Weeks with Wings

The time, it is flying! I didn’t really comprehend how fast time is passing until the client I’m contracting for mentioned the other day that he only has a couple of weeks to get his books ready for closing at year end. Yikes! (That’s if he wants to take Christmas off. Otherwise, he’d have another whole week–puh-lenty of time to wrap up our project. Of course, I didn’t suggest this to him. :) )

Despite the jam-packed week, I somehow managed to read some articles (imagine!). Here are a few I thought you might enjoy:

10 Reasons You Are Rich [Mark and Angel Hack Life]
An especially lovely reminder of our blessings. Well worth reading and pausing for a moment to be grateful.

Couch Potato Workout (Yahoo/Prevention Magazine)
I’ll admit clicking on this link in anticipation of scoffing at the suggested moves. Um, actually, it’s a pretty good mini-workout! I don’t think I’d do some of the moves on the sofa, as they suggest–mine is way to soft and cushy–but there’s no reason I couldn’t stretch out on the plush carpet of my bedroom floor. Or, you know, grab the exercise mat from the other room and make it offical. :)

80 healthy Recipe Substitutions [greatist]
Some of these are old news to us long-termers, but there were a few new-to-me suggestions, such as:

“10. Vanilla for sugar
Cutting sugar in half and adding 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla as a replacement can give just as much flavor with significantly fewer calories. Assuming the recipe originally calls for 1 cup of sugar, that’s already almost 400 calories cut by leaving out ½ cup of sugar.”

I’ll definitely try this one at some point in my holiday baking!

And some you will NOT see me trying anytime soon:

“46. Nutritional yeast for cheese
The taste and texture are a little bit different, but the creamy gooiness is pretty comparable. Instead of topping that taco with cheddar, try a sprinkle of nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavoring with less fat.”

And a few I wouldn’t do simply because I don’t think the original item is unhealthy in proper portions (see: eggs and butter). But it’s certainly a good list of options to consider.

eGADS! I just looked outside and it’s DARK already. Sheesh, this was a day with wings!

Wishing you all an awesome weekend!

Time flies

13 thoughts on “Weeks with Wings

  1. I like the couch potato link 😀
    I woudln’t mind trading some sugar for some vanilla I think, a great tip!

    Have a wonderful weekend 😀

  2. Nutritional yeast is *not* like cheese. At all. They lied to me! I have bag that I will never use in my cupboard now.

  3. I’ll take Lori’s nutritional yeast. It’s NOT like cheese, I agree, but gives a nice taste to my kale salad! :) Thanks for all this info Cammy, hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  4. How do you find all these links?!!!!!
    And you’re so right about time flying!
    You have a good weekend too….

  5. I love the couch potato link! I am also agree with the Nutritional Yeast! ICK!!! Have an awesome weekend!!!

  6. I’m with Teresa – how in the world do you FIND all these wonderful links? Where do you find the time? I spend enough time on the computer as it is! At any rate, I’m glad you do because I sure reap the benefits of your hard work searching and sharing great links. Have already bookmarked the 80 substitutes article on my kitchen laptop! (Just had to throw in the fact that I have a kitchen laptop. What a hoot – it’s so old and slow, I have to fire it up 30 minutes before I need it, but it sure looks and sounds impressive!!)

    Have a great Saturday.

  7. I LUUUUUUUVE tacos and I really like the idea of the yest cheese. Have you tried it yet? I wil and let you know how it goes.

  8. Where do you find these cool articles from? I actually needed a moment to take to be greatful so thanks so much! haha

  9. Evaporated milk for cream? That one I am certainly going to try. I’ve never heard of it before and am always looking at ways to keep my urge to bake in line with healthier eating. All articles were great, Cammy. You are a godsend to those of us who are already behind on reading. You find and sort through to get the good stuff and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that :)

  10. Hi Cammy!

    Time really is flying!!! I can’t believe how fast it goes….

    P.S. I have a new blog!

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