy, I’m with you that the article is hogwash.

    One thing that drives me nuts is when people start on a weight loss journey and complain about being hungry all the time. There is no reason to be hungry!

    Yes, weight loss is about portion control, but to me, it’s also about maximizing nutrients in as few calories as possible by choosing the healthiest foods. Meaning choosing to eat a starch vegetable over a half cup of pasta. Or going with oatmeal for breakfast rather than a gigantic muffin. Or choosing a high-fiber, high-protein Kashi bar over a candy bar for a snack. It is absolutely possible to eat healthy and be satiated.

    I suspect the being angry and the being hungry are related… : )

  5. I absolutely do not agree. I lost 20kg a few years ago and felt like a million bucks. Plus I felt twenty years younger. At the beginning there was some tiredness as I cut out simple sugars, but it only lasted a few days and then I began to feel better and better.
    Eating too much and being overweight makes me feel less alert, semi-permanently hungry, sleepier and more prone to bad moods. Eating well makes me feel healthier and even happier.
    What is she eating. Just carrots and celery?

  6. I think it’s a misprint – The article should have been titled, “Six signs of sugar/carb addiction.”

    I got all excited today when I saw a car like yours with the correct county license plates in the parking lot at Bass Pro Shop in Nashville. Just sure I’d find you in there buying guns and ammo.

  7. I agree with previous posters, sounds like that person got some bad advice and is being too restrictive. For me, most of those points were the reverse of how I felt/feel too! Either that or it’s just a lame article?

  8. Some of those Yahoo articles are joke-worthy!

    When I started to lose my 100 pounds I had to deal with some hunger pains. I was going from eating all the time and consuming over 5,000 calories a day to eating under 2,000 and being strict with my food. Of course that is going to be a drastic shock to the body. (Probably why I lost 10 pounds that first month.)

    It only took a few weeks to get used to the new amount of food I was eating, though. And sure I have hunger pains now but it’s usually because I worked out really hard and earned it! :)

  9. Okay, I am rolling my eyes over here…I completely agree with you and the rest of the commenters. And more than anything else, all of the other bulleted articles interspersed throughout the article make an already poorly-written piece even harder to read. And on top of all of that? I am really getting tired of “how to…” and “6 tips for…” and “10 signs that…” articles. In fact, I’m in the process of writing my own blog post about them. It’s all the same old same old reprocessed and repurposed…but there’s nothing of substance! Grrrr….

  10. Total BS! Kinda funny, in a sad way. I notice some in the HAES community feel the same way about dieting, as in weight loss only happens when a person starves themselves and works out 4 hours/day, eats no fat, blah blah. This article possibly demonstrates why that bogus statistic, that 95% of those who try to lose weight will gain all back, probably more, rings so true. I figure if I’m hungry, I screwed up in my planning or exercised more than expected, I certainly don’t experience it as a normal way of life. Plus, it took me ~1.5 years to lose my weight, if I had been grouchy and too dizzy to drive, I would be homeless and friendless by now.
    Stupidest weight loss article I’ve seen in a while.

  11. Those sound like the signs of nutrient deficiency to me. Of course, that is exactly how some people endeavor to lose weight, but they obviously can’t maintain it for long.

  12. They let her write & put that there!!!! Heck, I am a mini meal eater & it is the best thing for me so I don’t feel hungry all the tiem… yes, muscles will be felt if one works out but a good thing as we tone & get fitter & healthier. Tired – people feel tired when they do nothing! Angry – I work out my frustrations in the gym – I feel great after!

    Give me a break! Ya have to go in positive & look at this as a positive to keep going.

    Weight loss – yes, if you losing from being overweight, one will be hungry but aren’t we all at some point… the bod has to adjust to how much it really should get, not how much it wants to get..

    OK, I could go on but better stop!

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