Reviews: The Twitter Diet…and a Bonus Review!

It’s Review Catch-up Day here on The Tippy Toe Diet.

Your Twitter Diet: How I Used Twitter to Lose 20 Pounds & You Can Too
Your Twitter DietYou may think it odd that I would agree to review an e-book called Your Twitter Diet, given my general dislike of a) Twitter, b) e-books, and c) diets, but if you stalk regularly read Rebecca Regnier’s fabulous blog, Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?, you understand why I was all too happy to read an entire book written by her.

In Your Twitter Diet, Rebecca has taken the concept of Twitter tutorial to a much higher level by not only explaining the ins and outs of using Twitter, but also suggesting ways we can use it to support our diet/fitness/health goals–well, any goals, really. And she’s done it in her usual amusing/laugh-out-loud style that’s easy to understand and should be easy to implement, even for those who consider themselves technologically-challenged. Along with the inner workings of Twitter, Rebecca also includes recommendations for finding fellow travelers in the vastness that is the Twittersphere. (You should feel free to follow me on Twitter (@tippytoediet), if you’d like, but I’m not much of a resource there. I tweet about once every two months.)

So, if you’ve been curious about Twitter or you’ve tried it and found it a bit overwhelming, you really, really, really should consider checking out Your Twitter Diet. It’s affordably priced (very!) on Amazon (aff) and itunes non-aff. ($0.80 cheaper on Amazon!)

These opinions are authentically my own and were not influenced by the complimentary review copy of this e-book I received. Nor were they influenced by the Subway gift card I won on Rebecca’s blog last year OR the fact that she mentioned me on her blog once.

(Seriously, I genuinely enjoyed the book. If I hadn’t, I probably would have begged off the review.)

Save More, Clip Less: Feed Your Family for Less without Extreme Couponing

I wasn’t asked to review this e-book, but I do like to share potentially useful more spend less In Save More, Clip Less, author/blogger Kimberlee Stokes (The Peaceful Mom) shares her strategies for maximizing grocery shopping dollars. Her perspective is unique in that Kimberlee is a “reformed” extreme couponer. She describes the problems she had with the extreme side and how she moved to a healthier approach both to shopping and feeding her family. (I got my thoughts on the whole “extreme couponing” nonsense out of my system last year.)

Even without a family to feed, I found the information in the book to be well-organized and informative. Included are shopping tips, as well as menu planning tips, printables, and online resources.

Kimberlee is offering this as a free ebook, which I think is very generous of her. Download instructions are HERE.

Say Cheese

Ile de France cheeseQuick shout-out to the folks at Ile de France Cheese. I’d forgotten I won a gift pack on Nutmeg Notebook, but this morning I found a box of cheesey goodness on my doorstep. Thank you, Tami and Ile de France! I see Brie and cranberries in my future. :)

And a turkey sandwich panini with Camembert and apples. And possibly this goat cheese, honey, and pecan concoction. Or this olive and goat cheese pastry.

I may be in trouble here. :)

And I see by the clock that it’s time for this week’s new episode of Chopped. Wouldn’t it be funny if they had French cheese as a mystery basket ingredient?

Oh, and that reminds me. The new season of Worst Cooks in America starts next month. It looks like Bobby Flay has replaced Robert Irvine. Once again, I will not be appearing. Whew! :)

15 thoughts on “Reviews: The Twitter Diet…and a Bonus Review!

  1. I seem to be over Twitter these days. I still considered it useful for quick news, etc, but then my Blackberry kicked me off Twitter and still won’t let me back on. So now I just don’t bother.

    Mmm, I love those cheeses!

  2. WOW! So excited by this – you have the sweetest. Thank you for doing this review and being so nice. A million thank yous for your kind words. (And woot woot about the bonus gorgeousness from Miz up there!)

    Thank you Cammy.


  3. Always so much info!!! You should write your own resource book!!!

    OK, I must check out the Twitter one. Honestly I don’t know how people do it all. Been on Twitter a couple weeks & it is overload! 😉

  4. Love Chopped. My boys like to watch it too so I saved up a bunch of episodes for when they were home over break. I still have 3 in the recorder. I also like all the Top Chef shows. (As do my boys.) I don’t think I got into Worst Cooks last year. Maybe I need to try again?

  5. That’s interesting that there’s a book about utilizing Twitter in the quest for health. There was an article several months back about a congresswoman (don’t remember where from) who lost 50 pounds after announcing over Twitter that she was going to do so and sought support from her constituents.

  6. Not gonna twitter. Nope, not gonna do it. I might be dragged kicking and screaming into facebook though. The funny blogger I might have to check out though.

    Ooh, I am jealous of your cheese package! Can I come over for lunch?

    And Chopped!!! If I do ever get a tv again, it will be so I can watch the Food Network!

  7. The how to utilize twitter to lose weight is a book I’d like to review. I’m really curious how twitter would differ from blogging or if it is used in conjunction.

  8. I don’t like Twitter that much. I haven’t actually been on it in ages, although I think my blog automatically posts and update there. I am much more fond of Facebook.

    And all that cheese!!! Yum!

  9. Oh my goodness did you ever score with the cheese! All I got for blogging about it was a little 3 ounce pkg of blue cheese! There is something wrong with that! Ha ha so happy for you though-enjoy.

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