Leaping into the New Year

Well, this year is off to a mighty fine start!

Memphis weather

We’ve had three gorgeous days in a row, and I have walked until my feet ached. I’m not the only one, either.

Memphis Greenline New Year's Eve

I only walked a mile or so on the path before cutting back into a subdivision where it was less congested. The only thing I had to watch out for were the hundreds of Christmas trees lining the curb.

discarded christmas tree

I’m guessing next week is the “chipping of the green”, when the recycle trucks pick up the discarded trees for shredding into mulch.

In my usual procrastinating fashion, I still haven’t finalized any goals or resolutions for the new year. No problem, I’ve got plenty of time. I realized this morning that this is a leap year, so I’ve got a whole extra day.

Hmm, maybe that’s my first goal: to have my 2012 goals finalized by February 29th! :)

It really doesn’t matter what my goals are now that the yearly horoscopes are out. With Mars invading my “financial sector” in the first half of the year, most of my energy will be spent making and spending money. (Wonder what I would have been doing if Mars had minded its own business?) And apparently Saturn has been in my communication sector but will be leaving in the latter half of the year, so I’m going to meet the love of my life.

So you see, there’s really nothing for me to plan. :)

In all seriousness, I will be trying new things from time to time, and I have some projects that I want to knock out in the first few months of the year, but beyond that, I’m generally happy to just roll along and follow whatever catches my fancy.

I hope you all had a most wonderful holiday weekend and are looking forward to an amazing year, one in which you achieve all that you want…and still hang onto that wonderful person you are right now!

18 thoughts on “Leaping into the New Year

  1. So happy I read your post before writing mine! Like you, I can’t seem to come up with a bunch of specific goals and was feeling slightly intimidated by everyone else’s focus. Now I have a kindred spirit. I especially loved the part about rolling along with the punches and trying new things. I also hope 2012 offers the opportunity to get to know you better IRL. Maybe a meeting of the minds in the middle of the state!!!

  2. Happy New Year – and what weather you are having!

    I haven’t really come up with concrete yearly goals for 2012. I think I will just chug along with my monthly ones and leave it at that.

  3. Love it Cammy! We have had amazing weather here too! You will see if you watch the Rose Parade!

    I like your attitude toward the goal stuff. I am with you! I do have to get a job/make money for sure – sooner rather than later – and I have other goals in mind but life changes so I don’t get all hung up on things… better that way at my age! 😉

    LOVE your last quote!

  4. Envious!!! It was unseasonably warm here too for a few days and I am not yet walking thanks to my darn calf. I laid on the couch and read. I’d rather have walked:)

  5. We’ve been having great weather too… not surprising since we’re just over 100 miles apart. I walked 3.5 miles on the River Trail on Saturday with my bestie and gym buddy, and it was wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever worn short sleeves on New Year’s Eve before.

    Wishing you a prosperous, productive, healthy, and joyous year!!

  6. Oh my I am jealous of that weather! We’ve had rain on and off for months. Ah well. :) Thank you for all the support you gave me in 2011, it really meant a lot to me.

  7. Happy New Year!!! We have had wonderful weather too! LOVE IT! I look forward to sharing all the adventures that 2012 has in store for us!!! xoxox

  8. I am procrastinating getting my 2012 goals out there…or reviewing how I did on my 2011 goals, for that matter. I’ll do it. Just in no rush. I take this as a good sign that I feel my life and healthy is generally headed in the right direction so I don’t need to rush to create a big new list of things I *should* be doing. I’m already doing alot of it. :)

  9. Now there’s a thought… Check the horoscope! All the best for 2012, Cammy! Don’t you dare hold out on us if the love of your life shows up.

  10. I would love to see a day like that around here, Cammy. We just got pounded with snow over the last 24 hours (a foot!!) but we are long overdue so it’s actually very pretty. It’s funny how we complain about things until they neglect to show up when expected! lol

  11. Our temps are equally fabulous here – so niceto be able to get outdoors to exercise.

    I love the Be You thingy – I am copying that for my youngest child who is struggling with that idea just now.

  12. Sweet weather!!! I have decided to take February 29th off work…it is an extra day and I want it all for me!!!

    Happy New Year!

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